It seems that several HTC EVO 3D owners on Sprint have gotten their long-awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update ahead of schedule. This rare occurrence will no doubt please those who weren’t exactly expecting to get the OTA ICS update until early August.

The ICS update for Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D comes with some expected features of the not-so-new OS, such as a refined user interface, Face Unlock, redesigned camera app, compatibility with Chrome browser, improved keyboard app and spell checker, enhanced Gmail app, and Google+ integration. The update will also upgrade the Sense UI on your HTC EVO 3D to version 3.6.

As for HTC EVO Design 4G owners, we don’t think the ICS update for your model has been sent out – mainly because we have yet to hear happy words from users. But we expect it will come out sooner, rather than later – since the EVO 4G was placed on the same ICS upgrade timeline as its 3D cousin.

Lucky HTC EVO 3D owners, how do you like the new look and functions of Ice Cream Sandwich? Or are you still waiting anxiously for the OTA update to reach your phone?

Bams Sadewo
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  • barcampos10

    I just downloaded the update about 5 hours ago on July 31 and everything works good exept for the freaking camera!!!!!! The camera is what freaking defines the EVO 3d!!!!!!! Not completely satisfied. hope there’s an update that will fix that once they start hearing about it more -.-

  • yarrellray

    I am happy to see my friends on Sprint with the EVO 3D get this update. It was well overdue especially when I saw people on Virgin mobile with the EVO 3D and ICS. As well as people on Boost mobile with the EVO DESIGN 4G with ICS i was shocked. Good to see sprint kept it’s promises.

  • frustrated

    The browser switches back to the home screen everytime a page finishes loading. Had it lock up once on me this morning trying to unlock it. After 10 minutes, pulled the battery…

  • disappointed

    The text message page keeps giving the loading symbol. to text message I have to go to the contacts info. I’m waiting for a fix, because I cannot review any of my old text msgs


      did that loading symbol ever go away?

  • This ota from sprint for the evo 3d is complete trash , buggy browser that force closes , when exiting from browser crashes sense ui and has to reload , phone lock ups , signal quality is WAY worse than before … and to think how many push backs they did to us paying customers and then to give us this trash … now that its out im rooting and going s-off so i can take this ota and strip all of sprint and htc’s branding from it … it def needs a radio update to correct signal issues and issues from switching from 3g to 4g

  • JJStar19

    The update sucks. The buttons are not as easy to control. my keyboard keeps saying select input method even after I chose one. when my phone first restarted from the update I could not receive my text messages the loading circle kept going for almost an hour. I enjoyed the 360 spin on my phones desktop and now that’s gone. my tweet deck app got deleted. My phone also converted some of my mp3’s to videos after the update which was quite annoying. oh and the worst part they removed the battery saver mode option. Where it dimmed your background and it actually saved your battery life. As you can see I am unhappy with it.

  • One of the Higher Ups

    My phone has been resurrected!! I can DEFINITELY wait for LTE in my area (never had WiMax anyway) with this upgrade. Pissed about the delay and as good as the uograde is, we had justification in being upset about ICS being kept away from the 3VO. TOO many niceties to name:-P I advise anyone with a prob after upgrading to reset the phone, after snatching the battery out and rebooting.

  • Nekoli Innes

    I downloaded the update about 5 hours ago. it could use a couple bug fixes but overall its great! thanks sprint

  • lil johnny

    Am I the only one or did anyone else lose all of their music? I just updated and now have no music or ringtones. Any ideas on how to recover?

  • the personalize feature keeps giving an error when i try to find more widgets and I have to report it.. Kinda sucks cuz I can’t add fiend stream at the moment

  • Pissed

    I can’t get in my text messages either…and I’m becoming very upset…and it will not charge anymore…it keeps flashing green and red when hooked up to the charger….I will be at sprint first thing in the morning

  • paramo

    The update totally sucks! My phone freezes, it take forever to load, it crashes ALL the time!! I’m not happy at all, fix the bugs!!!

  • stazang

    Great update phone is much more usable now nicer GUI hope jelly bean comes this way too got on my Xoom and what a difference

  • Suptrucker

    I hate the update i can not turn off mail sink my battery life is useless i can not carry electricity on the construction site, Im very disapointed face reconition is all ive gained, it does’nt work hardly but my phone moves so slow now who needs it, my old flip top did way more for alot less, yes ive called, sprint they told me to call HTC again and have them do a reverse. HTC said no way sprint tech that told me that needs to be retrained, onother phone in the can back to boost….

  • Ron

    I cannot believe that they let this update through…the camera appears to be GONE, the look and feel is completely changed, and the battery is toast. The phone now says that the battery is draining faster than the charger can charge it. In my case the battery is 1 month old. To make matters just perfect, Sprint & HTC & Google all say it is the other company’s problem. The only “fix” they offer will wipe out all data including purchased apps. There is “no way” to go back to the gingerbread that actually worked. EPIC FAIL. Going to buy an iPhone 4 for cheap when the 5 is announced next month.

  • JHSE

    Overall an excellent update. Performace greatly improved. Easier to use. This is not to say I did not have some problems but these were all traced to add on programs. I found my battery draining faster than normal. Found the cause was two programs I used pertaining to power. One kept the screen on the other was a fancy power / battery monitor, battery got very hot, When both were removed I found the phone had excellent battery life. Runs very cool. The only other issue was the Wifi wasn’t running quite right. Turning the Wifi off/on cured it, Camera works great, better thanever, text messaging works, email great. Like the quick launch bar. Some obsevations. Can’t resize HTC Widgets, People / contacts don’t display large photo image like other ICS phones. I am thrilled to have this update.
    Finally, I found those who had problems could be resolved by doing a phone reset to factory. Not for the faint of heart but this cured all problems. Then one would slowly reinstall apps watching for incompatiblity.
    Thank you Sprint and Google, took to long but happy to have it.

  • One of the Higher Ups

    Phone’s still doing well since the update……no probs. Impressed with the Swype keyboard as well. And there’s no LTE in my area, so I can live with my phone a lot longer. But this update is a home run for 3VO users.

  • vladabeast

    ive had absolutely no problems with my update other than facebook now constantly tells me that the authentication failed and it makes me sign in like 2 times a day

  • vladabeast

    oh and the battery kinda sucks now