Sprint pushing out Android 4.2.1 to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Verizon still lagging behind

by: Brad WardJanuary 30, 2013

samsung galaxy nexus

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been running Android 4.1 for some time now. That is about to change as Sprint has announced that they are pushing the latest Jelly Bean release, Android 4.2.1, to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

By now everyone should know what Android 4.2 has to offer. As a refresher though, Android 4.2.1 brings a whole host of new changes. Users can now enjoy a revamped camera interface with the newly added Photo Sphere feature, a newly designed notification window with quick settings and lockscreen widgets.

The new update brings the Galaxy Nexus’s software version to L700GA02. To check if you have gotten the update, head into Settings > About Phone >System Updates. Don’t freak out just yet if you haven’t gotten the update. Sprint says it should be available to all of its users within 21 days.

Verizon, as is usual, is now lagging behind on the update to Android 4.2.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There has been no word as to when they will be pushing out the update either. Hopefully it is soon rather than later though! Of course, if you’re tired of waiting you could always switch to a custom ROM like most users on Verizon have.

  • Why I am not surprised. For everyone who complains and talks about Android fragmentation, guess what when it comes to Smartphones and some tablets, carriers are the reason why. And this is a classic example why.

    Carriers shouldn’t be handling or approving the updates or upgrades for Android devices period. They are too slow and they want consumers to buy new devices instead of updating them. Instead the updates should be handled by the manufacturers themselves pushing the updates. This way everyone who owns (in this case) a Nexus device would have already received the 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update when it was released for unlocked devices.

    That said, on a personal note, I don’t root my devices and I’m not interested in doing so.

  • yungqb7

    Lol, Verizon & updates? Good one. I’ve been a customer with Verizon for ~10 years now. I love their service, no issues with calls and data, Everything else about them, I absolutely hate.