Sprint CEO: 1 million LTE devices sold, wishes Windows Phone luck

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 20, 2012

Betting on the wrong wireless technology (WiMax, anyone?) has caused Sprint’s 4G LTE deployment to lag behind its rivals – especially Verizon, which has now covered 75% of the U.S. population with its LTE network, across over 370 markets. Despite the disadvantage, Sprint announced that it has so far sold more than 1 million LTE-equipped devices, with the Galaxy S3 and EVO 4G being the two most popular handsets.

The news was delivered by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse during the Goldman Sachs 21st Annual Communacopia Conference in Santa Monica. Hesse explained that customers were drawn by the more attractive unlimited data plans that Sprint offers. And given that the launch of the iPhone 5 is just around the corner, the total should receive a nice bump by the end of the year.

Going by the numbers, Sprint’s 4G LTE service has only gone live in about 20 markets. While the carrier is planning to wrap-up its 4G LTE expansion by 2013, as part of Sprint’s Network Vision project, this year’s goal is to make its 4G LTE network accessible to 123 million POPs. This should be doable if Sprint realized its grand plan of bringing its 4G LTE network to more than 100 cities in the coming months.

One platform that Sprint can’t count on to boost its number is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, or at least for now. If you’re wondering what the CEO thinks about Windows Phone, Hesse said that he wants to see three main players in the market – and Microsoft has the potential to be one. But only “time will tell” whether that’s going to happen.

  • Sarah_Gomez

    Their unlimited data is useless when you can’t use it because of crappy 3G service and no Wimax or LTE in my town which they promised 2 yrs ago. Sprint continues to make poor decisions such as Nextel, going with Wimax vs LTE and the $15 billion bet with iPhone (which is the original culprit of the now crappier 3G service because everyone knows that iPhones tend to bog down networks).

    99 cents for dog poo is still a ripoff compared to a $25 porterhouse. I’d rather pay more to Verizon for usable data that’s fast and amazing coverage. Glad my contract is almost up because Sprint can sick a duck. The only way I will ever hop back onto a Sprint network is when Sprint is struggling so much that Verizon will end up tossing some tipping money over to acquire them. Goodbye Sprint and hello Verizon!

  • Windows_Bob

    I’ve had Sprint for 10 years. Contract was up the middle of August. No Windows Phone 8 = No Sprint renewal.

  • MJ

    I have been ready to dump Sprint now for a while. Their stance on Windows 8 has pushed me to begin the migration process to another carrier, most likely Verizon. We have been promised “something” G for a couple of years now in our area and still nothing. Unfortunately, we have 5 lines with all different contract dates so it will be a slow painful migration. I am ready to jump ship as soon as Verizon launches the Lumia 920…see ya Sprint!

    • anonomouse

      better plan on waiting a long time, lumia 920 is exclusive on ATT for release.

  • MJ

    I have been with Sprint for more than 7 years too.

  • GSR

    Sprint customer for almost 10 years. Been waiting for over 2 years for them to provide 4G; even though they have been charging a $10 premium for smartphone data usage. Now they show no interest in WP8. Definitely leaving for Verizon as soon as they get Lumia 920 in stock. Will take my 3 lines and grab 3 Lumias! The CEO sucks and has made the dumbest decisions over and over. Like others have said, unlimited data means nothing when the data speed sucks and no 4G or LTE available. I even took the time to compare plans and pricing for all 4 major carriers in the US and found that the cost is pretty much the same between Sprint and Verizon for two lines. With the third line, it is a difference of $10 per month that I will happily pay to get better service, better phone, better coverage, better speeds… you get the idea!

  • SniFi

    All i know is i have both att and sprint and i hate my 3gb limit for att. I will take the 3g from sprint for now. Cant wait till LTE comes to miami!

  • jh1289

    I’ve been with them only two years, but not much chance of making it three. I’m getting a WP8 phone in November. Looks like it’ll be the Windows 8X with T-Mobile’s unlimited plan.