Sprint Nexus 5 reportedly spotted on carrier’s website (press images)

by: Chris SmithOctober 29, 2013

Nexus 5 press image

After hearing that Sprint may carry the Google Nexus 5 once the handset becomes official, we’re now looking at alleged Nexus 5 press images that were reportedly discovered on Sprint’s website.

An Android Headlines tipster has apparently found “plenty of pictures of the Nexus 5 on Sprint.”

As you can see in the gallery below, the press renders look very much like the ones we saw a few days ago, but there’s no way to tell whether they come indeed from Sprint’s servers or not. The device is not Sprint-branded, and it will be interesting to see whether the Nexus 5 will have any kind of carrier branding – the Sprit Galaxy Nexus did have a Sprint logo on the back.

One image that looks like it’s indeed coming from Sprint is the one showing the handset next to a deck of cards for size comparison – that’s the sort of picture you get from Sprint when looking at various smartphones (see second gallery below).

Also, for what it’s worth, it appears that Sprint will have the handset in white as well, if this leak turns out to be accurate.

Interestingly, other details about the Sprint Nexus 5 were not offered, like a web page for the device or pricing details, and the tipster didn’t explain how or where he/she got the images.

That said, today’s Google media event was not about the Nexus 5 and/or Android 4.4 KitKat, but the launch is getting closer and closer considering all the Nexus 5 leaks we’re seeing these days.

  • Tanner Hoyt

    I hope that if they release carrier-specific versions of the Nexus 5 that they’ll be bloatware-free. I would rather pay $200 on contract for a locked version than $350 for an unlocked version, so long as there isn’t any bloatware.

    • Kamal

      You shouldn’t be buying a nexus phone. You do not even understand what a Nexus is …………….buying a locked version for $200 instead of $350 unlocked. Are you a migrating iSheep?

      • Tanner Hoyt

        Woah there, got your panties in a bunch?

        I do understand what a Nexus is, I just don’t see the point in paying nearly double for an unlocked version. I would take an unlocked phone over a locked phone any day, but I don’t feel that it is worth an extra $150. I know for a fact I won’t be changing carriers, so what’s the point?

        Oh, and I like how you instantly assume I’m an Apple fanboy because I would rather buy a locked version for cheaper. I mean, really? This is why Apple fans think Phandroids are such fucking assholes: because of people like you. What if I was an Apple fan? It doesn’t matter. Fuck off. Oh, and FYI, I’ve got a GS3.

        • Justin Rebar

          Ah Samsung, might as well be Apple. :)

          • Tanner Hoyt

            If I had an iPhone, I would get bashed for it and called an iSheep. If I have a Samsung, I get bashed because TouchWiz is for n3wbs and they are too much like Apple. I never try to satisfy Phandroids because it is virtually impossible.

          • Justin Rebar

            Lighten up, just messing with you

          • Tanner Hoyt

            Sorry, I’m usually pretty chill but the constant harassment I get over what companies and devices I like has made me a lot more serious than I used to be about tech.

        • Kamal

          Mr. Know it all, i do not know about about USA but in Canada if you buy a nexus from gplay or from a carrier… It is ALWAYS FU$KING UNLOCKED. This is not a G4 we are talking here.. nexus 4 was never locked in Canada whether you buy it from the carrier or from Google..it was always FU$KING UNLOCKED, for $350 you get the same device anywhere only catch is idiots who sign a contract spend an additional $20 on the monthly plan. Got it now?

      • John Bailey

        Perhaps you don’t understand the allure of buying something that is subsidized…. What’s the damn difference whether it’s locked or not if he only plans on using it with Sprint? What if it happens to meet the needs of someone’s budget that way? There ain’t nothing wrong with that. Your condescending attitude does NOT make you look cool. Besides, “Nexus” doesn’t mean what it used to. It’s not just for developers, nerds, or whatever…. It’s for everybody. Go to android.com/kitkat and read what it says next to the KitKat description, dumbass….

        • Tanner Hoyt

          Thank you John Bailey. I am glad to see a reasonable person on the Internet; they are rare now.

          • John Bailey

            No problem…. I’m getting tired of all the massively self-entitled morons who think that Google would dump millions into research/development into a device that would only appeal to a few select type… Google doesn’t owe shit to anyone, and I feel thankful that they do their best to offer high end devices at a low price. I also loathe all the people who think that a “Nexus” has to fit some kind of criteria and anyone who opposes must be an Apple fanboy or an iSheep…. those are the people that make those who are unfamiliar with Android think that Android is only made for geeky basement dwelling nerds…. Android is for everyone Sure, when the Nexus was originally launched it was intended for developers so they could get a baseline for what Google intended Android to be, but with the recent advent of the Nexus 7’s and 10, they are obviously trying to appeal to a much larger base than ever before. Especially now that the tagline for KitKat is “an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” Nuff said.

          • Subzer0

            lmao.. made Kamal look like a moron. nice.

        • Kamal

          excuse me mr.usa…nexus phones are sold unlocked in Canada..hence the earlier comment. In USA if you are damn stupid to pay $200 for a nexus phone on a 2 year contract which you can get it on Gplay for $350 makes you the dumbest moron in the whole world as the whole world see it…a Douche talking about currency & economics without understanding basic functions of a unlocked phone and why Nexus is even out there… You really need to GTFO and buy a subsided phone and live 2 years in hell with Sprint and then complain how they are raping you with extra smartphone charges. Don’t except sympathy in this forum, this is not an apple dumb users forum.

      • AmicusBrief

        Perhaps, Mr. Hoyt doesn’t know “what a Nexus is” but from the looks of his reply he knows a douchebag when he see one.

        • Tanner Hoyt

          Thanks I think, lol. But I DO know what a Nexus is.

      • John

        Such a condescending attitude will get you nowhere. So what if he is upgrading from an iPhone? is that crime? People with your attitude shed a bad rep on the Android Community. Perhaps it is you the one who should not even own a smartphone.

    • dave homeless

      if you are enterprising enough, and have the free time, get a subsidized iphone 5s and sell it, then buy the nexus 5 and have some profit left over.

      • Tanner Hoyt

        That’s actually not a bad idea. I might just do that. Thanks!

  • grumpyfuzz

    Why is the earpiece white? I hope it’s because in this picture it’s showing off the white model. If it is like this on the black model, it will be inconsistent and look pretty bad.

    • adam evans

      Yeah no others have that do they! Looks like a teenager :-)

  • Typo: You said “That said, today’s Google media event was not about the Nexus 4 and/or Android 4.4”. Instead of Nexus 4 it should be Nexus 5.

    • John Bailey

      ….we all know what he meant. But thanks anyways…..

  • Karan Puri

    why is it that 1.2ghz dual core of the iphone 5s is fast?..we had those similar specs in android 2 years back and it wasn’t so fast…i guess some fault comes to the software, back than android was still growing..

    but besides the point, what makes iphone so fast regardless of poor specs…???

    is it the crazy amt of optimization? or the way IOS is written?..android is very fast now…but it need higher specs to be blazingly fast….is android not optimized nicely?

    • RanRu

      A calculator is pretty fast, too. It’s not hard to be when you’re not doing much.

    • adam evans

      I think iOS loads a screenshot of the a first , and then the app so it feels like it’s running faster. Their are a few other tricks they use to make things feel faster. I know it could only do one thing at a time so if their was an animation and you started to scroll that page the animation would stop to reduce the processor load

    • FZ

      It’s more about the fact that iOS and the iPhone’s hardware are much tightly integrated since the OS is specifically designed for specific hardware. While, in Android’s case, it’s designed to work on a much much broader range of devices.

    • NeedName

      A big part of smartphone running “fast” is the GPU, and apple has always used a pretty good GPU. That’s the same reason the Moto X is so fast with its dual core cpu, because it also has a pretty good GPU.

      That and what’s also been said — ios is simplistic.

  • Prodigy-X

    Yes!!!! Sprint All Day!!!!

  • adam evans

    Not usually a lover of white gadgets, but that 1 looks good !!!

  • Justin Rebar

    Sprint has horrible service here in Kansas City. I can only imagine what it is like elsewhere.

  • Tyler Kubisty

    If the nexus 5 “pentaband” radio is supported by Verizon, I will buy this phone with out thinking twice about it. Sadly though, it is very unlikely knowing Verizon’s history with phones and unlocked devices.