sprint changes tosStarting from today, Sprint is offering two new totally unlimited plans known as “Unlimited, My Way” and “My All-In”. The differences between the two essentially depends on whether you’re after a family package, or something for your own use.

We’ll look at the “Unlimited, My Way” package first, which offers customers a plan for multiple users. First you choose the number of lines associated with the account, starting at $50 for the first, $40 for the second, an additional 30 for the third, and then an extra $20 for each line after that. Each line will receive unlimited talk and text, with the option to choose between unlimited data, at a cost of $30 per line, or a 1GB data allowance for $20 with a smartphone. Basic phone data charges are cheaper at just $10 per line for unlimited data.

Sprint unlimited plans

Sprint is also currently offering mobile hotspot functionality on smartphones for $10 extra each month, which will give you access to another 1GB of data, if you need it.

The “My All-In” plan, on the other hand, offers a single line of service, complete with unlimited talk time to any phone number, unlimited texts, as much data as you want, and 5GB worth of mobile hotspot data. The cost of all this is $110 per month, which matches Sprint’s current top price unlimited plan, but with the mobile hotspot extra thrown in at no additional cost.

Along with these new plans, Sprint has also announced its unlimited guarantee, which offers customers who sign up for one of the new packages unlimited minutes, texts, and data for life, or as long as you remain on Sprint’s network. Even once your two year contract is up, or if Sprint tries to change its plans, you will always have unlimited data on your tariff, which sounds very nice indeed.

Robert Triggs
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  • Amadeus Klein

    Honestly unless you actually need unlimited talk it’s still cheaper to have the simply everything plan with 5 devices, especially if you add insurance on top of that, I pay less than 300 for my 5 phones with insurance and unlimited data, but on this new plan it would be $310 before taxes/fees and phone insurance plans…. You’ve gotta be really chewing through phone minutes to need this plan…

  • Mark Washington

    Same here I will not switch because I don’t use minutes…. I hope they don’t boot me off my current plan with some type of force upgrade/switch plans screw over.