With rumors of Sprint and T-Mobile finalizing a deal that would merge the two companies, rumors are now being revealed which hint at Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim being interested in purchasing T-Mobile.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Slim recently received cash from his sale of shares of América Móvil and currently owns an interest TracFone, a US prepaid wireless service that is the country’s fifth largest carrier. TracFone currently leases capacity in large cellular networks operators like AT&T and Sprint.

Last week, America Movil announced that it was going to slash its market share in Mexico from 70% to 50% to avoid sanctions from the Mexican government.

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Money is not likely going to be a factor for Slim as he recently was named the richest person in the world with a fortune of $79.6 billion. As the Wall Street Journal mentions, Slim has been active in the U.S. with purchased stakes in Saks Inc., OfficeMax Inc. and the New York Times.

Unfortunately for Slim, if the talks between Sprint and T-Mobile are in fact close to being finished, it is unlikely that Slim could make a legitimate run at T-Mobile.

  • Angel

    Oh God please no. I though the Sprint deal was a bad idea to began with. But this is beyond disastrous.

    • jay555

      How would this be more disastrous than Sprint tearing Tmobile to shreds??? At least in this case, Tmobile would continue to exist. Maybe under Slim they’ll be able to grow and maybe surpass Sprint as some point.

      • Paco Inurreta

        I agree with you, while Telcel (it’s mobile brand in Mexico) might not be the cheapest it’s the one that works the best and América Móvil operates in other southamerican countries so they might have a better idea of what the fuck they can do and with the US regulations T-Mobile could actually take a huge positive impact if it’s América Móvil instead of Sprint.

        • Carlos Bojorges

          By “the one that works best” you mean it totaly sucks, right?

          • Paco Inurreta

            DF and its metropolitan area sucks, you cant really expect much to serve over 20 million people. Everywhere else it works.

          • Carlos Bojorges

            I don’t really know if the service is better out of the metropolitan area but if I’m paying for an expensive service then I’m expecting it to work. Also living in one of the most important cities in Mexico add something to my expectations.

      • DirkDigg1er

        Under Sprint’s alleged merger plan, T-Mobile would be the surviving brand with John Legere and co. running the show. This merger would be pointless if their goal was to surpass Sprint. However, it is more aligned with stiff competition from Verizon and ATT.

        • Arturo Raygoza

          Quit spreading rumors.

      • Angel

        Not where I live. You see where I live there is already Claro, which is from Slim. He bought what use to be Verizon here. Use to work great, especially costumer service. Then when Claro bought Verizon, along with telephone lines (including the DSL). Everything went down, their service is horrible, specially their costumer service. Price are high and have like a trillion hidden fees. When you have a problem and try to get it fix. You call they treat you like if the problem is your fault somehow, then when you call for like the third time they finally tell you that they are having trouble with some circuits and your number happen to be in that one, sorry for the inconvenience but there’s nothing they can do. And end up paying for a 1 month cycle that the phone was functional for just a week. I changed to SunCom and worked great and eventually was bought by T-MobileUS and got better. And I won’t even start about them giving you phone that don’t work properly and not wanting to change it. This happened to a few naive friends that didn’t really notice until someone else pint it out. Also since they also bought telephone land lines, I currently uses their DSL. Most of the areas here don’t have cable lines making that the only option. I pay $30 for a Meg. To some make rnot look like much but I know many places that you get more than 1Mbps for 30 bucks. And my main problem is actually that my speed never goes over 700kbps its usually between 300-600Kbps. And regularly drop. With the same problem when you call, leave you hanging for eternity transfer you to like 6 different people. All treating you like a retard like “Is the modem on?” or “Are the cable connected where they should be” to even “Is there power on your house?” >.> Like ‘no I ran my computer with a couple of hamster running on a wheel’ And then after forever they tell you “Sir there seems to be a breakdown in your area, our technician are working on it, there is nothing more we can do you’ll have to wait till its fixed” and then wait a week till it’s fixed. They don’t really have competition here so they do what they want. They even charge me for a technician coming to my house which never happened. They say it might have been a mistake that there were gonna investigate, since supposedly there where signed paper and all, but that for the mean time I’ll have to pay for the services and they’ll rein-check me once its done. Well that was bout 4 years ago, and I’m still waiting my $180. And many of my family and friends have or had problems.

        So, as a current costumer of an América Móvil subsidiary. I can complain and see how much damage it would do where I live. As for Sprint, I know it will damage T-Mo. especially since I find S to be more expensive than T-Mo when it comes to single lines. But my sister had them for a couple of years and service (at least here) was great, costumer service very helpful and nice. And would rein check her any unknown fees and charge she had receive. On a few occasions of stuffs she actually make by accident or unknowingly.
        So yeah with how many of their service/products you’ve had experience with?

    • Serge Cebrian

      it would be good at least for Latam, as the uncarrier thingy would arrive to mexico and south america

      t-mobile would survive indeed . .. under sprint it would be likely disappear

  • Oliver Nxi

    I made the joke Their is a “slim” chance ^^

    • Redviper


  • Arturo Raygoza

    Funny how everybody wants to run in and “save” T-Mobile even tho they don’t need any of it as they are well on their way to surpassing sprint.

  • qubius

    T-Mobile would be a great company for Carlos Slim to own. Carlos could also buy the spectrum from DISH and the rest of the 700MHz A block spectrum.
    T-Mobile, can add 25 million subs over night. Why get into bed with Sprint and a tar baby network that should be gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. Unless T- Mobile is just after the $2 billion break-up fee. T-Mobile can just take Sprints customers .