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Many considered simplicity to be Sprint’s one redeeming quality, but that could be changing. Phone Arena has been tipped that Sprint may soon be changing things up a bit, offering more variety in their plan structure. The picture, which you’ll see below, outlines a few new options for Sprint customers.

These new plans position Sprint closer to “traditional” carrier pricing and plan structure.

The plan options are nicely structured, but we wonder if they’re necessary. The brilliance behind Sprint is their simple “Everything” plan, in which you just pay your bill and get it all. There is no fussing with data plans, or staggered pricing. No concern about hitting a text limit or shared data.

These new plans position Sprint closer to “traditional” carrier pricing and plan structure. Pay for your basic phone plan, then add-ons weigh you down. We’ll applaud Sprint for not going with the staggered data limits, as the image shows an “Unlimited” or “1GB” data plan, but this all seems needlessly complex. The new “Everything” plan also adds 5GB of hotspot service, but consumers rarely use a hotspot, so why is that important?

As their deal with Softbank closes, and the stars have aligned, it’s sad to see Sprint take the one big selling point they had and complicate it. To be fair, these are still more economical than the competition, and offer much more. We just wish Sprint would have kept it simple with their plans and pricing.

Sprint plan changes

  • oscar garcia

    Goodbye sprint

    • Simon Belmont

      Already left. Very happy with T-Mobile.

      Fast speeds, good coverage, and I brought my own second hand Nexus device. Good deal, all around.

  • I would go to T-Mobile, but bad coverage around my area.

    • Cal Rankin

      And they love mocking Sprint for lack of coverage. Haha