Sprint LTE Set to Land in 2012 – New Phones On the Way Too

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 2011
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Just recently, we wrote an article about all of the U.S. LTE wireless providers. It was easy to tell that Verizon had a firm grip on the LTE market in America. However, almost every other provider behind Verizon was either working on an LTE network, or building upon its current 4G network. However, Sprint, America’s third most popular wireless provier, was not working on an LTE network to our knowledge at the time of the article’s publication. Instead, Sprint had decided to lengthen their WiMAX deal with Clearwire. As soon as you think that Sprint is going to stay with WiMAX forever, their CFO begins to tell the public otherwise.

Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer said, “We’re talking about covering 120 million [people] by the end of 2012 — we’ve accelerated this because we believe LTE is really key to our future”. Now that Sprint has announced that they will be stepping into the LTE world, why did they make a deal with Clearwire to extend the life of WiMAX? Since Sprint’s LTE network will not cover all of America yet, they will be keeping their WiMAX network alive until 2015.

As for LTE coverage, Sprint will cover 120 million Americans before the end of 2012. As for their competition, Verizon claims that they are already covering over 186 million Americans and should be covering 2/3 of the entire U.S. population by the end of 2012.

To accompany the new LTE network, Sprint will surely be rolling out some new LTE-capable devices very soon. Stay tuned, and expect to hear more from Sprint come CES 2012.

Source: Engadget

  • If you did any research on this at all you would know that clear is also going to be doing LTE, but they will be renting it from sprint. so clear will be LTE in some markets and wimax in others, complicated mess they’ve all gotten themselves into.

  • E-Tech

    Clear will not be renting from Sprint. We are currently in the design phase to incorporate our own network apart from Sprint. It will be a joint WiMAX/LTE network as we have to offer the wimax technology for at least 5 years as per law. It will be using identical technology and devices that sprint uses and will be compatible with Sprint 4g devices like it is currently.

    Sidenote, Sprint rents from CLEAR for the majority of their wimax services as they sold us the equipment because they did not want to maintain or build it out as was originally planned. Sprint has their own 4g sites still, but not many and relies on Clear’s network to supplement their service. At least that is how it works in the Chicago market.