Sprint LTE getting lit up in Boston, Austin, and many other places

by: Joe HindyJanuary 28, 2013

Sprint’s LTE roll out has been breathtakingly painful for Sprint customers. After many rural areas got LTE, some of the bigger city customers started feeling a little left out. Sprint’s trying to keep up and have announced that Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas are getting LTE flipped on very shortly.

For Boston residents, this will be the second time Sprint has announced LTE. The first being back in September 2012. So we’re not sure if Sprint balked on the release or if only part of the city was covered. The full city should be full of Sprint LTE in the coming days.

For everyone else, this is the first time the nationwide carrier has promised LTE. Here is the full list of places getting LTE from 9 to 5 Google:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Austin, Texas
  • College Station / Bryan, Texas
  • Columbia, Tennessee
  • Emporia, Kansas
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Western Puerto Rico

So, as has become the norm for Sprint, there are a couple of big places and a bunch of smaller places. What’s confusing is that they have gone from the East coast to the Midwest and have managed to skip a number of states in between. Michigan and Ohio still have no LTE coverage whatsoever.

Will Sprint ever get this done?

Sprint has openly promised that they’ll have their Network Vision done by the end of this year. So there is always a chance that 2013 will be the last year Sprint customers have to suffer through this. However, based on this list and ones prior to it, Sprint still has a very long way to go and delays along with slow progress could see it go to 2014.

For everyone who just got some Sprint LTE, has anyone given it a shot yet? Let us know if it’s a major improvement in your area.

  • FortTech101

    It’s really fast and has improved greatly. The speed first of all is amazing. I downloaded a 4mb app in less than five seconds. The coverage is improving also. I could barely get it at my house but, now I can get it easily.

  • Lar gerection

    Sprint really blows in general, they’re so far behind the freakin 8 ball they need to just go out of business or be purchased by a real cell phone company not some crock of shiz

  • RRockstar

    Sprint’s Network Vision is a fantasy. They have no sense of reality if they thought they were going to roll out LTE nationwide by the end of the year. Major markets like New York and Los Angeles are nowhere near completion after a year of continuous work. Other markets are waiting for the larger markets to finish so that resources can be allocated to them. Sprint has created a huge mess for itself. I expect many customers will be leaving when their contracts are up. They have a whole wave of 3G iphone 4S customers who will be off contract in October and if LTE isn’t ready for them at that time, there is a real incentive to leave Sprint for greener pastures.

  • RickidyRoll

    It’s in whiteplains NY. I got 14down 2 up