Sprint LG Viper gets Ice Cream Sandwich update

by: Kristofer WoukNovember 1, 2012

When the Sprint LG Viper was launched back in April, it was running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Finally, the phone is getting an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it’s rolling out starting today.

This update, which is rolling out over the air, upgrades the Sprint LG Viper’s software to version LS840ZVI. The post from Sprint mentions a number of new features, but they are just the new features that upgrading from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich brings. The only other feature mentioned is “Number of users displayed on Hotspot.” It isn’t yet clear if any other features were added in the update.

If you haven’t received a notification yet, you can check for the update by going to “Settings > About Phone > System Updates.” If you have yet to see the update, be patient. The announcement from Sprint states that “Updates may be released in stages. When checking for the update, you may receive a message that no update is available, check back later or wait until the update notification is sent to your device.”

Users of the Sprint LG Viper: have you gotten the Ice Cream Sandwich update yet? How do you like it so far?

  • nina

    I got the update this morning, and i absolutely lovvve it!!!(: So far so good. It makes the phone look that much better hopefully now it doesn’t un program itself like before. I had a problem with it not letting me send texts or receive texts as well as making and receiving calls. Hopefully that stops now. But this new update is pretty cool if i do say so myself (:

  • aubs

    I updated last night, and getting used to the change this morning! Most are working well, but I am having a problem with the messaging. When I read a text, the unread message fonts and numbers do not go away unless I respond. Is this something that is just part of the Ice Cream Sandwich? Keeping it on until you respond? Because it’s making me crazy!! lol is there a way to change this? I tried looking in the settings, and couldn’t find anything. Is it something I have to overcome on my own?!

  • user

    I like that you can now add events to the contacts (such as birthday via the contact application). This was not previously available.

    I do not like that you can no longer search in the new email application (not GMAIL application)

  • don

    You are lucky, im checking multiple times daily….still no update for me

  • Benjamin

    I got the update yesterday and I’m not liking it. There is way too much lag than with gingerbread and the “better looking” UI eats up RAM like a fat kid eats cupcakes. Not to mention, it has 2 launchers which makes the memory issue even worse. But, from what I’ve seen and experienced so far, there is not a single upgraded feature (with the exception of the second launcher and redesigned ui) nor are there any new features. It feels to me like it’s a downgrade instead of an upgrade in terms of performance. Will be downgrading back to Gingerbread later today.

  • Joe Roark

    I tried upgrading to day but no luck. My phone told me it had the update so I installed it. It restarted and told me it didn’t install and is no longer showing up in my update software menu. Any ideas?

  • todd

    This update sucks not liking any of the new features I’m unable to turn off my wifi everytime I cut it off its back on in a couple minutes texting sucks email sucks changing my settings suck over all it sucks I want my 2.3 back

  • ReMiixx

    When u buy a phone with ics your so use to it so when i got this phone and it had gingerbread i was like wtf then updated it and ics is the best ppl that say its slow or they dont like it you just gotta get use to it once u do then you will love it


    I got the automatic upgrade a while back. Since then I have not been able to connect it to my PC to upload and download files. The old OS allowed my phone to show up as a USB drive. Now it is either a camera or a media device, neither of which will allow file copying.