Sprint Joining RCA in the Fight to bring AT&T/T-Mobile Merger to an End

by: Chit AgustinApril 23, 2011
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Recently, there have been talks regarding America’s largest smartphone carrier, AT&T, which is going to “stick together” with T-Mobile. Every competitor of AT&T and T-Mobile seems to be bothered most especially Sprint. Sprint is America’s third largest smartphone carrier and the potential merger of these two companies has caught them off guard and made them appear anxious. Sprint’s present CEO, Dan Hesse, strongly opposes this merger and has said he will do everything he can to ensure that the US government doesn’t allow this deal to happen. Once the deal is completed, this will make Sprint an underdog even more.

Dan Hesse is certainly a smart man – and knows that he cannot go into this skirmish alone. So, he decided and announced that Sprint will be joining the Rural Carrier Association. The RCA embodies about 100 small operators who have a wireless footprint that encompasses 80% of the US. Their main objective is to look after their associates and Sprint wants them to ensure that the White House, the Congress, the FCC and any other policy makers do not gratify AT&T’s interests. Now that Sprint is already a member of the RCA, they now have brighter hopes in bringing AT&T and T-Mobile’s merger to an end. Nevertheless, it’s far too early to tell definitively what’s going to happen.

Also, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Sprint, Vonya McCann, said, “The competitive carriers who make up the RCA are engines of innovation in the wireless industry. At Sprint, we have many issues of mutual concern with RCA members and we look forward to advocating for policies that promote competition and a level playing field across the wireless industry.”

“We are pleased that Sprint has become an RCA member and that they will join our efforts to provide a vibrant wireless marketplace for consumers throughout the entire nation. I call on all other competitive carriers to join our fight to restore competition in the market and pull the industry back from the brink of a duopoly.” President and CEO of Cellular South and the 2011/2012 Chairman of the RCA Board, Hu Meena, added.

The upcoming months will likely see the whole wireless industry get rattled! I can’t wait. Do you guys think Sprint’s intercession is justifiable? Let us know your thoughts and hit us up in the comments.

Source: IntoMobile

  • Matt

    Every arguement has two sides. Both companies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Improve there position in the market and make the board of directors and stock holders happy. However, there is only one side that is best for consumers and most importantly the economy. Sprint is definately on the side of the american people. I’m a proud owner of an EVO4g and will buy the 3D the day it goes public. Now I can already hear the growls from alot of you and let me clearify my point. While I agree Sprint is on the side of the american public, that doesn’t mean ATT or Tmobile has done one single thing wrong. Nor does that mean Sprint is now the great mobile american hope. I really hope Sprint doesn’t get carried away with this to much, cause stuff like this can turn on you and leave you with a bad name. This isn’t two oil companies merging. This merger does one thing that seperates it from almost any other. It directly affects each and every board member and there family members in the two most effective ways there is. The first is $$$$. Next and a very close second is there cell phone of course lol. Sprint should do there part to bring this out to the public, I hope they don’t go down as the badguy. All things said….Sprint cut the bs and redtape and go ahead and deduct my account and ship me the greatest phone ever invented to date. The EVO3D!