Sprint HTC One to get it its first update, promises to solve key sensitivity problem

by: Bogdan BeleMay 16, 2013

Sprint HTC ONe

The Sprint HTC One is ready to get its first software update and, while a small one, it does aim to solve an important problem.

The update, which is confirmed on the Sprint website, will bring your device to version 1.29.651.10 and and will include three fixes. First of all, it comes with improvements to BlinkFeed, but no exact details are given regarding what those improvements are.

Second, you’re getting a new Sprint Zone client, but the most important thing is that it improves the Back and Home key sensitivity. This has been an issue that quite a few users have been complaining about and that HTC has acknowledged and offered a fix for. That only happened for some versions of the device, though.

Now users of the Sprint HTC One are also getting it, but the interesting thing is that HTC also pushed some other improvements as part of updates that solved the key sensitivity problem. These included camera, Beats Audio and Bluetooth improvements, but they don’t seem to be mentioned for this update.

If you have a Sprint HTC One (which is also available in Stealth Black), you should know that the update is coming OTA and will be released in stages, so you’ll eventually get it, even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

If you haven’t made up your mind about buying the HTC One or not, maybe our review will help you make a decision.

Sprint HTC One users, have you already received the update?

  • lil bit

    I believe it when i see it. I have first hand experience with the pain of owning a HTC. This is simply a distraction to not scare buyers away from the HTC One, when the update does not fix the problem they will acknowledge it and promise a new update.

    • Well I see it. Just downloaded the update and it seems it fixed exactly what was said in this article. I’ll know more as I continue to use it though

      • lil bit

        Ok, we will know in a few days. The intense problems some users are experiencing while others have only mild symptoms tells me that its without doubt a manufacturing defect. A software update may help those with mild symptoms, lets see about the serious cases, and also wait for the degrading effect to come into play during the next few months. One is not the only HTC with button problems, and manufacturing defects has always been HTCs trademark.

  • Ken

    Did the update. Now my phone has horrendous Bluetooth connection problems with my BMW I drive. With HTC one. Out of box I drive would connect and stream media and Bluetooth phone but wouldn’t download phone book. Then bought Bluetooth Phonebook app and everything finally worked. Did this new update and now no media

  • Enrique

    Didn’t really improves the sensitivity of the buttons…