Sprint brings the HTC One E8 to the USA

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 29, 2014

HTC One E8 Brand Logo 2014 2

The HTC One E8 has been a hit in Asia and other markets. It was only a matter of time before the One M8‘s plastic twin reached the USA. As it turns out, Sprint will be the first carrier in the States to bring the neat device to this side of the lake.

It has everything you can expect from a high-end device, mimicking most of the M8's specs.

The Now Network will be offering the One E8 in two colors: white or gray with silver accents. It has everything you can expect from a high-end device, mimicking most of the M8’s specs. The main differences lie in the plastic body (instead of metal) and the 13 MP camera (instead of 4 MP UPixel).

These differences make the device a bit more affordable, but I know many of you find metal to be a bit too slippery, making the plastic build an improvement. Aside from these changes, you will find the same Snapdragon 801 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 5-inch 1080p display and 2,600 mAh battery on both smartphones.

HTC One E8 vs HTC One M8 -4

So how much is that non-metallic construction saving you? Sprint sells the HTC One E8 for $499 off-contract, or $99.99 on a 2-year contract after a mail-in rebate. Meanwhile, the HTC One M8 will cost you $649 off-contract or $199 on-contract. Not a bad discount if you don’t mind letting go of the “better” materials.

The HTC One E8 is now available from Sprint’s website or over the phone, so go sign up if you are interested. Those still on the fence can check out our HTC One E8 review and One M8 comparison to learn more about this smartphone.

  • i_say_uuhhh

    $99 On contract isn’t so bad.

  • Unicorn Drank

    It’s bad enough that it’s on Sprint

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  • cizzlen

    Still looks ugly as hell with on screen buttons. HTC dun goofed

    • Marc Perrusquia

      You can argue all you want about the usefullness of onscreen buttons but it’s oretty much universally accepted that they look much more aesthetically pleasing than the capactive keys of yesteryear.

      • cizzlen

        Yes. In your little world it is.