Sprint Galaxy S4 officially coming in Purple Mirage this fall

by: Chris SmithAugust 13, 2013

Sprint Galaxy S4 Purple Mirage

Sprint on Tuesday announced that it will offer its subscribers a new color option for the Galaxy S4 starting this fall – Purple Mirage.

This isn’t the first time we hear about a purple Galaxy S4, with such a version being launched in Taiwan not too long ago alongside a Pink Twilight version of the flagship phone. Furthermore, a report said in July that the Purple Mirage and Autumn Brown models will arrive in the U.S.

While Sprint did not mention an actual release date for the Purple Mirage Galaxy S4 model, it did say in its press materials that the phone will arrive “just in time for school.”

As expected, nothing will change for this particular Sprint Galaxy S4 option except for color. The phone will still retail for $199.99 with new two-year contracts and pack the same internal components as its white and black brethren.

Sprint also stocks the Galaxy S4 in the launch versions, Black Mist and White Frost. Other U.S. carriers sell the handset in their exclusive color versions including Red Aurora (AT&T) and the aforementioned Autumn Brown (Verizon).

  • Ryan Castle

    A black/white front would’ve looked better, a la Sony Xperia Z.

    • EliasAlucard

      Personally, I think the front should have the same colour as the back. But it’s definitely obvious Samsung is copying the Xperia Z with this colour.

      • Cristi13

        Of course, because now only sony has the right to use purple (and probably nokia the rest of the colors). Right?

        • EliasAlucard

          Most definitely, I hear Sony applied for a purple patent recently.

          In all seriousness, Sapple (i.e., Samsung) is a major copycat, and it’s obvious they’ve been looking at Sony recently. Not only because of this colour, but also because Samsung is going to release a Snapdragon 800 version of the SGSIV (Sony was first to announce and release a Snapdragon 800 device). I expect to see Xperia-like designs from Sapple soon. Hopefully, this also means Sapple will be releasing the source code for their Exynos drivers, TouchWiz applications and so on. Then we can call Sapple, Sonsyng ;)

          • Cristi13

            First of all the s4 with s800 was launched before the z ultra. Second of all its a color, everyone can use it (Same with the processor). Then please tell me what samsung has copied so much (please don’t come up with stupid things like colors and rounded corners or general things). Now to finish my rant, sony is only that, nice designs, the rest is sub-par (like their tvs and other things), they are not what they were before because of their arrogance. Now if you were trying to be sarcastic then nevermind what i’ve written above lol.

  • Angel

    Best buy already has them in stock just an FYI

  • domahman

    hope to see the GS5 soon.

  • xiyou849



  • songti