Sprint Galaxy S3 staff training videos leaked ahead of launch

by: Chris SmithJune 13, 2012
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The Sprint Galaxy S3 is already available for pre-order and it will be launched in just over a week from now, on June 21. For that matter, in addition to Sprint, Samsung’s 2012 flagship device will hit five more U.S. carriers this summer including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and C Spire.

In case you’re particularly interested in purchasing the device from Sprint, then you’ll be happy to hear that no less than 15 Galaxy S3 training videos for Sprint employees have been leaked, each one demoing certain features of the handset.

The videos, posted by Inside Sprint Now, are very short (45 to 80 seconds) but they each show you an interesting Galaxy S3 function including All Share, Dropbox, Group Cast, lock screen, S Beam, S Voice, picture sharing, Smart Gestures, Samsung TecTiles, and camera features.

Of the available videos, we’ll notice two of them, the ones that are detailing Smart Gestures and Samsung TecTiles. With Smart Gestures, users will be able to initiate certain Galaxy S3 actions on the handset by simply taking advantage of the gesture features the device supports. These gestures include Direct Call, Smart Alert, Shake to Update and can be customized in the phone’s settings app, which is also where you can get more details about the available gestures.

Samsung TecTiles is a new NFC-based sticker that Samsung will have in stores alongside other Galaxy S3 accessories. The sticker can be placed in various places (house, car, work) and can be used to automatically trigger certain actions or start certain apps on the Galaxy S3 when the phone is in NFC range.

While the videos have not been confirmed by either Sprint or Samsung, they certainly look genuine enough, and should prove to be quite helpful not only to Sprint staff training on the device but also to potential Galaxy S3 buyers, no matter what U.S. carrier they choose.

  • metallic blue?

    • A-manny

      Pebble Blue

  • Guest

    Why do I foolishly have to sit there and shake the phone?
    My old phone just connects to my bluetooth immediately as soon as it sees it.

    • Chris Smith

      Some people don’t like having bluetooth always on. Do you have your wifi turned on when your not using it?

      This technology is awesome, and I really hope it catches on, because its pretty sick. Imagine having one in the kitchen that goes to a recipe website. One in the bathroom that turns on your music.

      It would be great if this goes mainstream and they get the tectiles down to $5 a piece. I would buy a bunch. $15 is not a bad price point to start though.

  • Rjohnson83

    idiot!!!, of course Bluetooth just conects, but to save battery power, say you turn everything off. you getting your car start driving, and instead of looking at your phone (which is illegal in my state) you tap the tactile and it starts Bluetooth, opens Pandora and starts playing, and you haven’t even looked at your phone yet. Beautiful concept. Soon this will lead to built in tactiles so the phone can smartly do it, I foresee this…Now do you understand the ramifications of this tech?

  • Angelica Diaz

    My Galaxy experience.