Sprint Galaxy S3 root method posted, works with T-Mobile too

by: Chris SmithJune 23, 2012
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The U.S. Galaxy S3 launch is rather bumpy, with all major carriers having a tough time keeping up with their initial release schedules, but a few buyers in the country have already received their pre-ordered units. In fact, it looks like the Sprint Galaxy S3 root has been already achieved, and the procedure apparently works on T-Mobile Galaxy S3 units too.

The root instructions for the Sprint Galaxy S3 have been already posted on the xda-developers forums, and they’re so detailed that even rookies can try their hand at rooting the handset. It goes without saying that we don’t recommend that you meddle with your newly purchased handset, especially if you’re not comfortable with such procedures in the first place.

However, if you plan to go ahead and root your Sprint Galaxy S3, then you should make sure you back up your data first, just to be on the safe side. Even if you skip that part, the root procedure will not erase your personal data, which is quite convenient. Furthermore, during rooting your device, you’ll also install clockworkmod on it, which will get you a custom recovery.

DroidDog reports that the procedure works with T-Mobile Galaxy S3 versions as well, so in case you already got one and want to root it you’ll have to follow the same instructions. It’s pretty logical to assume that this Sprint Galaxy S3 root method will work with other U.S. Galaxy S3 versions, although that still has to be confirmed with developers.

Finally, before you get on with your rooting, you must know the procedure only works on Windows machines, so in case you only have access to a Mac you’re out of luck for now.

  • PRx

    Hi guys,
    I’m new to the android platform. What do you mean by rooting your device? It sounds risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why would you want to root your device? Thanks!

  • Juangie

    Rooting your phone allows you to unlock many new things that would normally not be available.. it can be risky but its not if you follow the instructions.

  • alex

    ONCE I UNLOCK It, is it possible to use it on another network? The Sprint Version does not have a Sim card (or sim card slot). I want to use it on Simple Mobile (or another network with Sim cards).

  • jstry

    Everytime I run superuser in clockwork mod I get E. signature verification failed……Any suggestions?

  • andrew22435

    hey guys i wanted to know i have a galaxy s3 and its on tmobile can i activate it on sprint by unlocking it?