Sprint says Galaxy S3 should be properly released on July 1. Does anyone buy it?

by: AdrianJune 28, 2012
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While the Galaxy S3 US availability saga is far from nearing an end, the latest “signals” we’ve been getting from carriers are (partially) promising. Sprint, in particular, seems to be doing tremendous efforts to satisfy their customers’ needs, although not everything has gone the carrier’s way these past few weeks.

Initially, the S3 was supposed to launch on Sprint on June 21, when customers across the States hoped to start receiving pre-orders. That was also when the new super phone should have become available on the carrier’s website and in physical stores. “Overwhelming demand” and insufficient supply forced Sprint to only ship pre-orders of the 16 GB handheld on June 21, with promises that other users would be able to get the Galaxy S3 in a matter of days.

Sprint starting fulfilling pre-orders for the 32GB version of the phone just 24 hours ago, and, while the phone remained unavailable in both the online and the physical stores, it was nice to see Sprint trying to solve this whole availability chaos.

The last piece of the puzzle came today, in the form of an official announcement on Sprint Community, stating that the Samsung Galaxy S3 “will be available at Sprint beginning on Sunday, July 1.” According to one of the forum’s admins, the 16 GB version should be up for sale in three days from Sprint Stores, Sprint Business Sales, Telesales and Web Sales, while the 32 GB model will only be available from Web Sales, Sprint Business Sales, and Telesales for starters.

Before you get too excited about the announcement, you should know that the “availability update” was actually posted on June 19. For some reason, we only picked up on the news today, nine days after the announcement was made, and it’s difficult to say if Sprint’s promises will turn into reality. In fact, there are several posts on the thread from users saying that they spoke with Sprint store reps in the past couple of days and they knew nothing about a possible launch on the 1st of July, so there seems to be nothing set in stone just yet.

Also, if you hope to get a hint of any kind from Sprint’s official website about the likely release date of the Galaxy S3, forget about it! Both the 16 and 32GB flavors of the S3 are still listed as “out of stock”, and the only mentions about the phone’s release encourage visitors to “check back to purchase this device” and “check back for the national launch”. That doesn’t sound very promising, now does it?

All in all, it’s hard to predict when all Sprint customers will be able to get their grubby hands on a new Galaxy S3, but keep in touch with our website and we’ll surely let you know of any new development on the matter. What do you guys think? Will Sunday be the “blessed” day? Or is a new delay coming?

  • Frank

    I’ve been in contact with a Sprint rep for a couple days now, and they’ve been telling me that Friday is day they’re shooting for. I spoke with them yesterday and they’re standing by that Friday mark. Maybe Sprint is trying to surprise us, idk, we’ll see.

  • s3fan

    I’m not a sprint customer, but an at&t. I was told the store would be in stores today… I go to buy it this morning and they had received an email saying they were all back ordered and if I pre ordered it today it would take ten days for it to ship… I just want the phone… all of this is dumb.

  • Mine’s being delivered today, It was a 32GB Blue… So I would like to think they should make the Full availability in stores and all preorders filled by july 1st…

  • I just got off the phone with the Sprint customer service sales department and they gave me July 1st as an in store and telesales release date. Looks to be legit, can’t wait for this beast of a phone.

  • Ladynky

    I went in my local sprint store and the associate told me to come back Sunday and they will have them. He said supply is limited and that I should make an appointment Sunday to guarantee I get a galaxy s3.

  • pbsmind

    I was a lucky one, I received my S3 on June 21st from Sprint as promised. =)

  • Yaysun

    What is a Sprint Business sales and telesales?

  • Jay

    It does come out on the first but i got mine two days early :) i love this phone!! I wanted the s2 in white but they were outta stock so they gave me the s3 instead