The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone has already been updated at least once, depending which carrier you talk to, but Sprint is about to roll out its third firmware update – and no, before you ask, it’s not Jelly Bean.

The previous two updates were security patches, with the second one also bringing an unexpected feature to Galaxy S3 owners, the dumb down search feature – Samsung altered the Search app on AT&T’s and Verizon’s Galaxy S3 versions too, but also on some international Galaxy S3 units.

And while Samsung restored the Search feature on at least UK Galaxy S3 units, Sprint’s new update will not offer you such a perk. Instead we’re looking at a variety of fixes including:

  • KI – Touch Wiz home has stopped
  • Single picture MMS no longer displayed as slideshow
  • Optimized LTE system selection
  • Enhanced Smart Stay function
  • Enhanced Voice recognition algorithm
  • All-Share Cast (All-share accessory hub) support
  • Music Hub support

The new update is version L710VPLG4, so before you go look for it, check what version you have installed on your device – version L710VPLG2 is the second Sprint update, while L710VPLF9 is the code name for the first one.

Here’s how you check the version on your phone:

To find the software version on your Samsung Galaxy S® III smartphone:

  1. Press Home > Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll up and tap About Device
  4. Scroll up. Software version is displayed under Baseband Version.

Did you notice anything different on the handset after installing the new update?

  • Jahmil212

    Can adjust brightness from notifications bar now

  • S3

    Weather updates on clock widget! Finally!

    • Searcher4059

      Weather and location

  • S3

    Also mine is now showing L710VPLG8 as the version.

  • The update version # on the article is different then on my phone?

  • SIII

    No updates available, still running second update.

  • SpammersAreTheDevil


  • Frank

    ??? I updated and my version is L710VPLG8 not LG4… and yea i can adjust the brightness from the notification bar too

  • Frank

    Update: L710VPLG8

  • siflyguy

    Why do I not have the update yet? :-(

  • Ahsan Saadat
  • Ham

    Yes. I noticed my 3g coverage and data came to screeching halt. Not happy

  • rellek

    5/20/13. Is there a new update coming out for sprint S3. ????