Sprint Galaxy Nexus receiving important update, connectivity issues begone!

by: AdrianMay 2, 2012
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The Galaxy Nexus is arguably one of the most popular Android-based smartphones of the past few months, offering a “pure Google experience”, a very nice design, and some pretty strong hardware under the hood.

Sprint’s own take on the Nexus came a little bit late to the show, but it still managed to sell like hotcakes, as we reported a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, just days after its official release, the handheld managed to disappoint many of its adopters, coming with a very annoying bug.

Many users experienced problems with connecting the device to Sprint’s 3G network, which was a huge slip-up and a major annoyance. Fortunately, the carrier moved really fast and, just days after the bug was reported, they released an update for the Galaxy Nexus.

The FD02 build is automatically pushed out as we speak to Sprint Galaxy Nexuses all over the country, and most of you should have already received the new software package over-the-air. If you haven’t been prompted to install an update by now, you need to either get a better Wi-Fi connection, or check for the FD02 build manually in the phone’s settings menu.

If this doesn’t work either, it means that you’re still on the waiting list, so have a little patience and trust Sprint to update your handheld as soon as possible.

The initial feedback seems to be more than positive and most users who have installed the new software build are saying that their connectivity issues are now a thing of the past. The update also comes with a couple of Google Wallet tweaks and the official new Android version is 4.0.4.

While Sprint is to be criticized for having the bug on the Galaxy Nexus in the first place, we can’t help but admit that the carrier has moved really fast and has done everything possible to satisfy its users. It’s obvious that Sprint really strives to bring customers the absolute best experience you can have with an Android 4.0 handheld these days.

I hope that you’ve all got Sprint’s update by now and you’re finally starting to enjoy playing around with your brand new Nexus. If you haven’t or the update is not what you expected, drop us a line in the comments section and maybe the carrier will be listening!

  • David A. McMillan

    I have Verizon as my carrier, and have constant issues with dropped calls, retrieving voice mail messages, or inability to make calls. Have had device since Jan. 2012. Had SIM card changed, and even given “like new” phone replacement, with no change in the problem. Is Verizon addressing this issue?

    • Medicci3737

      I have the same problems with my Nexus. was given 2 replacement phones. Now Verizon is at least giving me the option to get a different Verizon phone. But so far, they don’t have anything comparable. Sprint’s definitely doing a better job then Verizon when it comes to fixing bugs. Bought my Nexus in Dec. & I’m still waiting for the Verizon update.

  • Gmonterrosa82

    I just got the update last night, connection issues have gotten worst! This is already my 2nd replacement phone….so disappointed

  • Shaun P

    Although ive only had my sprint Galaxy Nexus for two weeks i haven’t really had issues with connectivity. I just received the update 10 minutes ago so I guess I will see if anything seems better. People posting about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus call daily and complain then hold your remarks a bit and see if an update rolls out. This phone is the best I’ve had so far even after selling my Galaxy S II for this. The only thing I am disappointed about is the lack of a built in call block (black list) like my galaxy s II had, the apps you can download still let the phone ring for blocked calls.

    Side note: I have noticed only one or two bars on 3g in most area’s but it hasn’t affected my ability to get reception or my call quality. It is also sad I will not have 4g until LTE rolls out in Orlando in 2 years (what were they thinking releasing a phone with LTE that people can’t use LTE)it’s a great phone still

  • Jameswilliams611

    I have the new build and still do not have connectivity, so what can I do.

  • Jmottu153

    I got the update when it first came out and I am still having data issues.Vety unhappy and disappointed.

  • joe

    I just got the nexus and it has the fd02 update, however I am having horrible connection issues. As soon as I activated the phone fd02 was pushed to it so I never used the phone without the update. Sending text messages is spotty at best, voicemails are coming hours late and calls sometimes don’t go through. I have called Sprint so many times since I bought the phone only three days ago but they are of no help. their response is that it’s the device. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

  • gstone

    can somebody help me get the damn update because i still haven’t got it??

  • alfredo

    Mine is experiencing issues and with the camera and gallery. They do npy open or function. Its horrible