Sprint Framily Plan wants you to bring friends to your family: keep unlimited plan, save money

by: Chris SmithJanuary 7, 2014

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Sprint on Tuesday unveiled an interesting new plan that will allow users to recruit more members for their family plans in order for each member of the plan to save on their monthly bills, while getting to keep unlimited data.

Called the Framily Plan, the new plan will let subscribers group up to 10 lines under a single plan – all billed separately if they’re only friends – to lower carrier bills. And you can invite anybody, the carrier says:

Your yoga teacher. Your favorite barista. Your fantasy football team. Parents on your son’s soccer team. Your BFF since high school. Your cube mate. Your parents. A group of family, friends and others you can now call “framily.”

The Framily Plan starts at $55 per month, per line, which offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. Each additional member of the Framily will bring the plan’s cost down by $5, although the monthly discount can’t be bigger than $30 per line – therefore you’d need six friends in your Framily to pay just $25 per month for the aformentioned features.

In case you want unlimited data for every line, each member will have to pay an additional $20 per month per line, which is still a great deal for groups of over seven people that would end up paying $45 per month each, not counting taxes and surcharges. Each Framily member will be able to further customize his or her plan on top of the agreed monthly minimum fee, and can get a new phone every year, Sprint says.

The Framily plan will be available to all Sprint customers, including existing ones, starting with January 10. However, existing subscribers that have purchased a subsidized handset with a Sprint plan will have to pay an additional $15 per month until their current contract expires when joining a new Framily. The carrier will waive the $15 per month fee for customers that purchased a phone before January 10, although the promotion will be available only for a limited plan.

What do you think about Sprint’s latest initiative? Are you starting your own Framily?

  • MadCowOnAStick

    framily? really?

    • MadCowOnAStick

      ugh sorry but t-mobile’s family plans are better and what kind of name is framily

      • mercado79

        Better than $45 per line for unlimited everything?

        • MadCowOnAStick

          yes, each line added, -$20 of original and goes to $10

        • Tuấn Ankh

          T-mobile family plan of 5 people costs $32 each person and everyone gets 2.5 GB of high speed data, plus unlimited 2G data. If you wants only 500 MB of high speed data, it costs each person $22. (And then for people like me who really like to switch phones once in a while, being on T-mobile is just a way better option)
          I think it’s a better deal than this Framily plan. It also depends on how T-mobile and Sprint services are at your area though.

          • mercado79

            Good to know. Thanks guys!

  • Jayfeather787

    Good idea, terrible name.

  • apianist16

    I LIKE!

  • Not Racist At All (*^▽^*)

    The Asian influence is strong with this one.

    • Mr Mop

      I think that would be more applicable if the name was “famiry”

  • unknown being

    1GB of data lol that be gone than a day

  • Jeffrey Meyer

    The word “Family” was misspelled as “Framily” multiple times in this article and it bugged me to death. Someone needs to fix that quickly.

    • cycle454

      Not a mistake

    • takpro

      It’s meant to be a contraction of “Friends and Family” as an acknowledgement of real world virtual families.

  • Jeffrey Meyer

    Amazingly, even though when we got Sprint here in my household (not my choice, I’d have gone with T-Mobile), it’s not as bad as it could be. In fact, I even had coverage at one point when my co-worker on T-Mobile didn’t (weird, huh?). I’d still go with T-Mobile if I had a choice, though, until Sprint includes the WiFi Mobile Hotspot feature for FREE with their 2-year plans. (Hint: T-Mobile did as of July 2013 when we were shopping for plans when U.S. Cellular kicked us out of their network when they wanted to sell the iPhone and had to sell part of their network to Sprint.)

  • Charlie Kane

    Sprint is the absolute worstsservice experience ever!! They bait people with unlimited data plan and then totally limit the service areas!! Worst ever! I tell everyone I possibly can.

  • Steven Robledo

    Sprint is totally stealing the rewards program that Solavei has. The main difference though is that Solavei can be used on any GSM phone and actually give you $5+ per person in CASH* instead of a $5 discount that you have a cap on.

    I can keep referring people until cellphone bill is free and they even give you bonuses when you refer more people past that. Nice try Sprint.. for now I’ll stick to Solavei.

    Oh and Solavei’s unlimited plan starts at $39/month and is no contract. http://www.JoinFreeWireless.com/
    Contact: 951-220-1851

  • edina

    Lol at sprint fishing for customers. Their service is the absolute wowlrat.

  • thomasisaiah99

    Sprint’s internet is so slow 1 GB might be able to last you a month. So glad I switched to T-Mobile.

  • Yari

    The family plan we currently have with Sprint is way cheaper and everything is unlimited. So I don’t get it. They seriously need to change that Framily Plan name as well.