Sprint Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich update rolls out, U.S. Cellular Galaxy S2 not as lucky

by: Chris SmithJuly 13, 2012

A few days ago we told you that Sprint was getting ready to roll out the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for its Galaxy S2 version – more commonly known as the Epic 4G Touch – and it looks like the update is already available. Better late than never, right, Sprint subscribers?

The update is available as an over-the-air (OTA) download, so you should have no problem installing Android 4.0.4 on your Epic 4G Touch device. Sprint already posted the complete changelog for the Epic 4G Touch Android 4.0.4 update (hit the source link below) and revealed that starting July 15, “for a limited time only,” the carrier will offer a “Buy One, Get One Free” deal on Epic 4G Touch purchases. We’ll remind you though that the carrier also sells the newest Galaxy S model, which you should definitely check out if you’re buying a new Android handset.

The video below should come in handy when upgrading your Epic 4G Touch to Android 4.0.4:

U.S. Cellular Galaxy S2 owners are not that lucky. The carrier has scheduled a software update for the device as well, but unfortunately for them it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead, you’ll be getting Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread installed on your device, build version FF18. The update brings a few “Google security patches” and other fixes, but you’ll have to manually apply it – full instructions are available at the “Samsung” link below.

There are no news at this time on when the U.S. Cellular Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich will be rolled out.

  • forhours

    Awesome!!!! Thank you sir, officially on ICS now.. working great too.

  • Thumbpin

    Thumbs up

  • aaa

    Thanks you for sharing this…it took 12 mins go get up and running…I don’t see camera update as it was promised, I was also expecting ICS keyboard and dialer. Launcher has batter fill than tw launcher..

  • Still hasn’t shown up for me :(

  • Jackiebaby

    I did the upgrade for the ICS from Gingerbread last night. I have to say, BE VERY CAREFUL! It eats up battery insanely. I fully charged my phone over night. Unplugged it at 9am, checked it at 12pm and it was at 40%. I didnt use the phone at all and no programs were running. I have done some research and yes there are great new features but the battery drainage might be a reason for me to go back to Gingerbread. Do your research fully before updating to ICS.

  • Thanks a TON for posting this and the video. Upgraded this morning using the method in the video. I was getting the “Your Device does not support software upgrading via Kies.” The video method worked flawlessly.

  • Updated my phone this morning using the method in the video. Works great! I was getting the Kies error that I couldnt upgrade, and using the method in the video allowed me to my upgrade my Galaxy S2 to ICS flawlessly. Thanks a ton!

  • djkrmw2010

    how come it says its a full update but we dont get the ics theme and all?

    • Darius

      If you are wanting the galaxy nexus theme then you will either have to root or go with an ics launcher from the market to match the gnex more closely. Every ics device is themed a little differently.

  • M

    Is there a way to go back to Gingerbread from the manual update method? Honestly not very impressed and wish to go back. Will a factory wipe/reset do it?

    • U R A moron

      are you a moron? nm don’t answer that.

      • Charlie

        Yes there is a way to go back to Gingerbread. Use a program called Odin to flash a .tar file of the official Gingerbread OTA ROM and don’t upgrade after that. You can use a one-click file as well. However, this WILL root your phone but you don’t have to lose any of your data doing so.
        Go here to see more about this. http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Samsung_Epic_4G_Touch/ROMs

  • Julio

    Whell i did the manual update went well but i notice this program is very RAM HUNGRY ALMOST 400 MB!!!! i hope they fix it on Gingerbread i never went above 300 mb!!!! But perform exelent i liked!!!!!

  • John

    1) you do have a ics theme (similar, but not exact) ; go to sprint id and select “my id” the ics theme will load up (finally a good use for Sprint id)
    2) if your swype keyboard doesn’t load up, and go into settings, apps, swype, force stop and clear data or cache (can’t remember which)

    • James

      I use a go keyboard theme with custon pictutre backround

  • screen shots doesnt work, any way to fix this, only issue I’m having. thank you

    • I believe screen shot is now down volume and the power button pressed together

      • thank you!! it worked ;)

      • Jackiebaby

        you can also press the power button and home screen button

      • Also doesn’t work :(:(:( (sprint galaxy s2 ICS)

        • Taylor

          Hold them down together. :) Just worked for me

      • Omg thank you i was freaking out!!! Works for me!!

  • Jezzie

    My battery life has shortened substantially since update and now I am unable to check my email (AOL & Yahoo) – just shows a gray screen every time I pull either of them up. I have tried removing accounts, and adding again, as well as rebooting phone. Sprint told me that they would have to do a reset on my phone. Its sad that this is the answer to all their issues. I’m sick of having my phone reset.

    • shuakhwe

      Had the same issue with exchange server email. Fixed by reducing font size accessed via menu.

      • John

        You just made my day – I’ve been on with Sprint’s tech support for over an hour and they’re only solution – as usual – is do a master reset. Thanks again!!

      • Jezzie

        Thanks for sharing shuakhwe. That worked! I cannot believe Sprint could not figure this out for me.

      • AnaB

        Thank you so much!!! That totally worked.

  • mecker

    How do I find the link?

  • James

    I had a root on my gingerbread just to use my ps3 controller and the update just screwed it up, i read that on 4.0 i wouldnt even need superuser root but its not so, how do i get root when i still have superuser but its not working? or can i use the ps3 controller with bluetooth without superuser on 4.0.4?

    • Darius

      I highly doubt there is root for ics yer so try flashing back to gingerbread with Odin and if that works you can set your controller up again. The controller might work on blue tooth but probably not because the inputs from the ps3 controller probably won’t match what is in your phones system.

      • James

        Thanks, I did that and now have it rooted on stock 4.0.4, the thing i really need help with pairing this non branded sony controller i have one sony and its working fine but this chinese one resets the master when i try to change it know of a solution, would you have any tips cause its gotta be possible.

        • Darius

          I don’t really know about controller stuff but I would try downloading keytest.apk from Google and then mapping the outputs from the controller and putting them in the file (forgot what it is sorry I think it has the word generic in it) that holds all key/button inputs in your phones system directory and matching up the codes to see if you can get it to work. Sorry I don’t really have much info but I custom mapped a keyboard a long time ago and thought it might be worth a shot

  • wendy

    some cool new features, however, took the ph off charge at 7 a.m. and its down to 30% at 10:15 a.m., this is NOT going to work for me!

  • Arielle

    John- I upgraded this morning and was devastated to discover that my Swype wasn’t working. U just made my day, i cleared the data and stopped the app and yay, its working!! Thank u!

  • mecker

    Every time I try and download it says download unsuccessful

  • scrap3000

    I still don’t have my update…

    • James

      try connecting to wifi

  • How long is the B1G1 deal going on for? I can’t upgrade until August 1st and I refuse to pay the buy up price.

  • Edjr

    Eastern NC got the OTA this morning, phone seems faster and working good.

  • First world problems… smh.

    Here’s a POSITIVE new BENEFIT for ICS: you can disable the preinstalled crap you never use that is constantly running and eating up precious RAM (ex: samsung media hub, AP mobile news, social hub, yahoo finance, etc) Go to settings>applications>running applications (find the ones running you never use)>then go to all applications, tap the app you don’t want and tap “disable”. My battery actually lasts longer since less is constantly running.

    Focus on what you DO have vs what you DONT have, and you’ll probably live a happier life. Just sayin’!

    …or you can just switch to an iphone like everyone else… :)

  • yureverydesiree

    didnt get my update! :(

  • Tremaine Oliver

    i need to knoe where the link is

    • nvythisaero

      I am not seeing yhe “samsung” link either

  • brian

    No adobe for ics so cant watch any of my movies any suggestions

  • papa_bug

    This forum was very helpful, I wanted reviews before I updated thank you everybody

  • Where in the world can i find the link to download the firmware required for this update. I have been searching all over Google and have come up with ZIP!

  • jay gee

    anyone thats having battery issues or other laggy problems once you do the ota ics sprint update.. do the hard reset. hold up volume and power, wipe cache partition, then wipe data factory reset. back up all your files that are on your phones memory. the files on your sd card wont be deleted. also..dont forget to back up your contacts in google account. that solved my problem. hope it helps.