Sprint Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S2) Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out, again

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2012
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Remember when we told you that the Sprint Epic 4G Touch, also known as the Samsung Galaxy S2, was going to get its own Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich build soon? Well, it turns out we’re going to have to make the same announcement again, and it looks like it’s the real deal this time.

Phandroid now reports that various Epic 4G Touch users have been able to update their handsets to software version IMM761.FF18, which is the Android 4.0.4 version for the handset.

Naturally, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that for some reason, Sprint decided to pause the upgrade again, which is not unheard-of when it comes to such Android updates. Therefore, we’re certainly looking forward for feedback from our readers on the matter.

Once you install ICS on your Sprint Galaxy S2 handset, you can get in line for the next update, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. And Samsung is yet to say when it will release its Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update, which means you’ll be in for another rather long wait.

  • I have not gotten the ICS Update, but my wife has and it has lots of bugs! The screen dims out while online, the battery life is worse and the phone lags due to increased RAM usage! How is this better?

    • Same with mine and now it shuts down and powers back on by it self. When will this be fixed?

    • I haven’t had any problems with mine yet. Seems to be running really smoothly, battery life seems to be better and the RAM usage is about the same.

      • Bythompson

        youre a liar…this update BLOWS!

        • julie

          I just have to say what gives you the right to call anyone a liar that’s immature

        • BiGHeaD267

          Cthu…yeah i feel the same way u do

      • dropsprint

        you are a liar and misleading people… this update has destroyed my phone along with everyone else on these forums… sprint needs to fix this immediately before a major action lawsuit and before they bleed several million customers who have this phone

    • hai

      the screen dims when online because of the settings. if you turn off the auto brightness, it won’t dim

      • fozzybear

        It will automatically turn the screen dimmer back on

    • Karina M.

      After the update released my phone did the same thing. Also when I hung up calls the phone would restart. The battery got destroyed. I took it to the sprint store and they gave me a new phone. They then told me that it had to do with the update. Now with the new phone I havent received the update and its been 2 weeks. Sprint says the update affected some phones. I love the new update dont get me wrong. It makes the phone seem a lot newer then the boring old Ice Cream Sandwich

    • fuller

      update destroyed my phone. I cannot find sent yahoo email and after upgrade all my pics are gone. Terrible so do you have any ideas?

  • Danny

    First Comment! :) – Yes, mine just got updated OTA here in Melbourne, Florida. Can’t wait to see what the changes are. I did have to wait a very long time, and eventually just didn’t care anymore, so it is a nice surprise. :)

  • D.J.

    So, mine got updated… and the “Connect USB Storage to PC” option has disappeared from the Settings. Either it’s buried somewhere, or they just sort of “forgot” to implement this, which seems to me to be a pretty significant bug. Anyone know what’s up with that?

    Haven’t noticed the screen-dim issue Rafael reports, but it does seem like the RAM use and battery life issues are also problematic.

    • They changed the way it works, now it automatically connects to your PC/laptop when you plug it in.

      • Jason Bird

        as a camera…data transfer is not working

  • Anthony

    Cant connect bluetooth no options to add or delete???

  • Joe

    They can keep their piece of shit update. I have not gotten mine nor do I want it. Sprint dropped the ball on this update in every aspect. The length of time it took to release, the bugs that came with it, and the overall communication to the users. Fuck um. They’re just to incompetent to update their fucking phones correctly. Lastly, if the S2 gets Jellybean they will mess that up too. I’ll keep this in mind when I go to purchase my next phone and the sales person tells me it will be receiving the next best OS update. Sprint can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!

    • You mean Samsung, not Sprint right?

    • Droid

      I don’t know why you say its sprints fault and not Samsung and Google. Sprint doesn’t make the update Google does. And if you hard reset you’re device your problems will be solved. If you don’t know how to fix your phone join all the other sheep and get an iphone

  • Omg don’t do it, it is horrible! it is very glitchy, the battery dies very fast, and the phone just sits there and hangs forever. they didn’t put much thinking into the new graphical user interface either.

    This is a very rough an unfinished operating system do not download, you will be sorry…

  • Sherri Villa

    Are they going to fix the bugs on the update? My phone connects to my wifi but doesn’t work try to look at a page and it ends up giving me a link . And the gyroscope looks like crap! This is more of a downgrade than anything.

  • Not Pleased

    Is it just me or is it absolutely hideous? My phone looks like something from 10+ years ago! I want the old version back ASAP.

  • JoeyV52

    I am having so much trouble with The Sprint ICS update, that I wish I could roll it back! It is draining my battery, causing me to lose signal and connectivity (Not that it was that great before but now it is worse). The Screen dims when I am online, the phone uses up tons of battery power. I can go on and on. Just give something sweet to Sprint developers and they create a Monster!

    • slgrve

      I am having all the same problems. But my worst one is that the phone doesn’t like to charge. I had to try 3 different chargers get one that would work. The others (worked before) actually drained the battery!!!

      • im having the same issues, went through 4 chargers before i found one that worked, really hate my phone right now.

  • HaiJeff

    Only issues so far are battery life and unpleasant changes to the browser . I upgraded manually.

  • This is the Gingerbread update all over again. I had an HTC EVO 4G last year and pushed the update only to have a jacked up phone afterwards. It took me 4 phones and finally a forced upgrade to finally get a working device, which happened to be the Galaxy S2. I’ve loved my phone since March. Great battery life and everything. However, this am, I decided to push the 4.0.4 update that was sent to me. Boy was that a MISTAKE! My phone went from 100% charged to 7% in less than three hours! Said it was my screen! I changed nothing from previous settings and I used it as I normally would. My phone would last me with one charge a day before this and now I have to keep it on the charger or it’ll drain fast. I can’t wait to contact Sprint about this because I’m completely upset! I just had to argue with them for months to FORCE them to put me in another phone and now they have done the same damn thing AGAIN!

  • Johnnola504

    How is it working so well on T Mobiles S2.

  • http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/456584#456584 This should help you all out, Please pull the battery out for 5 mins and then hold the volume up + power button until you come to a screen you are unfamiliar with and select clear system partion cache. This should resolve your issues if you downloaded the new ics update that was released yesterday for our epic 4g touch.

    • Thank you for this post! I’ve been PO’d all day since I installed my update. I just did this and will see how it turns out in a few hours!

      • Ms. Dub can you tell me how to go about the ics udate

    • Natasha

      I tried this and I am still having problems :/ My battery is still draining over a couple of hours, my phone will not power off when I choose ‘Power Off’ but only restart, and every time I connect it to the charger my phone says after a few minutes that “Charging has paused. Voltage too high.” Charging worked perfectly before the upgrade. Also, half the time my swype keyboard forgets to give me alternative options for my words. Also, the phone says it is charging when it is not, says “Charging has paused. Voltage too high.” when it isn’t even plugged into a charger. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GO BACK? CAN YOU UN-UPGRADE? HOW SO????

      • Natasha

        it is also switching to some screen with the time and other options without me pressing anything. Sitting on my table, the phone keeps exiting my messages and then entering this screen and then reentering messages. Someone help me! I already did the clear cache and it hasn’t helped.

      • Mortal

        You can go back to previous version.
        I rolled it back after 4 days because of all the problems and my battery is back to normal.

        It is very easily done.
        Look for Epic4gtouchUnrootEL29 and you will have no problem again.

    • Wongkez

      Hi Chris, I took out the battery but still no notification for ICS. Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks!

      • MC

        They’re rolling out the updated in increments so you might have to wait awhile. My wife got a notification for the update aroud 6am this morning and mine showed up about 3 hrs later.

  • matt

    I had mine done at a sprint store.. Went up there and asked if they could do it.. He let me watch the whole process. The guy who said take the battery out is spot on. Also the guy said to do a battery calibration.. Let it die once and recharge fully. I have had noticably better battery life since! I havent had any force closes or any bugs either. Also be sure to redo your settings. A lot of settings went back to default out of the box settings.. Treat it like you just got a new phone, set it up and enjoy! Just dont download the voicemail update god d*** is it ugly..

  • Velcrosky

    No problem here. Try clearing the cache. People have been reporting that it has solved all their problems. (Power off, pull the battery out for a couple of minutes, put it back in and power up while holding the power button and volume up until you get the android robot icon, then select the clear cache selection on the menu and then reboot)

    • moonstf

      Thank you! Thank you! It worked for me! It was driving me crazy all day! As soon as I rebooted it said it was finishing the update.

  • SadSituation

    I must admit that there is a fast draining of the battery after this update. The constant drop signal and connectivity has increased. I thought they said a better modem was coming with this update? Perhaps they will get it right the 3rd time. I did do the Clear Cache thing as someone suggested in this post, and I have not seen any improvement with performance yet.

  • Everyone that is having issues with ics do a factory data reset and it should clear it up and help battery life.

  • Joey Cossack

    Man, I have had a great experience with my FF18 update, I don’t know why so many people are having issues….perhaps its user error.

  • philly215

    Anybody know how to screen shot with ics because the home button and power is not working for me anymore

    • richh

      press the bottom volume button down and the power button at the same time for 2 seconds

  • NKostuck

    The “new” update sucks! Battery discharges twice as fast and where I once had 5 bars, I now have roaming only (not sure if that is related to poor battery power, but both problems occured at same time). I called Sprint to ask them to REVERT my phone back to the previous operating system, but they said they could not. I am NOT pleased with this update and hope Sprint works out the bugs quickly—I don’t like paying a lot of money for substandard performance and a phone that “has to be plugged in all the time.”

  • it totaly sucks. Email wont load. kills your battery all apps run slow. DONT UPDATE YOULL BE SORRY

  • scott kim

    I didn’t even get ics yet and there’s newer version of the upgrade..

  • khdjshdja

    mine added all new apps that i cant get rid off (nascar & some navagation crap :x)… not to mention it keeps saying it cant connect to network when other people have sprint service next to me
    please help!

  • AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anthony

    Thank you for the tip on the finish on the update all problems resolved…

  • Complete and utter failure. I was hoping my sliding background would COME BACK with this update but not only did it not come back, now my “Portrait” size pictures come out like “Landscape” size when I try to add a new home background pic. I like the new unlock screen but I hate the letters that came with it. The “Video” app is now loaded with “BUY THIS AND BUY THAT” before you can even look at your own personal recorded from phone videos. Honestly why the hell are they releasing it like this?

    Task manager now comes with annoyance! Before, hold home button, see programs, exit, THATS IT. Now ….. Hold home button, wall spam of all programs used, under wall task manager, see programs, exit, spammed by message saying your closing program/app and THEN it closes.

    If these problems aren’t fix, I’m going to sprint to have them manually roll me back or I’m dropping them for iphone .-. since they seem to be the only ones with the least issues when updates come around.

  • kev

    Mine is the same anyone test out the 4g? When i do a speed test I’m barely getting 1mb down when i turn on 3g I’m getting atleast.25 mb down wth is going on

  • gtelpatron

    Open your browser, hit “settings”, choose “brightness and color”… Turn of automatic and have it as bright as you want. Even brigter than you which isnt hard to do… This isnt iphone guys (retard phone). Smart phones are only as smart as their users. (-_-)

  • christy

    can anyone give the steps what to do when u want to install and also what to do after installation?

  • nightshadow

    I love the way they feel compelled to fix things that were not broken, for example replacing the 10 key numeric key pad with the top row of the qwerty keyboard. Yuck.

  • koko

    then keep using android and said it much better than iphone but you all know iphone never have the all the problems in comments.keep taking shit about apple while you know the truth.then but a new android device only to get up to date.sad truth.3gs 3 years old phone still got ios 6

  • auxfox

    I received the ICS 4.0.4 update a couple days ago. IT SUCKS! The phone seems laggy due to MORE RAM CONSUMPTION, and the battery life has gone down DRASTICALLY! Come on Samsung/Sprint…what the hell??

  • Gary

    I got the update but my wife’s phone didn’t….. Her battery is lasting twice if not three times longer than mine. I just got the phone three days ago and if it doesn’t improve in the next few days, it’s going back before my 14 days are up.

  • anon

    Update is buggy for me too. Slow, sometimes non-responsive. Screen unlock a little too easy to unlock, often causing “pocket loading” of last program or phone call.

  • Gary

    I gave up on the two we had after fighting the problems for four days. Took the Galaxy’s back to Spring and exchanged for two iPhone 4s 16gb…… I’m a happy camper…….

  • Gary

    Sorry, meant to say Sprint…..

  • theresaa

    how do you screen shot with this new wack update?

  • I got the update yesterday and it is now hanging my phone up in many programs. I also used to be able to use my mhl to hdmi adapter to connect my phone to a tv monitor and watch my droidtv app – now that doesn’t work anymore either.. :-( So far I hate the update and wonder if I can go back?

  • FlusteredBySamsung

    After 7 Hard Resets were unable to correct the problems caused by the ICS update, Sprint replaced my Galaxy S2. Now, today, my replaced GB running device is prompting me to accept an update to the same Android 4.0.4 that has created so many problems. I chated with Sprint, which was a confusing waste of time, before calling them. When I called I was told to NOT accept the update. Keep ignoring it. The phone tech told me there are problems (duh!) and they are waiting for fixes from Samsung. In the meantime, Samsung continues to push this update?? With know problems?? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. I also wonder how a new and fixed update will be communicated. You are warned…

  • SMITH421

    Will Sprint replace the phone if ICS has basically ruined my current phone?

  • Sevenhills

    Got my ICS on 8/4, so far no problems that I can see..

  • Er Ricci

    what a pile of buggy trash it is. it looks good but updated this morning and have had nothing but horrible problems on my epic s2 all day. serious headaches. i would really like to let others know and proceed with caution. do some net research. ICS 4.0.4 is not a good upgrade for this phone yet. i would give it two or three months and see how its coming along before upgrading. going to do a factory reset tonight and never upgrade OS on this phone again until they are proven stable. i seriously cant believe how bad it is and how many problems there are, some quite significant. really makes me start thinking about an iphone. thats how pissed iv’e been about this upgrade so far.

  • Rick

    I got my update and had lag issues. But after I reset the handset to factory settings it has been working seamlessly. Of course you may want to back up your contacts. Problem is that you’ll have to re download everything to get your apps and screens back to where they were before the reset. Kind of a pain but worth it in the end.

  • Monocerotis Sombrero

    I keep getting the update message but I ignore it. I still have not updated my phone especially because of all the problems people who have updated to ics are having. Keep you bread people!!!! KEEP YOUR BREAD!!! Gingerbread works fantastic on the samsung galaxy s2 epic touch. I wonder why Sprint is pushing the update, if anything, it is making things worse for people. I did not update my phone. I like gingerbread. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. The ICS update means….if it ain’t broken…fix it until you break it. And that is what Sprint is doing to people’s phones. Fixing something that wasn’t broken until they break it. If you want ICS, get the galaxy nexus phone…or the galaxy s3. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET UPDATED YOUR PHONE…PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!! KEEP THE BREAD…KEEP YOUR GINGERBREAD!!!

  • LeLe

    I’m with sprint and I got the update a few weeks ago and my phone works great! Yaaaaaay!!!!

  • Sadoj

    The day I got the update, my fully charged phone’s battery went to 20% within 3 hours. Once I did a Hard reset, the phone worked fine. Even though it is a pain to have to reinstall all of your applications, the Hard Reset may solve many of the posted complaints as it did for me. The only issue appears to be with the voice turn by turn directions on WAZE Navigation App. The voice never completes a sentence.

  • fuller

    how do I find my sent yahoo email or drafts since this stupid upgrade. also after upgrade It lost all my pictures.

  • fuller

    I can tap on email and it only opens up inbox. no choice to see sent or drafts. This upgrade has drained my phone and my patients. I will certainly not make it anowhere day without throwing it away. Any ideas?

  • ICS Skeptic

    Wow. My phone keeps prompting me to launch the update. But after reading these horror stories, I think I’m going to hold out as long as I possibly can with voiding the warranty.

  • kmh

    I received update notice and accepted it. Phone restarted to begin the install, but then nothing happened. As if it was prevented from upgeading.

  • What is up with the contact screen in the ICS?? I miss the recent tab. Why do I need to know my name and contact info?

  • Gdubb

    I haven’t even got the update yet

  • NH

    I could not sync my calendar and my emails were not updated, so I though I do the update. It downgraded my phone. Don’t do it. Here are my TOP 5 GRIEVANCES. (1) PICTURE – NO NEED FOR VISUALS, YOU REMEMBER THE DATE AND TIME RIGHT: I can no longer access my pictures as picture files when plugging it into my computer. So, I cannot select which pictures to move by seeing them as thumbnails, they are just files with numbers. Sprint said that “You can see when you took the picture and then select the ones in the time period that you took them.” My response: “Are you kidding me.” They said that I could “undo the update” but that it will reset the phone. (2) TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATION LINKED TO NEW EMAIL NOTIFICATION – MESSAGE IS A MESSAGE: I cannot figure out a way to have only my text message make a notification sound. I have to have emails and text make the same sound. Because my emails are coming in all hours of the night, I had to mute them… and so my text message notification is not muted. Sprint helped me mute it. I do not have the choice between text message and email notification. (3) DIAL, PHONE LOG AND CONTACT NOT LONGER IN THE SAME MENU – GOING BACK AND FORTH IS MORE FUN: I cannot access my dial or my phone log through the contacts menu on the top. This means that I get to press and aim at more buttons to go back and forth. To get to dial pad from contacts, I now have exit contacts to main screen and select dial pad. To get to phone logs from contact I have to exit contact to go to dial pad and select phone log. To get from dial pad or call log to contacts, I have to exit dial pad and select contact menu. (4) FAVORITES – PICTURES IT IS: My favorites are not 6-pictures six pictures per page. Two pictures next to each other. No choice to set up list. It is easier for me to find the favorite from my 600+ contacts by typing in the name of the person, that to find it from my new “picture favorites”. (5) MO MORE ANDROID SMILEY PICTURES – UGLY GREEN COLOR IS MUCH MORE FUN: Sadly, the cute little android smileys have been removed. They were replaced with these green colors that you would have to sent to translator. I had to to back to :D, <:), XO and <:(. —— If you can do yourself a favor and go with iPhone! ON THE GOOD SIDE: Bringing happiness to my user experience is the SwiftKey 3. It is a smart application and saves me hundreds of keystrokes every day. I love it! Thank you SwifKey!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I’ve had it for about an hour and I hate it. Why do they continue these updates I kept denying it because my mom didn’t like it, but my phone started messing up AGAIN. (third galaxy S2 I’ve had) and so I update it. It was at 50 percent suddenly went to 30. Then to take a screenshot it takes about 5 minutes. Stop changing the phones you’re just making it worse and I’m seriously thinking about going to an iPhone.

  • Michael A Sloan

    this update made my power button messed up it restarts me now randomly.