Sprint Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S2) Ice Cream Sandwich update coming on July 12

by: Chris SmithJuly 11, 2012

The Ice Cream Sandwich roll out continues, which should be good news for Android device owners that are waiting for the latest mobile OS version from Google. Technically, Jelly Bean is the latest Android version, but JB was only unveiled a few weeks ago at Google I/O, and it will take some time until it makes it to non Nexus-branded devices.

Meanwhile, you should know that Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch, which is what the carriers calls its Galaxy S2 flavor, will soon be getting its ICS fix. A screenshot grabbed by Android Central reveals that the ICS rollout for the Epic 4G Touch is set to start on July 12 (or tomorrow) and the process should be completed by July 20.

The ICS update will be pushed out over-the-air (OTA) so you’ll be able to automatically upgrade to Android 4.x as soon as Sprint is ready to deliver it. I won’t blame you if starting tomorrow you keep manually checking for software updates on your Sprint Galaxy S2, so while you’re doing that, make sure you keep us updated on how your Epic 4G Touch ICS update goes.

  • Ryan

    It’s about time!

  • Chuckie

    Bout friggin time!!!!

  • ken

    And I thought the future was passing us by.

  • Noreen

    Thanks for this good news! I can’t wait to tell my friend that her phone’s finally due to get an update from Gingerbread to ICS!

  • Juan

    It is about time!!!!!! We have only been waiting 4 months!

  • mof

    I’ve been running ice for a few weeks now thanks to rooting…personally ill take the near flawless rom im currently running over what’s sure to be a buggy update to stock I c s any day. Why even wait on then anymore when jellybean is almost here and most still don’t have iics…..these carriers are purposely dragging us into oblivion…. the help with that

    • What’s the name of your ROM? I’m waiting for CyanogenMod to hit beta.

  • finally!!!

  • Rocketman

    Oh happy day!!!!!!

  • Phil

    The last of the s2 just in time but took forever

  • Ash

    Thank Darwin! So excited :D

  • G2USER

    i will very disappointed in sprint if ics isn’t release tonight at midnight or tomorrow like they said…..after tomorrow i will not care for ICS!

  • kilikopele

    Not gonna happen. Sorry.

  • Evertraveler

    I had just installed the ICS today. I am kind of disappointed though. It makes my phone slower and the font in my mail becomes foggy. Not sure why.

    • Jim LeRoy

      Can u still run foxfi to generate a hotspot after updating to ics?

  • Woot I got it….. Lmao I got my meat , this ics update is full of shyt

  • Richie

    I am sitting next to my SPH-D710, patiently waiting for this update. it’s driving me crazy to be honest.

    • lilone1218

      same here!!! I can’t wait!!

    • SAME HERE!!! HURRY UP!!!!

    • If its been “released” today….why is it taking forever to show up???

    • Richie

      I’ve tried updating through the system updates aection on our phonr and nothings coming up. snuone else have luck?

      • xyashax

        No luck man ive been checking every hour and nothing

  • i cant wait!

    • lilone1218

      at what time is it coming out?

  • deniska

    Guys just get the galaxy rom, its rom port of the galaxy s3. its awesome.

  • smackema1

    Not happening

  • SprintFaster

    Update Done! Takes about 5 mins. Now Jelly Bean? Why did Sprint not opt to upgrade to the very latest software. Now we are only one update behind. Apple where are you?

    • Derail Doax

      You want Apple? Here let me hold open the Android door for you. Please GTFO…

  • PatrickB

    ICS took this morning around 7am Central. Works well on the Galaxy II. Rather snappy. Thanks Sprint and Samsung!

  • I’ve been on ICS for a month now, I want JB! (the power of root)

  • Ralph

    I got mine this morning ICS 4.0.4. Update went very fast and smooth. epic touch

    • Allen Byrd

      Hey, have you found any bugs with it? I’m debating whether or not to update because I’ve heard of some big problems with the update. Someone please reply, I’m kinda worried. Lol.

      • chaotic3quilibrium

        My update went fine and all apps but Swype are working great. And I was able to select the Samsung keyboard to fix the Swype crashing problem. I am just waiting for them to figure out and fix the Swype issue and push a patch.

        • chaotic3quilibrium

          Just figured out the fix to my Swype issue.

          Actions I took:
          1. Change input method to “Samsung Keyboard”
          2. Goto Settings/Applications/All{Tab}/Swype
          3. Click on “Clear Data”
          4. If enabled, click on “Clear Cache”
          5. Click on “Force stop”
          6. Shut down (not restart) phone.
          7. Start phone
          8. Change input method to “Swype”
          9. Attempt to write a text message to whomever
          10. Success!!!

          Hope this helps.

          • Ron Talain

            Thanks for the fix! Something tells me a LOT of people will be wondering how to fix this.

          • Success

          • quyennguyener

            Thank you so much! worked perfectly!

          • Nix1976

            Thank you!

          • mmwick

            Excellent post! Worked like a charm. It erases all of your previous settings but at least now it works.

          • Mike

            Thanks for this one….my needs are simple!

          • tom

            Thank you for this info. Fixed my problem.

          • Dave

            Excellent, thanks!!!

          • ronquest4

            Thanks!!! Fixed my problem!

          • RBK

            Thanks for the post. After shutdown and phone start, now I get keyboard to type, but “Swype” is not yet enbaled. How to change “Input method to Swype”? Thanks.

          • Steve

            Nice work, good fix – thank you!

          • What if you cannot select ‘Samsung Keyboard?!’ >.< Why oh why do they have to break stuff?! Also, I cannot get any apps to update in the Play Store anymore.

          • angeli_cam

            > : ) thank you

    • kiko

      I keep checking but still nothing :( i’m on pacific coast

    • Richie

      I’m on the east coast in New York City, this is getting irritating.. and they have the nerve to keep this LTE thing under the covers with us. God help me if i don’t file a class action lawsuit against this and our horrible internet.

  • xYashax

    Im tired of waiting come on release it already.

  • chaotic3quilibrium

    I just got mine. And it all looked good…until I tried to send a text message. I got a “Swype Open of EnglishUS failed!” message. And then it just disappeared back to no keyboard to type my message.

    I then tried to go Google if there was a problem. I then realized I was unable to TYPE to Google. ARGH!

    Anyone have any idea how I can get this fixed? I REALLY need to type text messages.

    • notcomplicated

      Long press on the input field and select input method, then pick another keyboard.

      • chaotic3quilibrium

        Tyvm! That worked. I am now able to use the Samsung keyboard. Any idea how I get the Swype one working again? I had no idea how attached I had become to using Swype. I’m incredibly slow typing the old way, now. :)

    • chatic3quilibrium

      xJust figured out the fix to my Swype issue.

      Actions I took:
      1. Change input method to “Samsung Keyboard”
      2. Goto Settings/Applications/All{Tab}/Swype
      3. Click on “Clear Data”
      4. If enabled, click on “Clear Cache”
      5. Click on “Force stop”
      6. Shut down (not restart) phone.
      7. Start phone
      8. Change input method to “Swype”
      9. Attempt to write a text message to whomever
      10. Success!!!

      Hope this helps.

      • Mike

        This works! Thank you!

      • ByggDaddyJayz

        it works. thank you for this fix…

  • Jace

    Nothing yet Orlando Fl!!!!!

  • Julio

    Nothing yet Orlando Fl!!!!!!

  • Nothing here in miami fl

  • xyashax

    I haven’t received mine wtf.

  • Kayla

    Noo update in starke florida :((

  • Talking to sprint now and nothing was ever sent out

  • no update in jacksonville florida

  • If rooted and clockworkmod can you still get the ota please any one help

  • pudToad

    Got ICS a few minutes ago, I’m near Dallas…

  • khirsch

    How are they deciding what order to push the updates out?I’ve been checking all day.

  • Vic

    No such luck yet I’m on the west coast in the San Diego area patiently waiting as I have been since I bought my Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

  • christi

    Do NOT update. Swype doesn’t work and they took out the punctuation features on the keys. I’m disappointed I even did it. I am waiting to find more problems :(

    • Just figured out the fix to my Swype issue.

      Actions I took:

      1. Change input method to “Samsung Keyboard”

      2. Goto Settings/Applications/All{Tab}/Swype

      3. Click on “Clear Data”

      4. If enabled, click on “Clear Cache”

      5. Click on “Force stop”

      6. Shut down (not restart) phone.

      7. Start phone

      8. Change input method to “Swype”

      9. Attempt to write a text message to whomever

      10. Success!!!

      Hope this helps.

  • khirsch

    How are they deciding what order to push the updates out?I’ve been checking all day.

  • xyashax

    No update for my phone it sucks.

  • tara

    Nothing yet for me. Im in jersey

  • John Slattery

    Ive been waiting so long for this update! But now i want jelly bean!

  • xyashax

    Chicago still no update

  • Daltonb93

    How do I update it? Still don’t have it!!!

  • steve

    still noting in Massachusetts

  • xyashax

    Nothing still in Chicago

    • keta

      I called and they said it could take up to a month!

  • Wayne Crews

    I updated and now my green phone icon is missing from the home screen.
    Swype is working though.

    Does anyone know how to get the lower row icons back?

  • John

    I’m in Baltimore and I still don’t have it, anybody else on the east coast?

  • Has anyone in Louisiana gotten the update?


      Still no update. Southwest Louisiana.

  • Blahblah

    Well update screwed my swype keyboard up. I dont like how some apps changed with look. My gmail looks crazy…dont like the layout.

    • Mike

      Found this in thread
      Just figured out the fix to my Swype issue.
      Actions I took:
      1. Change input method to “Samsung Keyboard”
      2. Goto Settings/Applications/All{Tab}/Swype
      3. Click on “Clear Data”
      4. If enabled, click on “Clear Cache”
      5. Click on “Force stop”
      6. Shut down (not restart) phone.
      7. Start phone
      8. Change input method to “Swype”
      9. Attempt to write a text message to whomever
      10. Success!!!

  • renutz

    thx for the keyboard fix. but initially it said “USEnglish Swype keyboard…” failed. My Samsung and Swype keyboard options are greyed out..cannot use Swype. how do i fix this?

  • mimiboo

    has anyone found that the new 4.0.4 is unexpectedly draining their battery? I have had no issues with battery draining until this upgrade…also had the swype problem as well…fix posted below worked

    • Steve

      I had to reset my specifications in Juice Defender Ultimate as I noticed the same thing & it had been reset to “default” mode

    • steve

      Yes!!!! My battery will not last for 5 hours!! This is not good.

  • Quincie

    Updated perfectly. Only issue so far was Swype and I found the fix in the thread below. And if that doesn’t work you can always go get the new Swype beta that I’m using now.

  • dylan

    got it last night! it is pretty cool! took forever to get… i waited forever lol. it is nice to have

  • Nena

    The update messed up my rooting! I can’t use Titanium anymore. Anybody knows a fix?

    • alyssa

      Should never do an OTA update with root anyway.

  • ps3dave

    Got updated. Swype won’t work, home screen has invisible apps now, screen shot won’t work. Been pissing me off all day

    • VicVicious

      Same thing here, Swype has been pissing me off. All I get is a black screen where the keyboard used to be, had to change the settings to a different keyboard just so that I can text.

    • Vince_Williams

      For screen capture, long-press the Home and Power keys.

    • guido

      to clear that swype issue, go to Settings=>Applications=>All=>Swype and hit the button that says “Clear Data”; that will fix that error you were seeing.

      • kidbleek

        OH MY GOODNESS, You have made my day Guido!!!! I did what you said and now my SWYPE works flawlessly again! Even better in fact…. Thanks a lot! =)

    • kidbleek

      Guido below has the fix for Swype. Fixed mine… And as far as the screenshot. For this update (which I still don’t like) is to HOLD POWER + VOLUME DOWN button. Actually looks pretty updated….. Hope this helps you like you guys have helped me.

  • Angel_9727

    Anybody in Chicago got the update yet?

  • john

    is there a way to keep the “select input method” from showing up at the top every time I text?

  • Ralph

    Just received mine this morning. I hate the new update. Swype doesn’t work. All my streaming apps stop every 30secs or so. Google music player skips my songs like im using a CD. Needs a lot of work.

  • dmoney

    My update just arrived…I am not thrilled… I have read many negative things about the update… missing icons…. swype failure… Google chrome not up to par… etc… If the gps is not better I’m going to be looking for a new phone!!!

  • taylorbrooke

    For screenshot to work you have to hold the home/lockscreen for longer than usual. I just did it. At first it does seem to not work but it does. Everything else works great. I love the updates. Make sure you havr selected the swype keyboard or the swype won’t be activated

  • dj504

    if you haven’t don’t update. my phone has a mind of it’s own post the update. my Bluetooth in car doesn’t connect anymore since I updated. my browser screen dims voluntary. how can I go back to previous version.

    • AJ

      From what I have seen, you can not roll back to the previous version unless you root your phone

  • RBdone

    Had same problem, swype keyboard does not work. Any ideas on how to fix?

    • Look at the comments above someone has a solution that works.

  • scarmonkey

    USB utilities are gone.

    • firemanskiz

      USB settings are under developer options in main menu

  • oljacks85

    Got mine today and it went smooth.. Everything came back up and works flawless.. Love the new look.. it did drain the battery quick.. Tried to maintain the battery keeping everything closed and lowering the display brightness but still killed the battery by 7 o’clock pm.. That kinda sucKed we’ll see hour day two goes

  • angeli_cam

    yep… swype doesn’t work. that’s forsure… i’m a bit irritated right now.

  • dave4

    anyone have a calendar sync issue for anything 30 days or more in their calendar? mine only will sync the current & just the prior 30 days. shows up online correct, but doesnt sync to phone since ICS software update. Any suggestions?

  • matt gray

    I received my update on 7-16-12, swype didn’t work. To fix swype, go to setting>apps, click all, find swype, clear data, force close. Go to language and imput>default>Swype.(fixed). To fix all the missing apps just shut the phone down and remove the battery for one minute, put back together and turn back on,(fixed). My problem is streaming on apps while not on wi-fi. Does any know how to fix this issue, for example; pandora will only
    load and buffer but never play songs unless on wi-fi.

  • wesley b

    Baltimore,MD…got the update today..volume down + power hold for 3 seconds for screenshot.. new setting in browser, if pages start to dim then disable the AUTO BRIGHTNESS in browser settings.. press and hold HOME for task manager history and to quit the programs just swipe them away.. wen pull in down notification bar also swipe away notifications to dispose.. most of EVERYTHING has new changes in their settings..also if your watching a video press settings and see new options.. just look around people!!! Jeez.. haven’t noticed a difference in the battery drainage yet

    • Mc

      Thank you!!! Much help I just got the screen shot to work and my battery doesnt drain like what others are saying and I watch youtube all day.

  • Nathanial D

    swype update fix settings apps swype clear data … if swype is not shown in apps must select all apps!!!

  • Nathanial D
  • melissa

    I still haven’t receved my update.
    I’m doubting weather or not i will recieve it.
    Kind of worried if people are having issues with it.

  • Andrew Rhoades

    Apex Launcher folks!!

  • jackie

    not happy with it swype doesnt work had to download swype beta. all my apps crash. everything is wrong with my phone and want to reset to get my old phone back.

  • Jenny

    Is anyone haveing issues with Pandora and pictures? My Pandora app is not playing and the picture folder went crazy! I select one picture and another one opens. There are pictures there that I deleted a long time ago and it shows in the list, but I cannot open it either. I hate this update.. it totally screwed up my phone :(

  • bennzbennz

    will this update work if you have a rooted phone?

  • gabbi

    I got the update, and now my signal strength is horrible. I can’t talk inside my home anymore unless i stand at the front door and don’t move my head. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with the update. Unfortunately I think part of the problems is with Sprint’s Network being inadequate.

    • rrrrrrrr

      yup my 4G and 3G strength has gone down the toilet after the update.

  • Lo

    Updated my phone 2 days ago and one of my favorite features is gone, the ability to swipe the top of the home screen to adjust the screen brightness! Not happy :( Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Andy L.

    I am currently on gingerbread 2.3. I still haven’t received the update which is weird considering they say it would have been done by the 20th. Maybe it’s a good thing since no one seems to be happy about ICS. Has anyone else not got it yet either?

    • Donald Smith

      I haven’t received the update also. What’s the problem?

  • pbanks

    Still waiting. &waiting

  • Will we receive the update if we no longer have sprint service? I’m connected with wifi, but the phone no longer has service.

  • Erik

    SPH D710 here.

    Received update notification twice, both times device did not update.
    Is there a way to manually install?

  • Andy L.

    Go to settings > about phone > updates > android. If you r update is ready it should be there.

  • SteveO

    I don’t think rollout is by region. My wife got her update last week, still none for me.
    She did notice the reported battery life is substantially shorter. She used to be able to get two days of battery life, but now she can’t skip a recharge every evening. I turned off the bluetooth and GPS radios and set the screen brightness to “auto” but she said it didn’t seem to help.

  • kellylpz26

    nothing here….pist!!!!

  • Joe kaiser

    Got 3 of these phones and only one has updated so far the other 2 still nothing. I talked to sprint and they said possibly by the end of this month. :-(

  • Timbo

    Also still waiting. My wife’s phone got the update the morning of, but mine has not come.

  • john
    • I did the manual update a few days ago because I got tired of waiting for Sprint to send it to me. I followed this video from youtube
      You can just Google “manual update for Sprint Galaxy s2 to ics” and it will give you several other links to do the same thing. Went very well for me and only issue I’m really dealing with is poor battery life.

  • Ben Dugan

    I haven’t received the update yet, and I keep checking in the System settings->About Phone->System Updates menu. I only “kind of” on Sprint: I pay Credo mobile, and they pay Sprint (if I understand it correctly). So I’m ON Sprint, but I’m only an indirect customer to them. I wonder if that’s a factor? But I don’t think there’s any branding or customisation in my firmware– its says Sprint all over the place…

    • Jake

      In the same boat. Called customer service, and they said the roll-out would be the same as with any Sprint customer – whenever it’s ready for our particular device. The rep thought all phones would have updates pushed by the end of July.

  • Linda

    Nada…7 days past the 07/12- 07/20 roll out.

    • Rob

      I know that feel bro…

  • Alberto

    July 27 and still enjoying my gingerbread. My wife got her ICs two weeks ago.

  • me

    Still waiting

  • coraima23


  • still stuck with gingerbread….. WTF

  • Very upset..the driving mode does not deliver messages correctly and send messages correctly. It is all messed up. How do I go back to gingerbread or do you think these items will be fixed soon?

  • Guido can you please fix my issue with the driving mode?

  • well this update f**ked me i cant use wifi all my rooted apps are toast i cant add widgets

  • Jeremy

    Still waiting ugh

  • Joe kaiser

    Still nothing.

  • Lettaz

    I Held The Power & Volume Button Down Just Now….and My Phone Restarted and looked in the corner and the update is there….Its installing right now

  • chad

    Updated today, and it has been a horrible experience. First, my camera will not work at all, along with a handful of apps. After talking with Sprint, they had me do a factory reset, whkch reset to the new version 4.0.4. I had to re-set up everything, and the camera still doesn’t work.

  • Lettaz

    Everything working fine on mine

  • Lettaz

    My Version is the 4.04 tho

  • Martini

    I can’t get into my Contacts , it shows a contact tip to sweep left or right, and that’s it. Can’t get past that. My Contacts don’t work either. Its just a black screen. Help please?

  • sdk1588

    Sprint network. Galaxy S2.. My husband and I have everything exactly the same and yet he got the ICS and I didnt. When I try to manually update, it says my system is current. It’s on Gingerbread. What can I do?

  • Geo

    Did the ICS update yesterday. Phone was buggie afterward. Battery was draining much quicker also. Heard from another site to do a Factory data reset from the privacy menu in settings. Worked like a charm. Phone is better then ever. Only pain is setting it up all over again.

  • Ann

    When I purchased the Galaxy S II phone a couple of
    months ago I loved it. Then apparently someone thought it needed

    Well it didn’t!!! BUT
    IT DOES NOW. It is neither
    user friendly or works well anymore, and I absolutely HATE it.

    Samsung needs to provide an option for removing the
    horrible update that was forced on us, as I know other users with this same phone that
    feel the same as I do.

    I am a Samsung customer. They need to listen and hear,
    or I will never buy another Samsung product again as long as I live.
    If it isn’t broken, DON’T FIX IT!!!!!!!

  • ed black

    i am changing data plans Sprint to Verizon. Will my Sprint Galaxy S2 phone work on the Verizon network. This is my phone, i do not want to lose the $ 400 i paid for the phone. Can anyone help???

  • Sethe

    I am still waiting for my update. As usual, Sprint knows nothing. 2 of my three phones were updated flawlessly on the 12th of July. All three are Epic 4G Touch. Sprint says maybe another month….

  • mak

    i did the update but now when ppl try calling me i dont get anything thing smh

  • marcie

    I use to be ableto enlarge my images or words by taking my fingers and spreading out the image. With the new update I am not able to do this anymore. Any answers on how I can get this to work again.

  • Andy L.

    Ok so I finally got the update yesterday (4.04) which I postponed for hours due to all the bad reviews but i finally gave in after constantly getting the message to update. Honestly I completely disagree. The pinch to zoom works fine, there is less lag, the new styles for applications such as internet are nice. The phone in general is a lot more responsive and runs great. I use Go Launcher also which is something i feared would conflict but thats running even smoother as well. Thumb’s up to sammy and their ICS update.

  • Monty the barber

    Is anyone having issues with Pandora after there update