For a limited time, Sprint customers can upgrade their phones early by signing up for Sprint Easy Pay

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 17, 2014

Sprint Logo

Earlier this week we learned that Sprint had given its One Up early upgrade program the axe, in favor of pushing its so-called Framily Plan with an Easy Pay option that allows you to get your device for an initial down payment followed by 24 monthly payments.

Like similar device payment programs, customers can upgrade their handset anytime as long as they’ve completely paid off the balance on their existing device. Once paid off, you can either keep your old phone or sell it back to Sprint.

Sprint is obviously targeting its Framily plan and Easy Pay option at new customers that, for whatever reason, are looking for an alternative to T-Mobile’s own Simple Choice plans. So what about existing customers already on a contract, are they just stuck for now? For a limited time, Sprint is allowing “eligible” customers to upgrade their phones early, as long as they sign-up for the Easy Pay program. Sprint doesn’t exactly clarify what makes a customer eligible and what doesn’t, though finding out if you qualify is as easy as going to

Is this a good deal? It depends on how you look at it. If you like the idea of paying for your device in installments over a traditional contract and are a fan of Sprint’s network, it might be. That said, there are quite a few other alternatives out there, so be sure to carefully weigh your options.

What do you think of Sprint’s new Easy Pay option? A good deal, or just a carefully worded marketing ploy?

  • Easy Pay is a Scam

    I would rather wait until I am upgrade eligible (December 1, 2014) and Sprint offers the S5 at $200. It doesn’t make sense to pay the phone’s full price at $650 over 24 monthly installments. All I have to do is wait. The only two good smart phones available are S4-S5 and iPhone 5S-6. Even if I did the Easy Pay option starting in April 2014 I would still have to pay the balance of $650 off to upgrade again, say April 2015. Looking at the S4 vs S5 the only improvements are processor speed 1.9 to 2.5Ghz, camera 13MP to 16MP, battery life 15 vs. 19 hours, and a bigger display by .2 inches (L & W). Also factor in the $100 Buy Back on the S4 and waiting until December is still the better option. With Buyback I will pay $550 over 24 months. True the S4 buyback will be less in 8 months but if the S5 is $200 (guesstimate) minus the Buyback $50 (guesstimate) by waiting 8 months I can have an S5 for $150. I will still pay for an otter box Defender about $60 plus a Zagg HD screen protector $20. A case and screen protector are essential and more cost effective than the monthly protection plan of $9 or $11 month TEP/ERP. Even then you still have to pay a deductible of $100…so over 24 months you could pay $216 TEP or $264 ERP Plus $100 deductible if the phone breaks at month 24…get a case and a screen protector…

    Total purchase if I wait is $150 + $60 + $20 = $230.

    With Easy Pay will be $550 + $60 + $20 = $630.

    Easy Pay is the old walnut and pea shell game. Sprint is relying on the lowered American IQ which comes from apathy and a GMO/GE food supply.