Sprint continues HTC EVO 4G Android smartphone update

by: James TromansJune 30, 2010


No sooner than the HTC EVO 4G updates were halted by Sprint, the network operator has begun rolling them out yet again. To refresh your memories, the update comes direct from HTC and includes ‘improvements for WiFi and Exchange as well as addressing Facebook syncing to help improve battery life.’

Sprint were as clear as mud regarding why the update was taken off the air, but according to Android Central, this version is considerably bigger (9mb) in file size than the original. The surprising thing is that if you already managed to successfully upgrade, then this offering is no use to you. You effectively miss out on 9mb of HTC goodness….

  • Yo! this new HTC EVO 4G looks hella nice!!! i’m really interested in to hook up this phone, i think the android OS is by far more good than the iOS in my opinion so i guess thats the phone for me :)