Sprint Axes Unlimited Data for Some Users

by: AlexanderOctober 22, 2011
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We were already sure that Sprint would be killing unlimited data pretty soon, but this looks to be the first step in the process. Sprint is now axing unlimited data for Mobile Broadband plans – as seen in the picture above. Instead of getting your allotment of 3G and unlimited 4G you are getting your allotment of 3G combined with 4G. For example if you have the 3GB of 3G plan it would be 3GB of both 3G and 4G together.

It is important to note here that this does not affect your smartphone data plan, and for those of you with a smartphone, you will still have unlimited data. But that may change in the very near future. Since the rest of the major US carriers have axed their unlimited plans, except for T-Mobile, which throttles your data after a certain point.

Will this make you get rid of your Mobile Broadband plan? If so, explain it in the comments, we’d love to hear about it.

  • When unlimited 3G goes away – that will be the end of my 10+ years with sprint and I’ll be taking all 5 smartphone lines for my biz and family with me. Unlimited is the only reason I stick with them.

    • Anonymous

      It was bound to happen. I really think that they should have kept it..

      • I wish everyone had unlimited data still :( then the only factors for me would be signal, price, and choice of phones.

  • Autumn wind was a raider

    Absolutely. Unlimited is the only reason we (5 phones) continue to use the subpar (3g) now network while surrounded by the bigs 4g. Bug mistake.

  • For T-mobile, it depends on the data plan. I’m in a Sprint family plan with three users and we don’t use more than 5-6 GB of data combined every month. T-mobile has 2, 5, and 10 GB plans, so the 10 GB, at roughly the same as what we’re paying with Sprint, would be more than enough.

    This is actually good news for anyone wanting to opt out of their contract. Whenever a carrier changes the terms of the original agreement, they must give the users 30 days to opt out of their contract. FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, they bury this in the notifications that they include with your phone bill. FCC should mandate that they have to put this in bold red letters on the front of the bill. I guess too many people in Congress are getting paid off to allow these scams to keep rolling.

    I’ve been with Sprint since 2001, but since they won’t be carrying the Galaxy Nexus (and my contract has expired) it’s time to make the switch. Verizon is run by thieves and will never get my cell phone business.

  • twisted247

    So are they saying if you currently have unlimited data you won’t be grandfathered in? Cause if they are just changing the upcoming plans then OK.. but I picked up the unlimited plan the first day it launched. And if they fuck with my accounts unlimited not only will I be gone but I will firebomb these bastards!!!

    Cause I’m picking up the gn2 in 2 days on sprint but I won’t have lte coverage in my city for a month, only reason I’m putting up for 3g only for a month is to have unlimited lte when it launches in my city. If I pick it up only to get my data package slashed I gone to at&t.. cause they have LTE and spa in my area.. so if the LTE signal fades it falls back on hspa 4g not to 3g like sprint and Verizon..

    If Sprint drops unlimited they will lose so many customers it isn’t even funny especially if they modify our contracts they will be losing customers significantly in the first 30days..

    • twisted247

      lmao’ I was clicking related links.. saw Oct. But didn’t notice 2011 disregard previous post.. as if anyone will even dig this old ass article up