Sprint’s 4G LTE network goes live in Kansas, Georgia and Texas

by: Bams SadewoJuly 16, 2012
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Following the good news that Sprint’s 4G LTE coverage will first reach Kansas, Georgia and Texas — the lightning-fast Internet service has officially gone live in the three states. The time is ripe to whip out your LTE-equipped devices– such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC EVO 4G LTE — and start enjoying life on the 4G TLE highway.

In total, 15 urban areas in Kansas, Georgia, and Texas are now covered by Sprint’s 4G LTE network.  In Kansas, the sped-up wireless network is now available in Kansas City and St. Joseph. Those who live in the south of the Missouri River should be able to make the most of the 4G LTE network, while those living on the edges of the coverage – such as the south – can expect a less-than-perfect connection.

Sprint senior vice president of network Bob Azzi told the Kansas City Star that the Sunday launch of its 4G LTE network came after the carrier felt there’d be “enough of a footprint where we were proud of what we could put in front of a customer.” And for all the talks about 4G LTE, Sprint still hasn’t abandoned its 3G network. Azzi said that the carrier’s 3G network is due for an upgrade as well. Customers can, assuredly, expect a “very fast” connection while using 4G LTE, and “fast” connection when using Sprint’s 3G network.

Anyone in Kansas, Georgia, and Texas who wants to share their ultra high-speed Internet connection experience on Sprint’s freshly-deployed 4G LTE network?


    Please…. this it’s the spottest so call LTE network I’ve ever seen TMOBILE 4G stays on and fast..another promise that’s not true for sprint but ima stay with them.it’s sad sprint have committed costumers and have to go though this..turn up the LTE IN HOUSTON

  • Roswell, GA using EVO 4g LTE: Down = 210kbps, Up = 340kbps; signal strength = 1 bar. On my home AT&T Uverse Wi-Fi: Down = 11.3 Mbps, Up = 1.9Mbps

  • I’m so tired of hearing about LTE. Let me know when everyone is getting it. I live in a town of 22,000, 45 minutes south of Minneapolis and like 4G, LTE isn’t ever coming here. When I look at a phone and the salesperson says, “It’s got LTE”, I say, “Don’t you go there because I heard the same promise when I bought the Evo.” Don’t go there.

  • Joe

    I’m in KC and saw 13.2 down, and 10.8 up.

  • Lunita

    Well im in dallas,tx and own a galaxy nexus and still on 3g .. have done all updates on phone I know about ,but NOTHING!!