Sprint LTE’s adventure kicks off in Kansas City

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 13, 2012

sprint-4g lte

Sprint somehow managed to miss the LTE train, but to its credit, the #3 carrier in the US has been working hard to catch up with Verizon and AT&T. Sprint’s ambitious plan is to deploy 4G LTE networks across the nation by early 2014 and have roaming agreements in place for the markets that it won’t cover. The rollout plan is called Network Vision, and if you’re interested in learning more, I recommend this excellent article from Extreme Tech.

Sprint has been selling hard its 4G LTE devices (like the Galaxy S3 or the EVO 4G LTE) for months now, even though the carrier hasn’t fire up any 4G LTE network just yet. Or has it? Sprint 4G rollout specialist site S4GRU (yes, there are such sites) reports that the first 4G LTE network from Sprint is already up and running in Kansas City, KS. That’s a little ahead of schedule, as Sprint announced that the first five markets (Kansas City, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta) will be fired up on July 15.

It’s not only KC Sprint customers that got lucky – reports suggest that surrounding areas, such as St. Joseph, MO and Manhattan, KS have also got the LTE green light. S4GRU says that more sites are expected to come online each week until the market is fully covered. Also, residents in the other four markets in Texas and Georgia can expect to get blazing 4G LTE speeds any time now.

Any resident of Kansas City or the surrounding areas reading us? How’s the fresh 4G LTE down there?

  • Uh, Sprint had 4G (WiMax) long before ATT/VZW. Sprint had to use WiMAX at the time because they had to use the spectrum or give it up and LTE wasn’t ready yet. When the tide turned to LTE, they had no choice but to switch.

  • Marty in KC

    It is disappointment so far. Very spotty and drops out in Kansas City area. I have seen once 17mbps down and 12 mbps up speed. It has potential

    • leozno1

      Pssh they haven’t even completed 40% of the towers in the entire city. Its not gonna be perfect yet.

  • Sadly my apartment near downtown is not in range yet, but driving around town when I find a signal I am getting 5d/1u average, with a high so far of 15d/7u (this on an SIII). Not earth shattering, but way better than wimax was on my first gen Epic.

    Honestly though, Im much more excited/hopeful that 3g speeds improve and stabilize, Super speeds would be great, but I am much more interested in finally having a stable environment to do some simple things like stream music without worrying about buffering…

  • Brand Di

    I’m here in the city of Kansas City MO…but I’m still on 3g..even tho its fast.

  • brion pitts

    I was at royals stadium today and decided to turn it on and I got about 3-4 bars of 4g on my galaxy s3

  • tony

    wth!! whatever happened to the real cities like Los Angeles, New York, Whashington DC, etc????

  • hughinkc

    still have 3G in most of KC when i’ve checked :(

  • curt

    I am in kc down town right now and i get 2 bars on late right now. I am all over the city every day and the LTE service is very very spotty and i find that wimax is easier to locate still. It appears Sprint LTE has a long way to go still. The download speeds are average and the 3g speed is a real joke. 3g has not run this slow since sprint first began 3g. I just don’t think i can take much more of slow or spotty data coverage. Things working so slow that i never reach 2 gigs anymore. Makes me mad to watch coworkers on other carriers smoke me every time we try to Google same info. I think by the time Sprint catches up to the other two carriers they will move on to something newer and faster.

  • Curt

    …In the EVO LTE:

    Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG#

    Select LTE Engineering

    Go down to RSRP. The number under RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength.

    …In the Galaxy S-III:

    Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG#

    Enter 777468 for your lock code

    Select LTE Engineering

    Go down to RSRP. The number next to RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength.