Spray On Antenna Kit for Signal Anywhere

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 12, 2012
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Google has a recent project called ‘Solve For X’; it is actually a project which enables people to propose ideas believed to solve world problems through technology (yes, if you have any ideas for World Peace, now would be the perfect time to propose it!). Although the project is pretty recent, it has already started to get a lot of ideas—including a pretty cool proposal for a spray-on antenna, believed to revolutionize the way mobile communications work.

The idea for the spray-on antenna was conceptualized by Chamtech Enterprises, who claims that the product will increase mobile energy efficiency by 10%. Apart from being more lightweight, the spray-on antenna can be used on just about anything.

Chamtech’s CTO, Rhett Spencer, mentioned that the company is currently in talks with government-based customers (yes, including the military). Because of this, information about the product is still very scarce at this time. However, many believe that it makes use of organic elements for improving radio and magnetic frequency signals. By being organic, it means that the product can be used in just about any circumstance—even in outer space and underwater.

As for the mobile carriers, this would be a pretty useful solution instead of using antennas. For their consumers who have a low-signal area, they can just call a technician to spray the area with the technology.


Pretty awesome huh? If this isn’t the future, I don’t know what else is!

  • David T. Spangler

    Sir, my name is David T. Spangler . I am an amateur radio operator. My call sign is K4DTS. I have been interested in antenna for more than 50 years. This product would solve the problem of antenna restrictions imposed by home owners associations.

    PLEASE let me know if I can be of any help in your antenna projects.