Spotify updated, adds follow features and a few other changes

by: Andrew GrushMarch 24, 2014


A new update has arrived for Spotify, bringing several new features with it. Probably the biggest change is the ability to follow people directly from your profile. According to the change-log you can simply tap the friends icon to find people you know and discover what kinds of tunes they listen to.

In addition to the ‘follow’ changes for the Android app, there are also a few other minor changes listed in the change-log including the ability to long press to delete previously played stations in Radio mode, and new “pretty images” in the playlists. While not specifically mentioned, we imagine that there are also at least a few unspecified bug fixes.

As you can see, this might not be a major update, but there are still a few welcome changes. Now if Spotify would just get its act together and introduce Chromecast support, but I digress. To grab the latest app update you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

  • Tom Z

    Spotify, How about an option to listen to only clean music. I would like to use it at work and with kids in the car.

    • aSD

      Buy premium and stop complaining.

      • Tom Z

        It doesn’t say that is an option with Premium… It just talks about off-line music and no ads.

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