Google Spending $120 Million on Secret Test Labs + Googleplex Expansion

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 15, 2012

Google is currently maxing out its credit cards by paying over $120 million for construction projects in its headquarters, Mountain View. At this time, Google is being secretive while they are working on a series of new or even previously secret hardware testing labs. But we know they are trying to expand consumer interest, enough to rival its top competitors such as Apple and Microsoft.

Among the projects that Google is working on in these locations is the mysterious product which is believed to have wireless streaming of music or data to other devices. This product has been given a brand name of [email protected] In addition to this, Google is also modifying a lab for its ‘Project X;’ a secret project in which Apple’s former Senior Director, Simon Prakash, is believed to be part of.

But most importantly, this expansion includes a ‘Google Experience Center,’ a 120,000 square foot center believed to be a private museum where Google plans to ‘share visionary ideas, and explore new ways of working.’

It does sound exciting but we’re very curious to know what Google is being secretive about! Any clues?

  • Slikweasel21

    Apples former director Sergey Brin. Who writes this stuff? Android authority my ass.

  • Trojjanhorse


  • Fangrill

    Just sounds like a Freudian typo. Google should get out of the Distortion Field and ban all Apple hardware from their employees. See what its doing…