Speaktoit Assistant adds premium subscription, allows users to teach it custom commands

by: Conan HughesJanuary 27, 2013

Speaktoit Assistant Premium

The developers behind Speaktoit Assistant, one of the best virtual assistants available for Android–ie. one that sets out to be not just an ordinary Siri or S Voice clone–have recently unveiled a premium version of the app that allows users to teach their virtual buddy customized responses for certain questions or commands.

To date, no other intelligent personal assistants and knowledge navigators implement such technology. Siri, for instance, only defaults to offering a web search when it fails to understand a query; the S Voice by Samsung likewise. Luckily for Speaktoit users, their assistant can learn customized responses and actions for questions that it doesn’t recognize. To illustrate, you can tell the assistant that the next time you say “what’s happening,” it should display the latest news, just like what the image above shows.

Customized responses and actions are only available on a Premium account that uses a paid subscription model: $2 for every month or $20 per year. An upgrade to premium also entitles users to exclusive features such as extra voices to choose from, unlimited use to all services, PIN codes, and prioritized support.

In the meantime, new features have also been introduced for users of the free version: assigning from one to multiple nicknames to people found in your contact list, inclusion of Facebook friends’ birthdays in briefing mode, the ability to speak German, and various other enhancements and fixes.

Do the premium features justify the $2 monthly fee? Tell us what you think.

  • huhbot02

    I think this is perfect but the buttons to upgrade to premium are grayed out.
    So I can’t! Can anybody help?

  • TheOfficialM477

    Will I Be Able To make custom commands in a future FREE update? or will that always be a premium thing?

  • r23po

    Mile beyond the other competition. Congrats to speaktoit team for all
    the work in this. Smart, useful and worth every penny. I smoke, but to
    afford Premium upgrade I cut down by 1 cigarette a week. Not the best
    moral argument for quitting smoking, but Assistant is as useful, or time
    saving, or funny (or combo) as you want. Best app ever IMO

  • terry

    Just got speaktoit on my Nokia lumia.its great we are getting to know each other learns fast

  • MrDivaNYC

    Where can I get the FREE Premium version? can someone donate to me?

  • winterwarm

    Its a fun app, but I use Ios 6 so cant use Evernote (which only now runs on IoS 7 and you have to subscribe too) and my email is yahoo and Exchange, while it seems to only work for gmail on calendar and mail. Also a bit US centric on news.

    I find the voice recognition can be fine sometimes, but often misinterprets my ‘quite innocent’ conversation as something rude. Get News at one time caused her to say she didn’t realize clothing was optional (I assume note got interpreted as Nude), and open mail got interpreted as open my legs. At one point it got so bad she got ‘offended’ and started telling me off as she completed misinterpreted just about everything I said.

    Generally though its voice recognition is better than Siri (which we have on the iPad). Would be better if it did things through the stock apps in the iPhone rather than via Google and EverNote but I guess the reason for this is its suppose to share things across platforms.

    The default voice is very nice though, doesnt sound machiny, and you can even change to localised voices, like a rather posh English one (though it doesnt seem to stay on that at the moment)

  • Anna

    the PIN ruined my assistant. It asked for the pin at every new conversation, then mis-heard the change of pin, and now says I don’t get it right. It can’t do anything anymore. What a waste! It emailed me “the pin’s been changed”–but didn’t say what TO