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July 23, 2014
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What is Speakle?

Speakle is a new social media site that focuses entirely on anonymity. Here’s how it works. You sign up for an account so you can keep track of your posts, comments, and likes. From there, you simply post whatever you want. There is no need to follow anyone because you can’t even do that nor do you need others to follow you. You simply post anonymously to a bunch of other anonymous people and voila, you have Speakle.

The app itself is fairly well done even if it’s a little bit old school. Across the bottom you have your navigation buttons that show you popular posts, recent posts, a place to let you post, your notifications, and then your profile page. On the profile page, you can find the settings button on the top right of the app. Navigation is very straightforward so we’ve no doubt that you won’t get lost anytime soon. The settings let you check out some options in the app but it’s mainly just a place to configure your notifications.

Signing up for the service is also pretty easy. It’s your standard email and password followed by an activation link you must click from your email. You don’t choose a username because you don’t have one and you don’t need to ready any profile pictures because you won’t be uploading any.


Everyone can hear you but no one knows it's you.

  • A completely anonymous social network so you can what you want whenever you want and no one knows it's you.
  • App design and layout is straightforward and easy to learn.
  • No followers/friends to worry about or sections to navigate. Just post stuff and read stuff. That's it.
  • Obviously this social network won't be for everyone.
  • The app design is a bit dated and we have our reservations about the very gaudy orange/white layout.
That’s really it with this application. It’s very simple and very straight forward. There are no weird preferences to deal with it or friends/followers to worry about. Even if you can’t or don’t want to use this application yourself, we’re sure you have some Facebook friends who could use a more appropriate spot to complain rather than on their Facebook profile. Speakle definitely fills that niche very well.
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  • Marcus Vinicius Andreo Gabilhe

    So this is kinda like 4chan?

    • Kevin Rile

      Isn’t 4chan an image board and forum I think this is like twitter but anonymous lol

  • Dan Lee

    Pretty cool! I like the simplicity and easiness of it all! I hate when apps get too complicated.

  • Elizabeth Oliver

    Best part about Speakle is that i can express my feelings endlessly since there is no character limit….much needed!!

  • Heather

    What a great idea…definitely going to check it out

  • darwisbong

    amazing , need this one
    jam tangan pria

  • Mas Cipta

    It’s very simple and very straight forward. There are no weird preferences to deal with it or friends/followers to worry about.

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