South Korea Galaxy S3 to come with different design?

by: Chris SmithJune 11, 2012

We were somewhat surprised earlier this week to find out that all U.S. Galaxy S3 versions will not only sport the same design as the international version, but that they will also come with the same product name. Samsung managed to convince carriers to sell virtually the same Galaxy S3 version in the region (albeit there are certain differences from model to model when it comes to wireless technology, whether it’s 3G or 4G), and that’s certainly something future buyers will appreciate.

But what if we told you that there is a country where Samsung may be launching a completely different Galaxy S3 version, at least when it comes to overall design?

Mobile Phone Blog reported a few days ago that the South Korean Galaxy S3 version will come with a different design. The image above was offered by the publication, although the rumored South Korean Galaxy S3 model is yet to be confirmed.

As you can see, the purported Galaxy S3 version, is nothing like what the current and only Galaxy S3 model looks like. Gone are the uneven round corners in favor of a square design and the device could feature an even bigger display than the standard version.

But then again, it would be very strange for Samsung to launch an entirely different Galaxy S3 version in South Korea, especially after all the trouble it must have gone through to make sure that North American versions of the phone won’t be customized to meet the wishes of the carriers.

Until we receive further details on this particular rumor, we suggest you take it all with a rather large grain of salt, just like we do.

  • Mak D’Uniq

    thats note 2 <3

  • Deteriaz

    Because Apple will QQ it look like the iPhone

  • Mei

    Gah. I want the square one over the round one. A lot more screen estate and slimmer bezel. Bring it to US ASAP =.=.

  • Rbaumgartenv

    Could it be the Galaxy Note 2? screen looks like a 5.3- 5.5 inches display.

  • RJ

    This is so fake. You can tell that this has just been photo-shopped by someone. Cannot believe how gullible people can be. If you look at the top of the screen you can see the image does not line up!

  • guest

    galaxy gphones5?

  • David Trinh

    Totally Fake!
    Here is the news:
    The first column in that table is for the LTE Version in Korea. It says, 4.8inches! That’s why this news is totally fake!

  • Vishal

    Can we Use Korean Version of S3 in India..If Yes, Can Indian LTE able to support LTE specs designed for Korea

  • glenn

    the front camera of my samsung korean s3 is blur. how do i fix it?