New Sony Yuga photos unveiled, LCD screen and S4 Pro CPU “confirmed”

by: AdrianDecember 17, 2012
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Sony Yuga

After a so-so year, in which it has consolidated its mid-range position, but failed to really charge the high-end niche, Sony’s finally ready to throw in some big guns in the smartphone competition. Rumors about the “Odin” and “Yuga” have piled up over the past weeks, but now it’s time to draw the line and see what’s likely to happen and what’s not.

Thanks to notorious Russian leaker Eldar Murtazin from, we can now (almost) certainly say the Xperia Yuga (aka C6603) will be coming sporting a 5-inch LCD panel with a 1080p resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.

Not only Murtazin claims to have already handled a Yuga prototype, but he also shows off a couple of pics with the phone that look pretty legit, so we’re inclined to give his intel the thumbs up. It also helps that what he reveals is not as far-fetched as some rumors that have surfaced lately and is actually on-par with some of the earlier leaks.


The Russian journalist doesn’t mention any other Yuga specs, but he does call the phone a “fantastic device”, saying that the large display and powerful Qualcomm chip make for “a fabulous combination”. On the flipside, he does say that the handheld can get “warm as a stove”, which might have something to do with Yuga’s water protection.

Wrapping up his report in style, Murtazin encourages us to keep in touch with today, when a “first look” article starring the Yuga should go live. We’ll definitely do that and keep you posted, but in the meantime let us know what you think about the newly revealed pics and specs. Does the Yuga look like a “fantastic device” to you?

  • goldenblls

    Sounds truly amazing!

  • th3d

    I find it a bit disturbing that the battery capacity seems to be only 2330mah, at least for the japanese market. That tells me that i have to wait for samsung in the hope they will give us a bigger battery (and im sure they will, Samsung is the greatest when it comes to sensing what the buyers want), but i am afraid the first 5 inch full HD samsung will have Pentile AMOLED, and probably with a blue tint to whites.

    Another thing to consider is the availability and performance of Cortex A15 chipsets, S4 Pro seems to have lots of memory bandwidth but loses to Note 2 on things like javascript and browser performance, at the end of the day the Note 2 has more real life performance than the S4 Pro chipset.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Sony has a good quality build on their Hardware. Might be the best build Hardware for Android with closer competitor: HTC. Many thanks to Elop for his decision to drive Nokia as Windows-only device (dumping Meego, Symbian and completely ignoring Andorid). Making Sony the King of the Hardware for Android (IMHO). However Sony has a lot of homework to do before dumping Samsung or HTC in term of Android favored device:
    1. Timespace, which is Xperia’s UI need a lot of work. Social Media integration is one thing but many other unique features will be a nice welcome and Sony’s Timespace is lack of it a lot.
    2. Camera. Aside releasing powerful Camera sensor used by the best high end phones (iPhone 5, and Oppo Find 5, according to gizchina, here is some Oppo Find 5 Camera sample: ), it is a very unfortunate that Xperia’s camera doesn’t live up to expectation, it is not bad but not awesome, at least that is on my impression testing Xperia S 13 MP Camera. If you are craving for Camera quality on the smartphone like I do, you will agree with me that the MP count doesn’t mean better quality and Sony quite screwed it up with the current Xperia(s) specifically speaking the Flagships.
    3. OS Update and new device(s) OS: seriously, Sony still release 2.3 Android on 2012 devices? I mean WTF man? People expectation already reach JB 4.2 on flagship and ICS on some lesser budget phones but well see the P and U.
    Those 3 are very critical, IF Sony able to fix those 3, well, unless Nokia decided to go Android, Sony will have an immerse potential to be the best. Here is my personal reasons:
    1. PS Certification: I don’t know much about this, but there are a large portion of people actually buy smartphones for gaming, well I know many of my friends do. IF this PS Certification means a high quality gaming experience comparable to PSP, I am all in for the next Xperia device.
    2. Smartwatch ( ): I always fond of Sony Smartwatch for Xperia, I see one of my friend use it, well not really that popular since it is a bit costly here but Pebble watch still a mile away, while you can already buy one in Sony’s case and from what I see and feel, it is well built and beautiful, only lack on the software support like clock’s skin, etc.

    3. Audio: Even without Beats crap, Sony able to produce a great quality of Audio I owned the old Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone in the past and I must say it had a very clear and best quality even compare to the first iPhone.
    4. Again, build quality, I remembered the Xperia S leave no fingerprint trace on the case, it is sturdy and very well done. Well you can try Xperia Go on drop test if you want.
    … The list can go on and on but the first 3 problems cloud all these potentials. Well, I hope this “Yuga” and “Odin” will do right this time.

  • Filip Justin

    SONY.. hmm.. Cool brand once(Sony Ericsson P910i in 2003 – climax of sony phones) BUT.. I always look at my 2011 Xperia Arc on which I can’t even install more than 20 apps because the Internal Storage is 300MBs WTF.. And then I look at Timescape UI and I compare it to the Touchwiz/Nature UI and BAM! sucks! great news.. Oh.. What about the Xperias this year? Answer: Nothing impressive. So tell me now how in blazes am I going to trust my money to a company which keeps on disappointing me?