White Xperia Z Ultra leaks in all its glory ahead of tomorrow’s launch

June 24, 2013
A new set of leaked images show the 6.44-inch Xperia Z Ultra, set to be unveiled tomorrow at the Mobile Asia Expo show.

    Sony Xperia ZU Ultra leak

    Sony did an awful job keeping the Xperia Z Ultra (ZU) secret – we’ve learned most of its specs and features already, and we’ve also seen it in several leaked images.

    We know that the Xperia Z Ultra will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, which all but guarantees smooth performance, and that the massive 6.44-inch Full HD display will feature Sony’s in-house developed Triluminous and X-Reality Engine technologies.

    Now we got the clearest image of the Xperia Z Ultra, courtesy of Chinese site ePrice. The image, which seem authentic to us, shows the Xperia Z Ultra used with an actual pencil, in line with earlier speculation that the users won’t need a digitizer to write on the display, like the S Pen that comes with the Note 2.

    Sony Xperia ZU Ultra leak 2

    It was rumored that the Xperia ZU would come with a magnesium alloy chassis, but it’s hard to tell from this picture.

    Update: This is apparently the Xperia C:

    Sony Xperia ZU Ultra leak 3 (1) Sony Xperia ZU Ultra leak 3 (2)

    We’ll learn everything there is to know about the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra, as well as the new Sony SmartWatch, the Xperia C, and a new version of the Xperia SP, in less than 24 hours.


    • xtriker360

      Will this come to the US of A?

      • DrCarpy

        I like the Nightcrawler avatar! He’s one of my favorite characters! Great taste!

        • xtriker360

          Thank you Drcarpy, I’m glad you like it :D

    • briankariu

      Smarrrrt Watch!! Bring it! My body is ready

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Breatling, Citizen, Omega? I dont get the smartwatch draw…

    • jjordan

      I want this to come to Verizon…they gotta start bringing these beasts to all the major carriers in the states

    • tinmantinman


      • tinmantinman

        i meant UGGGLAAY !!! especially the 3 rd picture from top showing the front . Why so much bezel?

        • MasterMuffin

          Fake and ga…. Galeated :D DEM BEZELS

        • inspire

          2nd and 3rd pics are not Xperia ZU,… they are Xperia C
          These guys at AA know nothing of sony rumors…

          • inspire

            they are so stupid that they cant even compare the blacl circle on the LEFT of ear piece in 1st pic and 2/3 pic :p
            and you even believe them :p

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        I dont know man front and back glass and alloy rim with super thin profile. You can have your note 3 ill take one of these :-)

    • Guest

      more images

    • Yama

      Looks like a fake shit and sony displays such ass.

    • jumbo3220

      more images..

    • HitokiriX

      So much wasted space…

    • http://www.techdroid.in/ TechDroid

      Guys the rest two images are actually of Xperia S39H..


    • Nav Thakur

      Actually, it looks like a post-it is on the screen. So I guess that means the screen is scratch – proof and they’re just letting you know.

    • Kolamper

      the images on the bottom aren’t z ultra, since the first pic shows the z ultra with white back and black front…the one on the bottom doesn’t.

    • ConCal

      Ugh, I live Sony’s designs, but that Bezel is killing me. Phones with that big if a screen can’t handle that kind of bezel. It looks more like a tablet.

    • Jeff Hall

      Damn, it’s the Ron Jeremy of phablets.

      • macgyver

        More like the Lex Steele of phablets!

        • Jeff Hall

          Sorry, I’m old school. :-)

    • Topcat488

      Better luck next time Sony… The bezel look terrible, too much wasted space… Even if you can write with anything, it doesn’t stand a chance against the G-Note S-Pen with its many features aaaannnnndddd that S-Pen Slot. Multi-Window is also undisputed, size factor, this is just too big… This is a Tablet not a Phablet.

    • http://www.minecraftgames.co/ Minecraft Games

      wow, it was the dream of my phone, look and feel, you will love it like me