Sony Xperia ZL now available for US pre-orders, pricing is $720 and up

by: AdrianMarch 25, 2013

Sony Xperia ZL UI

Out already in countries like India, Russia and Australia, Sony’s Xperia ZL is ready to take things to the next level. The North American level, that is, where only the mightiest can succeed.

Folks up north have known for a couple of days now when they can expect the ZL and how much money they have to save for the 5-incher and today is time to detail pricing and availability for our US readers as well.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news, with rumors from last week gaining confirmation via Sony’s online store. The unlocked, LTE-enabled Xperia ZL (model number C6506) will be up for grabs from there for a whopping $759.99, while the HSPA+ version (C6502) will be a tad cheaper – $719.99.

Needless to say that pricing structure is far from ideal. Heck, it’s downright crazy if the Samsung Galaxy S4 will end up going for one of the two rumored price tags – $579 or $650. We also expect the HTC One to sell for $650 ($700 tops), so on the whole it looks like Sony might have overestimated ZL’s value a bit.

xperia zl hands on

On the bright side, these are only the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices). Sony says the ZL “will soon be available through other select online retailers” and there’s more than an outside shot they will charge less for the phone.

In fact, we’ve already tracked down two sellers that claim to have the ZL in stock, both of which offer the 5-incher for a more sensible price. PVCS through Amazon has the 3G-only “international” model at $640, while Negri Electronics has the same non-4G version for $654.40. Still a lot of dough, but definitely closer to the fellow’s real worth.

Getting back to Sony’s US store, the ZL is there available for pre-orders in black, white and red. The exact shipping date is not mentioned anywhere, but we can guess the first orders will be fulfilled around April Fools’ (no joke).

Remember, the slightly more impressive Xperia Z is also due out in the US soon, although we don’t even want to think about its price. Anyways, are you planning to get any of the two? Which one and why?

  • Mike A

    I was thinking about getting the Z, but at that price I’ll just wait till Google put out the next Nexus phone.

  • padlock1

    Just got the ZL 2 days ago (in south east Asia)…preferred it to the Z as its better gripping, smaller form factor and less of a finger print magnet. Waterproofing is a bit gimmicky for most consumers. Paid in the region of 550 USD for an export set (ex warranty….which most manufacturers wiggle their way out of anyway). Its my 4th unit withut warranty and so far so good. Never any issues. This one is great so far. Well recommended….at the right price!

  • Wintaeh

    I will definitly buy the Z and I wonder why the ZL is even a little bit more expensive…