Sony Xperia ZL up for pre-order in Canada, coming soon to the US for $760 outright

by: AdrianMarch 19, 2013

Sony Xperia ZL UI

With Xperia Z sales reportedly going well for the time being, Sony needs to focus a little on the ZL too. After all, the more modest 5-incher is no pushover either, only lacking the water and dust protection of its brother while rocking a more compact body.

Released in India, Russia and Australia already, the ZL is due out in Canada and the US soon. Both North American pricing and release dates have been kept under wraps so far, but the first pieces of the puzzle are today falling into place.

Tech-savvy folks up north can now pre-order the non-waterproof 5-incher via Sony’s official online store, with the estimated shipping date being April 2 (exactly two weeks from now). Unfortunately, while the ZL on sale is a SIM-free version, it’s locked on Rogers, so you have to activate it on the network.

The price tag is not too bad ($674.99), being a few bucks less than what Sony is charging in India ($692) and Australia ($699) and a lot better than the Russian price point – $900. It remains to be seen if the truly unlocked ZL variant will be sold for $675 as well, while, besides Rogers, we expect Bell, Mobilicity, MTS, Videotron and WIND Mobile to carry this big guy.

Sony Xperia ZL

Meanwhile, there’s still no official update on an Xperia Z launch in Canada, so chances are our fears will be confirmed and Sony’s flagship will never land there.

Sony continues to be very secretive with Z and ZL American release details too, so we’re yet to find out the official ETAs and price points. However, the folks over at Xperia Blog claim to have heard from a reliable tipster that the ZL will cost a whopping $759.99 outright.

That’s at least 100 bucks more than Galaxy S4’s rumored value and, to be honest, it’s downright preposterous. Not to mention it probably means the Xperia Z will go for over $800. I really do hope Xperia Blog’s source messed up the numbers, because if not I don’t see anyone in America picking the Z or ZL over the HTC One and GS4. Am I right or am I right?

  • WIND Mobile and Mobilicity don’t do contracts.

  • Ranjith Thiru

    In India its only $600 :D lolz

  • Sander

    I’ve seen on Negri electronics that they offer it for 655, but they show a picture of a Z. So really curious, what the pricepoint will be

  • needaphonenow

    The US website had the ZL listed for $759.99 for 24 hours. They have now taken the price off their website and is just showing coming soon. 3-19-13

  • Iram Ali

    If you look about it can be be bought online for $579 in the USA!

  • I’m glad Sony took that pricing down from the US site. Maybe when they put it back up it will be lower.

  • Rob C

    Bring us the Z or boycott them both.