Sony Xperia ZL heading to Bell Canada with unlocked bootloader?

by: AdrianJanuary 29, 2013

Sony Xperia ZL UI

Sony got a lot of kudos and congrats after unveiling the Xperia Z and ZL at CES, but if there are people that have reasons to be angered with the company these are most likely living up north. Not only are Canadians in a fog when it comes to pricing, carrier availability and ETAs, but they also have no idea if to only wait for the ZL or both the Z and ZL.

Unfortunately, we still have nothing new on that, but we do have something on ZL’s launch. According to Mobile Syrup, the 5-incher is heading to Bell, the nation’s number two carrier. While details are slim on the exact release date and price tags, it seems the ZL could come with a factory unlocked bootloader.


Sony’s been awfully kind with independent devs and part-time software tinkerers lately, but this is still a sort of unexpected move that makes us like the Xperia makers even more. Of course, there’s no guarantee the screenshots showing the unlocked bootloader are real or are of a finished device, but fingers crossed.

Mobile Syrup’s photos also seem to confirm Bell’s Xperia ZL will come with 4G LTE speeds, as well as with a bunch of exclusive pre-loaded apps (aka bloatware). We can see Bell’s MobileTV there, the Remote PVR and Remote Device Manager among others. Thank God for custom ROMs, right?

  • Wodenaz

    No, it’s locked, and it’s starting to piss me right the f*ck off. For whatever reason, the bootloader is NOT unlockable. Which means that, even though my ZL has CWM installed and even though I’ve rooted it, I can’t install a custom kernel. Which means pretty much every ROM that isn’t based on stock is out of reach.

    Absolutely infuriating. I just want CM!

  • Zackery Miller

    I found out doing carrier unlock through ur carrier they can unlock ur bootloader at the same time:) its locked by ur carrier not sony. its the carriers choice. 90 days you have to wait though after you get your phone thats the sad thing.