DooMLoRD: No Xperia Z Ultra successor; Z3 will feature a new design

by: Andrew GrushJune 3, 2014

SONY Brand Shot logo CES 2014-2

Just yesterday Sony released a teaser for “the next big thing”, which many believe could be a hint at a Sony Xperia Z Ultra successor. If a new report from well known modder, hacker and leaker DooMLoRD proves correct, however, this isn’t the case after all.

In a new tweet, DooMLoRD claims that there is no Z Ultra successor, and instead gives us the first details related to the Xperia Z3. First of all, the Z3 will reportedly offer a totally revamped design with slim bezels and a thickness of 7mm. That means Sony’s days of big bezeled blocky designs might finally be over.

Second, the report says that the Z3 will not offer the Snapdragon 805 CPU and so it’s pretty likely the handset will rock the same Snapdragon 801 CPU as the Xperia Z2. With the Sony Xperia Z3 bringing the same SoC as its predecessor, that means Sony’s innovations and changes will focus more on display, aesthetics, camera and perhaps software improvements.

So what about Sony’s teaser that the next big thing is coming soon? Considering the Z3 isn’t expected until September, it seems a bit early to begin teasing it. This means that either Sony wants to slow-tease the Z3 to build up hype for its allegedly new design, or Sony intends to release another new product in the near future.

Update: As one user pointed out in the comments, the “next big thing” teased by Sony might have simply been the Xperia T3 announced earlier today. While it seems odd that Sony would call a mid-ranger the next big thing, it’s still a possibility.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that this is all just a rumor at this stage. We still can’t say with any certainty what the Xperia Z3 will bring to the table, nor can we completely dismiss the idea of a Z Ultra successor.

What do you think, like the idea of a totally redesigned Xperia Z3 design language? Would Sony be wise to eliminate the Z Ultra series?

  • Bryan Kwong

    I have the Z ultra right now (using doomlord’s kernel too!) and I would be disappointed if no Z ultra successor is announced, even though I am probably moving to the G3 it’s still disappointing. I would also think it’s ridiculous that Sony would announce the Z3 so early..or tease it.

    • David Baláž

      How is the Z ultra anyway ? Wanted to buy this to my GF as the price here went downhill. Battery life so bad as they state in every review?

      • Bryan Kwong

        It’s good, I am happy with the purchase. It’s screen is phenomenal, general performance is great and just all around solid device. The battery life for, not horrible and certainly not the best. I use the phone pretty heavily and it dies out on me at around the 12-15hour mark with 4-5 hours of on screen time. So it’s okay. I say the worse thing about the phone is definitely its camera, it’s really not that good but it is fine for social media I guess. It has no flash though and it’s useless in low light.

        • David Baláž

          Thank you for your reply it helped ! She uses camera from time to time but she does not need super quality and if the battery is atleast average that will do it.

          Once more thanks mate :)

          • ejsoliveros

            Better get her the T2 Ultra instead. Best all rounder phablet. Even tops battery life of tablets. Check all the reviews about it. Camera is above average too. And there’s flash :) no waterproofing though

          • David Baláž

            Yes I considered that as I saw the battery ratings for example on phonearena where it tops everything. But I want to buy her a 1080p phone. The display seems fine but not great :)

          • Bryan Kwong

            No problem, the battery life can vary from user to user, I can never get the battery life that people claim on XDA for example. And I have rooted mine with a custom kernel but battery life is similar..from memory to when I was just on stock.

      • Jamesst20

        Wow really? The battety life on this device is amazing! The least I got was like 4.2 hours of screen browsing web, facebook, messenger, snapchat, sms etc

  • David Baláž

    Kind of bad news. Still not S805 even though it will be released almost at the end of the year?

    • s2weden2000

      S8o5 will be released august-september

  • unknown

    What are you talking about? the next big this was unveiled today it’s the xperia t3

    • Joshua Hill

      The image in the teaser announcement was most certainly not the T3.

  • jumbo3220

    he tweeted that 9 hours ago..before the announcement of T3 , that explains.. it’s Xperia T3 with 7mm thickness….Xperia Z3 will have a a Snapdragon 805 with new design language

  • avyfa

    Lol, Sony going to announce third with snapdragon 800(no matter 800 or 801, they has just small difference).

    • Tjaldid

      unless it is be next year at which point it will contain a S810

  • s2weden2000


  • John Grabb

    I like the blocky bezel look and feel. You say the word “finally” with that issue like it is some mass consensus. I don’t believe it is

    • Andrew Grush

      You’re right. Not everyone minds that look at all, good point. :) To each their own, right?

      • Tjaldid

        so was it the T3 or a mix of T3 with Z3 in that rumor?

  • Bryce

    Wtf Sony. I just bought my Z2 three days ago. At least give me a few weeks to enjoy my new toy before you make me feel like it’s an obsolete piece of junk.

    • K2


    • Nate Fredricksen

      I don’t mean to invalidate your frustration, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel that this kind of complaint (that I’m seeing is somewhat common) is counter-progressive. To be fair, this is the 21st century. With the Law of Accelerating Returns (LOAR) properly understood, this advancement is only going to get faster. And it should. We will have better and better technology becoming more readily available at smaller and smaller intervals. This will be financially unfeasible to keep up with, even for a the techiest of tech-peeps. Which means…we can complain about technological advancement….or….we could re-evaluate our need to constantly compete with the Jones’ and have the ‘best’ compared to those around us. The idea that your phone becomes any less functional when a new one appears is fallacious (especially in a world where most of the heavy processing can be outsourced to the cloud). I personally think progress outweighs the more personal need for ego-satisfaction.

      • Chad R.

        ^ This.

        I’m still rocking my xperia ZL that I purchased late 2013. I’m thinking about going to the Z Ultra LTE now that the price has dropped. It’s still a nice bump from the ZL spec wise and will still run everything just like my ZL does and I don’t pay first to market pricing. The only draw back I see going from the ZL to the Ultra LTE is the camera but i’m gaining more in return

        • Afghan

          Go for it. Future is big no matter what they say. Sometimes I hear this stupid argument ‘Oh you can’t make a phone call with one hand’, but lets see how many percent of its usage really does involve making calls. I believe calling these advanced gadgets ‘Phone’ is really no longer valid as the function of making and receiving phone calls is well below 50% of the total usage of these devices. As well as being Phones, they are also our well tech camera, walkman, book, alarm clock, torch, photo album, video collection(unlimited), calendar and so much more and all these items are on their way to extinction just because of this one gadget. As far as Ultra is concerned I believe if a group of pals have a choice of watching a video or playing a game on either Z Ultra or Note 4, Z Ultra will be the obvious choice simply because of its shear size.

  • Arslan Ali Qureshi

    That’s why I hate Sony. I bought my Xperia z after 4 months of its initial launch and boom they released the Xperia z1 and I was like -_- and then they released the Xperia z2 after the same period (6 months) I will not buy there phone unless they realise that 5+inches don’t make sense and respecting the people who buy your flagship and give them at least an year like everyone else for them to have the latest flagship.

    • Fëanáro Nénmacil

      They have already made it clear that the flagship cycle is 6 months because of the competition. Given limited resources, I don’t Sony “wants” to do it, but the market leader is Samsung and they have S series at the beginning of the year and Note series at the end of the year.

      If you don’t have any product to compete with both, you lose your market share and it’s in a long run because of brand loyalty. And people lose the awareness of the brand. HTC One was a really nice product in 2013 and got decent reviews, but it barely helped the company to get its foothold back because it was overshadowed by LG G2, Z1, Z1 Compact, S4, and Note3. Samsung was the one who started the trend, smaller companies will have to follow its influence or die out.

      I don’t see anything wrong with 5 inch. If it’s not so good, all companies wouldn’t have moved to bigger chassis.

    • K.

      Why does it matter if they release a flagship every 6 months? It won’t affect how your phone is working or anything.

  • MasterMuffin

    Sony is the new HTC :0 They’re releasing flagships way too often, but nobody’s complaining like they did with HTC (because everybody likes Sony more?)

    • Fëanáro Nénmacil

      People complained on Sony too if you actually follow Xperiablog. But the company made a clear announcement about 6 month flagship cycle and explained why already.

      HTC failed with HTC One in 2013 because of no 2nd flagship. Sony is not the “new” HTC. Besides, they’ve been doing that from the start already. Arc & Arc S >>>> S & TX >>>>> Z & Z1 >>>>> Z2 & new product
      Two events, Two flagships. (CES & IFA)

      The “extra” flagships has a clear distinction from the flagship
      Z1 Compact – Compact in Size, Flagship in quality (The real “mini”)
      ZL – Non-waterproof version of Z with more compact-size and smaller bezel.

      Given the fact that while others are spamming low-end & mid range devices and Sony is making flagships, Sony are giving us more choices. Others are simply trying to make sales with low end and mid-range device under flagship names (look at all the “minis” on the market) as well.

  • Aditya Putratama

    From doomlord’s latest tweet:

    “@DooMLoRD_XDA: more rumours: 7-8” Xperia tablet to replace Z Ultra line”

    Sounds nice!

    • K.

      it would be perfect if they release a 8″ tablet.

    • Tjaldid

      JDI announced a 7″ screen that they are starting to manufacture so it is likely 7″

  • Maybe he means it’ll have an 810 instead! :D

  • Shin

    I don’t mind that they aren’t putting in a new processor, I mean its not like the 801 is not already fast enough and I am glad they are going to focus on enhancing other component of the phone instead. In regards to Sony’s flagship cycle, does it matter if a new flagship comes out? The Z, Z1, Z1compact, Z2 are still powerful enough to be considered flagship status… (still using/adoring my ZL)

  • Ben Edwards

    Wow, Sony are really pushing their flagships out quickly. The Xperia Z was released early 2013, followed by the Z1 in late 2013. Then there was the Z2 in early 2014 and now the Z3 in late 2014? Flagship madness!

    • Daniel Hariri

      it been sony policy to have 2 flagship per year.. :D

  • knightpt

    I recently “upgraded” from my Xperia Z to the Z2 and i am using my xperia Z and i got my wife with the Z2. I know this sounds realy weird and strange but i honestly like my xperia Z more.

    a) It’s smaller, less bulky with similar screen size
    b) it’s lighter, feels better in the hand, it’s more manageable
    c) It’s thinner, i absolutely love thin phones, i think they are way more stylish than thicker phones
    d) has less bezels on top and bottom. I realy hate most recent phones with realy large bezels

    I do understand that the Z2 has a much better screen, no ASF nonsense, it’s faster, has a much better battery life, is much more refined in therms of hardware and new features like better camera software, 4k recording, noise canceling headphones,etc !

    But, i am absolutely in love with my xperia Z. It’s just a much more “loveable” phone for me and i’m just not ready to trade it for the Z2 (as i was definately not for the z1)

    Now, with Doomlord’s leak/rumor about the next Z3 having less bezels and being thinner, i’m ready to hope for a sucessor for my loving Z, fingers crossed.

  • K2

    Launching slight variations of the flagship every couple of months is getting ridiculous. If they really want to offer a new design/features they should have done it with the Z2. Or launch the phone along with the Z2 . Even htc should have launched its plastic E8 along with the M8. Lot of buyers remorse will arise now.

  • Денис Компанеец


  • A.o.D

    The “the next big thing” is clearly the Xperia T3! Look at the t3 and teaser images below. The power button, volume rocker and the camera buttons all at the same places.

  • Raj Singh

    Such an epic phone.

  • portfolio

    the xperia Z ultra 2, HTC M8 max and galaxy note 4 will be the best three phablet, and may be the iphone 6 of 5,5-inch if apple decide to release it

    • Note Lover

      Has anyone heard any recent news about this device yet? I’ve been searching Google and wanting to get more info. I’m hoping it will have at least a 6′ screen with similar specs to the Note 3 or Note 4. Also, any idea when it would be released and which carriers in the USA will offer it?

  • kim nagasaki

    I will wait and see to make a decision. It looks like this phone, Note 4 and Iphone 6 will come out at the same time and Iphone is working on its own phablet! For me to consider the Z3 or whatever they are calling it, it must have at least a “5.7 screen. At least compete with the Note 4 in screen resolution, 64GB of internal storage minimum, 20.7MP camera with large aperture and sensor that will allow for better night photography, and Water proof and dust proof. Lets see if Sony can meet these specs!

  • iCrap

    i dont know about the rest of the world, but the ultra failed in the us due to the lack of availability. if sony had released the z ultra on the top four us carriers, i am 99% sure they would have done very, very well