Sony Xperia Z2 vs Xperia Z: display comparison in pictures

by: Jonathan FeistApril 14, 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Z Display

Let us take a look at how far Sony has progressed with their display technology in the last year. Specifically, let’s take a look at some display comparisons between the brand new Xperia Z2 and its grandpapa, the Xperia Z.

Fans of Sony’s Xperia Z2 flagship device have, I am sure, been following along all the news and specifications of this great new smartphone. They learned early on that the Xperia Z2 was to come equipped with a 5.2-inch full HD IPS LCD display, powered by Sony’s Triluminos screen and X-Reality engine bringing as much as a 50% increased color gamut over conventional LCD displays. Added to the Z2 is Sony’s new True Colour LED technology, which Sony says emits a brighter and more uniform light, resulting in richer colors without saturation.

After taking the Xperia Z2 for a spin at the official unveiling at MWC in Barcelona, we took a good look at the Z2 display in comparison to its immediate predecessor, the Xperia Z1. We were pleased to see that colors were in fact brighter and crisper, but most notedly impressed with the improvements when viewing the display at an angle. The Xperia Z1 had a washed out grey haze that came over the display at an angle, whereas the Z2 manages rather decently to hold its colors when viewed from the side.

xperia z1 vs z2 display

The folks over at the Chinese website ZOL have pitted the display of the new Xperia Z2 against that of its distant predecessor the Xperia Z. The Xperia Z is the phone that many consider to be Sony’s first powerhouse device, Sony’s entry into the premium device competition within the Android market. That was only a year ago, so how far could Sony have come since then? I could start telling you that the Xperia Z2 packs a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM versus the Xperia Z’s 1.5GHz quad-core with 2GB of RAM, but you came here to see the display. Both are full HD resolution, with the Xperia Z2 edging out the Xperia Z for size at 5.2-inches and 5-inches respectively.

So there you have it, the change to the IPS display, with the addition of Sony’s new True Colour LED technology, makes for a remarkable upgrade in display quality on the Xperia Z2 versus the Xperia Z from a year ago. Most colors, red especially, are much more vibrant and true. Colors are more complex with layering that adds depth to an image. But most of all, viewing the screen at an angle sees a vast improvement. We are pleased with what Sony has managed to do with their display technology in the last year.

With more and more evidence that the Xperia Z2 is the best Sony smartphone to date, what phone do you consider to be the greatest competition for Sony?

  • Colby Leong

    Going from an Xperia Z or older Xperia model is a very sound idea. It offers a great upgrade, but much of an upgrade from Z1 or Z1 Compact. Z1 was a nice design, camera, speaker, waterproof headphone jack upgrade for the Z. I agree with Josh that the Z2 is more of Sony getting back to their Walkman roots. Great offering overall from Sony with the Z2.

  • MasterMuffin

    I’d say Xperia Z2 is the best phone compared to M8 or S5. F me right?

    • B10

      In terms of the design, yes, in terms of the specs/camera/display/battery? Then no.

      • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

        Lol, please be trolling.

      • MasterMuffin

        So in what way are the specs worse? Though I’d love to see an AMOLED display, Z2’s display is amazing. So is the camera (maybe loosing to S5, but beating M8). Unless you have the device you can say nothing about the battery life, which is probably great (the battery is huge (way bigger than S5’s or M8’s) and everyone says Sony’s stamina mode is good). SoC is the same. More RAM. And then there’s the great waterproof and sturdy design with front facing speakers

        • Brendon Brown

          Their camera beats the S5 man, they only just beat Sony in the auto focussing.

          • xoj_21

            dailight s5 is better
            low light z2

            also if u buy exynos wolfson is ages better z2 in sound

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Sony for nexus!!

    • Suthan Sivekumaar

      It has 3 GB of RAM!!!!! M8 and S5 have 2 GB of RAM!!!!! XD

      • MasterMuffin

        3GB is more than what my first laptop had!!!

      • Thoriq Rahman

        Note III also has 3 GB of RAM, you should see the antutu benchmark result of those 3 phones to know which one better in performance.

        • Botmun

          Benchmarks don’t matter I think.

          • Thoriq Rahman

            well at least it’s better than just comparing a phone by it’s size of RAM..

          • Botmun

            Yea, in the end its the performance that matters. Moto X is the best example of it.

    • Konrad Fraczek

      I completely agree with you, it’s sad people forget about this phone yet it is probably the best of these 3 flagships.

    • Felix Bouffard

      Love the Sony Z1. Got a Chinese USB charge cord to use with magnetic thingie on Z1. No more lifting up the water tight micro USB port flap to charge up phone.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      Oppo Find 7 and OnePlus One. These two are better than the Z2. But yeah, the Z2 is the best out of the 3 you mentioned!

      • MasterMuffin

        Oppo Find 7 is too big for me (but a spec beast indeed) and OnePlus One isn’t even out yet

        • Vardan Nazaretyan

          Well, but I do think the OpO will be a beast of a phone. Yeah, the Find 7’s actual footprint is big, but after moving from a 3.7″ screen to a 5″ screen, I can say that I really want it bigger. I would go up to 6″ if I had infinite money.
          *insert “that’s what she said jokes here*

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s what sh… Oh wait :|

  • when do u wanna drop xperia z2?

    • Felix Bouffard

      Glass sandwich. Rather not drop it.

      • But we have seen AA drop the Z1, and didnt crack/shatter the screen. And the screen still turned on, though its not usable though.

  • paul marx siena

    if i will look for processor, SONY really improved its performance.
    good job SONY!!

  • CodeDisQus

    Now if HTC can fix their Camera we’ll have a proper fight!

  • Andy

    We like the improved screen and we were also particularly impressed by
    the boosted video capabilities. The addition of 4K video capture, while
    it may not be that useful at the moment, is a statement of intent and
    also a neat piece of futureproofing from Sony.
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