April 1, 2014

sony xperia z2 unboxing (19 of 24)

The Sony Xperia Z2 currently has extremely limited availability and now isn’t expected to land in western markets such as the UK and Europe until May, but that’s not stopping well-known XDA member DooMLoRD from bringing a root method for the flagship device.

The new method is based on ClockworkMod version and seems pretty easy to install, though it is important to note that you will need to have an unlocked bootloader in order for this to work. Thankfully, the process of unlocking a handset is relatively straight forward on most modern Sony devices.

With an unlocked bootloader and root access in place, you’ll not only be able to use special apps that require root privileges, but the door will also be open when it comes to installing and using custom ROMs and other modifications.

For more instructions and details on what’s all involved, be sure to check out the XDA developer’s forum. Anyone planning on picking up the Sony Xperia Z2, if so, do you plan on rooting the device or not?

Andrew Grush
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