New images compare Sony Xperia Z2’s improved display to its predecessor

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 26, 2014


One of the big stars of MWC this week, aside from the GS5, has been the Sony’s latest flagship handset, the Sony Xperia Z2. In many ways the Xperia Z2 is mostly an incremental update over its predecessor but there are a few areas where Sony really took a big leap forward, such as the display.

Judging merely by resolution and size, the display might not seem like it has changed much, as it’s still rocking a 1080p resolution and is only .2-inches bigger. Don’t let this fool you, the IPS-based Triluminos display on the Xperia Z2 features Live Color LED technology and other improvements that provide much better viewing angles than we’ve seen in the past. The Sony Xperia Z2 also ditches the anti-shatter film screen protectors that are designed to protect your phone but ultimately scratch easily and gives the display a plastic feel to it.

So how does the Xperia Z2 display compare to the Z1? Thanks to several new photos from Digi-Wo, we now get a better idea in the picture gallery below. Of course it’s important to note you still might want to see the Xperia Z2 display “in real life” to get a better idea of how much better the display really is.

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What do you think of the Sony Xperia Z2 based on what you’ve heard and seen so far, impressed? Conversely, do you feel that Sony should have brought bigger changes to the specs, features or aesthetics of the Z2?

  • Cl3v3rNaMe

    here’s me hoping the battery life & camera software have improved as much as it’s display

    • Using3insteadofE

      Still Too much bezels at bottom and top.

      • Tjaldid

        that’s a unnecessary nitpick

      • Reynaldi Sutrisno

        If you want Z2 with no bezel, you’ll have to sacrifice waterproof ability since that bezels are there for make sure that water won’t come in to the inside of the phone

        Personally I’m okay with big bezel if they’re useful

      • MasterMuffin

        front facing speakers dude!

  • Max_says

    Aesthetics are fine, and how much more can they improve on the specs? 4gb ram? 2k display?

    The gs5 is okay too. Its just that people were expecting a complete design change of the gs5 and thats the biggest reason for the disappointment. It will still sell a lot since samsung has a strong retail presence.

    • MasterMuffin

      People (or at least me) were expecting at least some change somewhere. 90% same TW, 90 same looks (maybe even worse looking), only slightly better specs that loose in many areas in comparison to Z2

      • patrik

        And the Sony UI looks 100% the same. Enough bullshit.

        • MasterMuffin

          The difference is that Sony UI isn’t ugly and bloated

      • Max_says

        If they would have made the phone with squarish edges, people will say samsung copied sony.

        This design helps samsung in ‘device recognition’. People will easily recognise samsung phones if they stick to a consistent design. All companies are moving towards a consistent design.

        • MasterMuffin

          That back wasn’t that good looking and they made it horrible. I didn’t believe all those stupid aluminium etc. rumors, but seriously, S4 Active’s back is nice, why not go with that?

          • Max_says

            Look wise this doesnt look that good, but i think they used this back in order to provide friction…to help people to hold it more easily.

          • MasterMuffin

            Material, shape and size are bigger factors when thinking about ease of holding the phone. Tgose holes just gather dust and stuff like that and look ugly

          • Max_says

            This is also a major factor. As for gathering dust, we cant say unless we see how it fares in the real world.

    • nebsif

      dude they made it uglier and enlarged the bezel for a +0.1 inch of display.

      • Max_says

        it houses the internals for the 20 megapixel camera.

        • i think what he meant was the GS5. And its a 16MP camera btw…

          • nebsif

            yap, btw I rly want a z2 now :)

          • me too :(

      • RanRu

        More likely they enlarged the bezels for the water- and dustproofing. The backplate is unforgivable, though.

  • MasterMuffin

    I can’t find anything really wrong with this phone!

    • George Av

      wait until we see shots of what the camera looks like.. the Z1 produced utter shit

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        But the macro shots are just incredible

      • Memphis May [S]unjay

        The Z1 produced great photos.

      • Vincentius

        update the phone to 4.3
        image processing included
        oh, use manual also

        much to do, but it works

    • Pao

      But sony is still behind regular updates right?

      • vincentius

        yes in flagship, but much better in mid range phones

  • Guest123

    It’s rather sad Sony thought the previous screens were acceptable, and that’s the problem at Sony — seems no one is in charge of making sure things are done properly.

  • Brendon Brown

    Viewing Angles .. ? Is that you !

  • Kendahl Titcomb

    I own the Z1 and absolutely love it. I came from a galaxy SIII and have very little to complain about. I think people forget that there is always a personal factor to liking or disliking a phone. Don’t get me wrong they made same needed improvements provements on the Z2 like the screen and the speakers but really, they weren’t that bad in the first place. I still have people asking what phone I have…. Even strangers ask and tell me how nice my phone is. I’m glad they improved the screen to better viewing angles and gave it a little more memory but I still feel like I have Flagship device

  • Gourav Mopidevi

    i ithink z2 is going to defeat samsung s5

    • Max_says

      Samsung has a stronger retail and marketing presence, so its still difficult for sony.

      • Subham

        But soon won’t be with such shits….

        • Max_says

          Why is it shit? It has the latest processor, 2GB RAM is enough because touchwiz has been toned down. And camera is improved from the gs4. Screen is super amoled with a ppi above 400.

          • Max_says

            Dont come to a conclusion just by reading about a phone’s specs….think about the specs.

    • Cole Raney

      In terms of quality, yes! In terms of sales, absolutely not. Even if the S5 sells half as well as the S4, it would probably be way ahead of any phone Sony has ever sold.

  • Duck Knight

    WOW, Live Color LED. What a name…

    • Ed G

      I have the z1s and I love it. The thing flies and takes good pics. Its waterproof and has great battery life. The only thing I would have liked is a IR blaster.

  • Andrew Hope

    Well, I’m looking what I’m seeing & reading so far. can’t really fault it. Not interested in crap useless gimmicks that take up half of my ROM & usable storage, wrapped up in cheap plastic. If I’m buying a a phone for near iPhone money, I want it built well also. However, it’s the practical changes that interest me on the Z2. The battery has increased to 3200,coupled with a Snapdragon 801 & 3gig ram, it will run like a beast for ages. I will be interested how much better the camera is with that new sensor, but it’s the fact I can shoot at 15mp at 16:9 is a great improvement because it was 8mp in most of the modes on the Z1 & only 20mp in auto at 4:3 I always shoot in 16:9 on phones. Being an HTC One owner I’m interested how good those stereo speakers are. The screen is an immense improvement, by the looks of things, a atonal worthy of a TV manufacturer’s name. People forget the Xperia Z only came out 1 year ago, the Z1 5 months.
    I’ll wait & see what HTC brings to the table next month & make my decision…

  • Joachim Nilsson

    They listened to the critics, fixed what’s possible to fix (given the waterproofing and drop-test qualities) giving us thinner bezels, front facing stereo (!) speakers, same lightly themed UI and possibly an even better camera experience.

    I will buy this phone!

  • Groud Frank

    Sony basically made the same incremental changes to its device that Samsung did and yet Sony is praised while Samsung is bashed. Is this because people expect more form Samsung and less from Sony or do they just like being anti-Samsung because it’s popular? I understand that some of you are disappointed that you didn’t get your QHD screen, 3 GB RAM, 64-bit processor, adamantium body, built in time machine and light-sabre but it’s never wise to put faith or trust in rumours. Your disappointment is all on you, not Samsung.

    • gh0st

      there is a saying – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
      the Z1 already looked good, and it’s limitations were sub-par speaker output and viewing angles. Sony took care of it with the Z2.(read – they listened to people)

      Samsung on the other hand hand was criticized for it’s fugly design, UI, huge amount of bloat , but it rather added some more gimmicks, fingerprint recognition, heartbeat sensor and ignored the complaints of users about the things it needed to improve.

      • Groud Frank

        They added water resistance, dust resistance, ISOCELL sensor, ultra power saving mode, 802.11ac MIMO WiFi antenna with support for simultaneous LTE and Wifi download, much faster processor(in fact it is the fastest Android phone, slightly beating the Note 3’s score). They also took away some of the bloat that came with the S4. They made TW flatter and less cluttered and at the end of the day, I can still remove my battery. I’ll probably end up with longer firmware update support with the S5 too. I’ll take the S5 over the Z2 any day, of any year and in any century.

        What’s “fugly” is relative isn’t it? I’ve never heard any non-technical (average consumer) person complain about it(performance and UI) on the higher end devices. While Smart Pause, Air Command, S-Voice don’t work properly, some apps like S-Finder(love that app), Scrapbook, Multi-window, Pen-Window, S-health, Camera modes,etc are very useful. On the other hand, I find the Xperia UI to be ugly and it doesn’t really add anything useful. It’s like stock Android but with a bad paint job.

        Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the US. 31% of American adults suffer from hypertension. People are becoming more health concious. Athletes, joggers and regular folks who are trying to stay fit will find this useful. Consistent reading over a period of time can help you and the people around you monitor their blood pressure and heart rate is invaluable; a heart rate monitor that comes bundled with a device you carry everywhere with you is not a gimmick if it works right.

  • Bryan Kwong

    I would like to see the z2 screen compared to the Z ultra!

  • pakcoip

    finally a sony flagship with good viewing angles

    • Bryan Kwong

      If you count the Z ultra as a flagship then the Z ultra already had it, just Sony screwed up on the Z1 for some reason

      • They screw the Ultra flash led too…

        • Bryan Kwong

          Yes but we’re talking about displays not the flash

          • The point is, prior to this phone, they always screw up something, flagship with mid-end spec for 2011, trios with big phone have lower spec and/or less feature than smaller one in 2012, bad lcd for flagship second half 2012-2013.

            I love sony for their care for people who love small but powerful phone (ray, SX – sadly not go international, Z1c), but their flagship is always have something left for people complains.

            Hope they do well with this one, and likely they did.

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    This is a very nice smartphone! XD

  • Blowntoaster

    great phone. just wish the top and bottom bezels were a bit smaller. like LG’s. mores screen to size ratio. but bet this going to sell well.
    and Sony should launch a GPE version of this. that would be great.

  • Yan Qin

    Almost perfect!

  • Văn Thành Trần

    Judging merely by resolution and size, the display might not seem like it has changed much, as it’s still rocking a 1080p resolution and is only .2-inches bigger. Don’t let this fool you, the IPS-based Triluminos display on the Xperia Z2 features Live Color LED technology and other improvements that provide much better viewing angles than we’ve seen in the past. The Sony Xperia Z2 also ditches the anti-shatter film screen protectors that are designed to protect your phone but ultimately scratch easily and gives the display a plastic feel to it.
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