Sony Xperia Z1s can be yours for $0 down and $22 per month, in-stores and online [update]

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 22, 2014

Sony Xperia Z1S aa

When the Sony Xperia Z1s was first officially announced last week, we learned it would be available to T-Mobile’s online store starting on Monday. Arriving on schedule, you can now pick up the Z1S from T-Mobile online for $0 and 24 monthly payments of $22 ($528 total price).

Update: The Sony Xperia Z1S is now available directly from brick-and-mortar locations, as well as retail partners. Not sure if the Sony Xperia Z1S is right for you? Be sure to check out our full review!

The Xperia Z1S is essentially just a rebranded Xperia Z1 with slightly reworked aesthetics and a few minor hardware differences, including the bump up to 32GB storage and the inclusion of T-Mobile compatible LTE bands. Otherwise, you get the same 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM. Some of the devices other specs include a 5-inch 1080p display, a 20.7MP back cam, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi, MHL and a 3000 mAh battery.


Bottom-line, if you’ve been waiting for an LTE version of the Xperia Z1 and are interested in using T-Mobile’s network, this could be the perfect handset for you.

Keep in mind that right now you can only purchase the handset online, though it is expected to arrive to T-Mobile stores and partnering retailers by January 22nd. What do you think of the Sony Xperia Z1S, interested in picking it up or not?

  • Luka Mlinar

    So plastic for better reception? I never her the original Z1 had any reception problems. :/
    Sounds to me like they did this to keep the price down.

    • tech4life

      Yeah I have 0 reception problems with my Z1, I would say it is for price.

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        are you guys on T-Mobile?

        • tech4life

          Well no, I live in Australia and I’m on Telstra here, not sure how that would effect it that much though.

          • Dimitar Gospodinov

            maybe it’s a fault in their network

    • jeffrey beck

      It’s the higher frequency networks that T-mobile uses, the 2100 band in particular. I went to a sony launch event last night and held one for the first time. It may be plastic, but it feels very premium, unlike the cheap metallic plastic on Galaxy devices. The changes worked, I had consistently 2-3 more bars of coverage on the Z1s compared to the Z

  • KingofPing

    Wondering if ROMS would be portable between the Z1 and Z1s.

    …otherwise getting the Z1s and hoping for ROMs might be a disappointment.

    Would really love to see a GPe version of this one.

    • steve

      Hell to the no!! LTE means a whole different build. Programmers will have to port it over.

      • KingofPing

        Odd. Swapping HTC One ROMs all over the place with nothing more than a radio patch works pretty well. Was hoping to see some similar possibility with this device. Ah well.

        • steve

          They were swapping HTC One LTE Roms with non LTE Roms, with only a radio flash? Wow, For my Note 2, I could only use LTE Roms. I had to wait for the newest Rom to be ported over because it was only for the non LTE version. Even then, you are only supposed to flash the same model number. But if you want to risk bricking, you can try. I usually read forms and learn from other people’s mistakes.

          • KingofPing

            “They were swapping HTC One LTE Roms with non LTE Roms, with only a radio flash?”

            …in addition to the ROM. Silly.

            Q is moot now anyway as T-Mob has decided to not allow unlocking on this device.

          • steve

            I wouldn’t worry about the morons at t mobile. I remember t mobile locked the Note 2 during OTA and the great folks at XDA only took a couple of days to find how to unlock it. Just please folks, if you’re a t mobile customer and hack your phone, check forms before you except a up date for t mobile. I don’t understand, we buy the phones, back off and let us do what we want with them

          • KingofPing

            Better yet: Don’t mess with it unless you have a sure-fire, tried and true way of getting it back to 100% stock. You never know when you’ll have to get a warranty-exchange.

            My HTC One started having inbound call issues two weeks ago. Got my replacement yesterday. The original had been unlocked, S-Off, and even fully converted to GPe. Always had a way to get it back to stock though…just in case.

          • steve

            See I had a HTC one S in the past and I thought they knew when you had unlocked your bootloader because they have to send you a code for each phone? That was the only phone that I ever bricked, I updated from ICS to Jellybean, so I couldn’t flash original ruu and a updated version of the ruu wasn’t available. Maybe I could fix it now though, it’s sitting in my drawer

          • KingofPing

            Using HTCDev, Yeah; they’ll have something saying you requested a code.

            It’s meaningless though unless your bootloader says “Unlocked”, “Relocked”, or “Tampered”.

            …all of which (at least on the One) is fixable. :)

          • steve

            That’s good work by the programmers. I am going to get away from Samsung with this Knox crap. My phone is past warranty so I don’t care, but once you root your phone, that’s it, you trip your knox counter and there’s know going back, not a fix in sight. I will be studying every manufacturer over the next 6 months and pick who I think is the very best at updates besides Nexus. Right now the winner is LG and Motorolla

  • spade

    5.5-inch 1080p display?

  • tigerbalm

    Only interested in the Z1 Compact.

  • smokebomb

    I’m in the market for a new phone and was thinking about the note 3, but I’ve always wanted a Sony android phone. The fact that it’s almost $200 cheaper than the note 3 is a huge selling point for me. I’ll have to check it out in a store.

    • Roy Chao

      I shall be heading to the Tmobile store after work to check this out. Hopefully it wont be TOO big. Wish the Z1 Compact would come to the USA now.

    • steve

      The only thing that bugs me about Sony is updates. They don’t even have a single phone on 4.3. Look at the heat Samsung takes, at least they update

      • Lam Ng

        Not true! Many international Z, ZR, ZL already got updated to 4.3. My xperia ZL from rogers carrier also got updated last week.

        • steve

          You are right, I looked it up. Now I am wondering why I read an article from 3 days ago stating not a single Sony phone is on 4.3

  • Jayfeather787

    Great phone, is the bootloader locked? If so, can it be unlocked easily?

    • steve

      The great folks at XDA have always laughed at T Mobile locked bootloader in the past, I don’t think this phone will be any different

  • steve

    I really do love the new Sony’s, but until Sony takes updating seriously, I won’t be buying one. I get a kick out of people who say Samsung sucks at updating, their actually crap, but at least their ahead of HTC and Sony by a long shot