Leaked image of the Sony Xperia Z1S surfaces, likely the LTE variant of the Xperia Z1

by: Andrew GrushOctober 21, 2013


Over the weekend, an image surfaced (via @evleaks) showing off a new Sony handset that is supposedly dubbed the “Sony Xperia Z1S”. Not too long after the photo landed some tech sites reported the handset might be the international version of the Sony Xperia Z1 f – aka the Xperia Z1 Mini. But is it really?

Looking at the Z1 f and Z1S side-by-side (below), you’ll notice that the height of the software keys, screen DPI and even the power button seem to indicate that the Z1S might actually be a bigger sized handset than the Z1 f.

So if this isn’t the Z1 f, what are we looking at?


Considering the layout and color tone perfectly matches a previous @evleaks image of the back of the T-Mobile branded Sony Xpera Z1, we’d guess that this handset is merely the LTE version of the Sony Xperia Z1. This wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen Sony give their handsets a different name for the U.S. market, and it’s not the only time we’ve seen minor cosmetic revisions of Sony handsets either.

While we’d love to see the Sony Xperia Z1 f come to the U.S. in some form, we strongly doubt that the Xperia Z1S is the mini handset that some folks have been waiting for. We would be happy to be wrong though, as a smaller-screened handset with bleeding edge specs sounds absolutely amazing.

What do you think, could this be the Xperia Z1 Mini or are we more than likely looking at a minor LTE-touting revision of the Sony Xperia Z1?


  • KillerKeyboard

    Front cam + audio jack moved. It’s just a photoshopped render of the Z1.

    • Mark Mann

      i don’t see an audio jack…since it’s under a cover

      • KillerKeyboard

        You know what you’re talking about?

        • KillerKeyboard

          *audio jack slot

      • Andreas Larsson

        No it isn’t -.-

      • Izwan_Rosli

        for black at the middle side… and for yellow left side..

  • Brad Clarke

    If those bezels got any bigger they could swallow the iPhone’s screen whole!

    • Amine Elouakil

      Still the bezel/screen size ratio is much better than the iPhone

      • Brad Clarke

        Not exactly raising the bar, those Apple folks, are they?

        • Amine Elouakil

          oh lol they are literaly in this category at least :)

          • Brad Clarke


  • Lee

    The bezels in xperia z series are getting bigger with each flagship.Hope they find a way to make their flagship waterproof not on the cost of making a huge device.

  • brendan soliwoda

    God, I really hope this comes to At&T. I would buy instantly.

  • Em1chick

    I don’t care if its the mini the Z1 just needs to come to the U.S!