Sony Xperia Z1 pre-order open in Europe – bundled with free Smartwatch 2, QX lens and content in the UK

by: Chris SmithSeptember 5, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony’s new flagship smartphone is already available for pre-order in various European markets from either the Sony online store or local carriers and retailers, with some UK offers including free content but also a free Smartwatch 2 or a free QX lens.

Here are the official prices of the Xperia Z1, when ordering it directly from Sony in various markets:

  • France: €699
  • Germany: €679
  • Italy: €699
  • Netherlands: €699
  • Spain: €699
  • Sweden: 5,995kr
  • UK: £599

However, buyers in the UK should be aware of the other Xperia Z1 offers in the region – they’re not necessarily better, because they’re on contract, but they’re certainly interesting.

For example, Carphone Warehouse has the device available for £69 when purchased with contracts of £33 per month, and each pre-order comes with a free QX lens (the Cybershot QX10 which retails for £150) and content worth £245 (that’s £65 worth of “content including top 5 movies, an exclusive movie access pass, and 60 days of free music streaming”).

Then again, the Xperia Z1 already has a great camera so getting a free QX lens for it may not be that interesting.

In that case, you should check out EE’s Xperia Z1 pre-order offer. The carrier will offer a free Sony Smartwatch 2 (retails for £149) with every Xperia Z1 pre-order, just as some rumors said it would happen (at least in certain markets). The downside is that you’ll have to sign up for a new two-year contract with EE. The price of handset varies depending on monthly charge and operator (Orange or T-Mobile).

That said, launch dates for the Xperia Z1 aren’t available at this time although Sony does say that deliveries will start by the end of the month.

  • Ryan Castle

    Don’t forget about America, Sony D:

    • YoungHermit

      Especially Canada -.-

  • LiiIiikEaBau5
  • lourdes

    kkkkk paso

  • Phillip Bee

    Z1, note 3, Nexus 5, Fonepad Note 6 (if it has US compatibility) …. decisions decisions .. hmmmm…

    • venorme

      Fonepad will strugle with Android updates again.
      Note 3 has just wrong pricing.
      Z1 – well – we ll see how it comes.
      I will stuck with Nexuses – has both Nexus 4 and S4 (octa) but – S4 just mostly stays at home while Nexus is like friend to me(those flashaholics will probably understand me)

      • Phillip Bee

        I got GN3 #1, fonepad – if us, then z1 and nexus kind of toss up

        • venorme

          If price in Europe is over 900 – I just don`t see those “innovation” that can cost that much – nothing special over Z1 or even Z ultra (no OIS – just bigger S4 with pen) well unless that leather panel is woth 300

          • Phillip Bee

            Dnt believe the GN3 is over priced. $299 same as last yr. but more internal memory standard, ram, all other specs bumped and added software feat for same price .. I’ll take that.

            I actually do like the Z ultra, not having a back led flash was extremely disappointing and a deal breaker.

  • Chris

    Is the Z1 coming to T-Mobile?

  • Kit Pogi

    How loud are the speakers on this bad boy? Any better than its predecessor?

  • simpleas

    oh hey Honami, I totally fogot about you lol. Darn Note 3 got in the way.

  • Christian Anker

    What about us in other countries? Feeling left out in Norway and we are a neighboring country to Sweden… I would kill for a SmartWatch 2 to go with my pre-order.