Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) release date and pricing

by: Chris SmithSeptember 4, 2013

Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) has been officially announced at a special media event in Berlin, Germany, with Sony revealing some availability details about it as well.

The phone that’s expected to offer the best Sony has to offer will launch in various markets this September, taking on various high-end devices that will go on sale during the same period.

An actual launch date is not available at this time though, so we’ll have to wait for Sony’s carrier partners to officially announce the handset.

Unlike some of its competitors which will be available from multiple U.S. carriers, it’s still not clear whether the handset will be available on-contract in the region.

Pricing details are not available at this time either, but considering that the Xperia Z1 is a flagship handset you can expect it to come with a premium price.

Sony also announced more details about its PlayMemories Online cloud storage service. Initially, the service will offer unlimited storage to Sony Xperia Z1 buyers in Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada and Japan.

Furthermore, “every Xperia Z1” purchase in Germany and other European markets will come with about 100 Euro worth of free Sony content – in fact, Matt Damon’s recent movie Elysium will be available on the phone as soon as it’s digitally released.

We’ll be back with more details regarding the phone’s launch in the following days, so keep following Android Authority’s coverage from IFA 2013.


  • G2forme

    LG G2 is overall better

    • Iulian Popa


    • Andreas Larsson

      agreed, ois camera and that awsome ips display on g2 i think it is the better choice

      • knightpt

        i realy hate phones that look like an electronic girl’s tanpon, i’ll pass ;)

        Sony square industrial design is so much better imho… but it’s realy stupid to discuss personal tastes, to each it’s own.

        • Dru

          Yet here you are, discussing your personal tastes. Contrary to popular internet belief, it is possible to ignore a comment if you TRULY think it’s “realy stupid to discuss personal tastes.”

          PS Electronic girl’s tampon? Seriously? How many tampons have you seen?

    • Luka Mlinar

      I would agree with that statement but then again i look at it as different sides of the same coin. Both are excellent phones with each one finding it’s own fan base.

    • Seth Forbus

      Its not waterproof

  • Mochammad Santaka

    That looks exactly like my Z.

    Dear Sony, don’t go Samsung on me, please.

    • Luka Mlinar

      No1 can be as bad as Samsung when it comes to making similar looking phones.

      • Mochammad Santaka

        We’ll see if they keep the design all the way to 2014.

    • Bone

      Hope it won’t lag exactly like that.

    • BAMM

      Well considering the Z already looks beautiful I don’t see a problem, and plus at this point I don’t think the looks should be your concern

  • mumusen

    Lolz considering the title of the article.. the article itself is bummer. No solid info provided

  • Luka Mlinar

    I was thinking a lot about phone prices the other day and wen you brake it down to basics screen size and processing power sets the price. There is a little more to it than that (e.g. G2) but those two things are key. No wonder the moto X failed miserably. The G2 and the Z1 can set almost any price and it will sell.

  • VasyaPupkin

    So, what’s the point of this article is you don’t know neither release date nor price?

    • John Andrew Stuart

      The price will be 649€ and will be available this month according to .

    • najiy91

      dont mad at him.maybe too happy with z1 launch.

      • VasyaPupkin

        It is not the first time when i see useless article here.

        • rclexar

          if your in UK its £599 :)

    • Dru

      Wow, 26 likes. I actually really appreciate this article as it’s the ONLY one that says no release date was confirmed.

      Not to mention it was posted at 10:55am and was only announced around 9:30 or something.

  • Dusan

    Took a quick look at Engadget’s hands-on video and it seems to have horrible viewing angles. That was even indoors.
    And I really hate those bezels.
    Specs ain’t everything, specially when the competition is so strong.

    • Garry DeWitt

      Engadget themselves seem to disagree with you
      > Our short time with the handset looked promising and, while it’s hard to tell in such a short amount of time, we’re hopeful it’s likely to be an improvement on the Xperia Z’s lackluster offering
      From the hands on article. It uses the same display type as the z ultra which reviews have been favorable to.

      • Dusan

        Take a look at the video, it doesn’t look very good.

        • le_lutin

          Are you referring to the reflection from the screen? That’s not really to do with viewing angles, is it? You can have bright reflection on the screen while looking directly at it (i.e. no “angle” at all)

          • Dusan

            Freeze it at about 1:19 when he turns the phone to the side. You can barely see the screen.

          • Fawoo

            Did you even watch the video?

            Throughout the whole thing you can see the screen fine, minus the glare from sunlight. Also we don’t know what brightness settings they’re using, so that one video is no way to judge a phone.

          • le_lutin

            That’s because the screen is off.

        • Garry DeWitt

          I see glare, not viewing angle shift. Hands on reviews I’ve seen so far say it’s nothing to complain about. Though I’ll reserve final judgement for seeing it in person, it seems like they’ve put a much better display in it.

    • Dusanisawhore

      Just buy your Samsung phone already don’t comment here. bitch. You just finding a hole just to push down the sony z1 which is a great competitor of your favorite note phone isn’t it?. Go to your house and talk to your mommy. you’re a whore.

    • BAMM

      I seriously don’t get why viewing angles are a criteria with anyone. Who the hell looks at their phone from an angle?! And if you mean for other people, 1. it’s not THEIR phone so they shouldn’t complain 2. if its that much of a problem, just hand them the damn phone!

  • Lee

    One feature that makes Z1 stand out of crowd is it’s 20mp camera sensor(let’s see how that stacks up against the competition) .Otherwise it’s meh!

  • Blah

    Holy mother of bezels!

  • LeoNex5

    So you wrote an “article” about the release date and price, without the release date or price…

    • John Andrew Stuart

      The price will be 649€ and will be available this month according to ..

  • Xavier_NYC

    Overall design and camera I’d give to the Z1 but OIS, dedicated graphics ram and fitting a bigger screen with a slim bezel into a smaller profile I give the edge (no pun inteded) to the G2.

  • Lee

    Without gorilla glass 3 how well would it be resistant to scratches I wonder.
    Not to mention the hammer and knife tests ;D (Although it has sony’s own scratch resistant glass)?

    • BAMM

      That’s what screen protectors are for bro

      • Lee

        Jesus Christ Screen protectors?Is it 90s?Manufacturers put gorilla glass for a reason.

        • BAMM

          Screen protectors are still superior, because EVERY screen can still be scratched by something. The beauty of a screen protector though is when it’s all scratched, dirty, stained, and filled with finger prints, you can just take it off and put a new one on. And even besides all that, if the scratch resistance is your main concern then I don’t think you take care of your phone that well

          • Lee

            LOL screen protectors cripple the touch sensitivity of phone people used them five years ago when screens were made from simple glass were resistive and besides it’s a phone for a really good reason and not a infant that needs all the protection and stuff.Search youtube and watch the videos titled “knife and hammer tests” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.Cheers

          • BAMM

            A good screen protector applied correctly will do no such thing, for example mine. And phone’s aren’t tanks either if you haven’t noticed. I have watched the knife and hammer tests, specifically for the Galaxy S4. Scratches still showed up. But to be clear and not to be sidetracked, I am not saying scratch-proof screens aren’t necessary, in fact when the day comes that no phones need screen protectors, that will be very convenient. But since screen protectors do exist, a scratch-prone screen shouldn’t be a deal breaker, especially on a phone like this that can survive everything else.

  • John Andrew Stuart

    The price will be 649€ and will be available this month according to

  • Seth Forbus

    Coming to any USA carriers? I want to use this on T-Mo usa.

    • Naresh

      yeah it will be relesaed in USA soon….as TMOBILE varient

  • Jokejoke

    What a joke. Write an article touting release date and pricing only to say no information is available. Total joke

  • otva

    I don’t know why some people complaining about Xperia z screen. I am using it now and it’s perfect and previously used s3, s4, i5.
    Z1 is the best smartphone on the market as of right now. Features like social live and few more is interesting. It’s waterproof, with headphone Jack not covered. Camera is the whole different story,I mean what you expect they have a division working on digital imaging. Experience from broadcast quality all the way to point & shoot.

  • mikexilva

    since HDR photography is a big deal, I don’t see why people don’t speak about HDR video, it can completely change the image (for better) depending on scene…
    Does this phones have HDR video?
    What about more than 24bit for better dynamic range? I think H.265 aleready support this and 4k video should use H.265…
    Nexus 5 can be based on LG G2 but it should bring 4k and HDR video modes…

    • BAMM

      Seeing as the Z has HDR video and this is basically the Z and THEN some, yes I would assume so.

      • mikexilva

        Thanks, my Galaxy Nexus doesn’t even have HDR stills and 3rd party apps for that are so slooowwww, I couldn’t imagine 3rd party apps for video on any phone. So that’s one of the features I’ve been searching for my next phone and reading all the new announcements, I never see something about HDR video in latest high end phones.
        Anyway 4K HDR should be out of range, but that’s an option I can live with.

  • Dru

    Stop hating on the “no solid info” aspect of the article!!! Why is that such a bad thing? It’s the internet. With dozens/hundreds of articles on the same thing. Otherwise you have people searching all over for information, like release dates, reading entire speculation reviews and comments, and not finding anything. If you read this first, that’s an extra who knows how much time you can spend telling others your opinion…

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    how bad is the viewing angle?

    did it improve from Xperia Z?

  • Xanderalmighty

    i want…hopefully comes to the states.

  • Guido

    Ha, the Mini Z1 looks great as well!