Sony Xperia Z unboxed [pictures]

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 30, 2013

xperia z box

Over here at Android Authority, we love what we’ve been seeing of Sony’s new Xperia Z. The release date isn’t far away; in fact it will be out in Japan next week. But just to tease those of us who will have to wait a little longer to get our hands on the awesome looking smartphone, some photos have shown up showing us all what to expect when we unbox the shiny new handset next month.

The Xperia Z will come with all the standard accessories, in ear headphones with some changeable spare ear buds, that all important micro-USB cable come charging kit, and a charging dock. Wait what, a dock included as standard?

xperia z box open xperia z box accessories xperia z dock xperia z dock back

The convenient addition of a dock really sweetens the deal on what looks like an already great handset. Sadly however, the charging dock won’t be appearing in every region. There aren’t any plans to sell the product with a dock in the UK, which is very disappointing, and I’m not sure about the rest of Europe or the US for that matter either.

If you’re not already eagerly awaiting the Xperia Z to go on sale next month, would a free dock win you over if you’re still on the fence?

  • K.

    Does this phone was wireless charging?

    • nope…

    • L

      using the dock can be comparable to wireless charging because you just have to slip in the device into the dock without having to open ports. there are external metal plates on the side of the xperia z that immediately connect to the charging port on the dock.

  • Brandon

    Hell yea

  • jimbo

    It really should’ve come with wireless charging.. The flap will surely be loose sooner or later and it wont be water/dust proof anymore..

    • K.

      Wireless charging could have really been useful. My previous xperia device’s, the X10, usb broke and I could charge it anymore. Sony refused to repair the device. And it was a good thing that the battery was removable otherwise the phone would have been useless.

    • jimboy

      putting the xperia z on the dock charges it without opening parts. it’s like wireless charging. you don’t need to plug wires to get it charged and you have a nice dock with which you can comfortably watch movies.

  • Guy De Vos

    The dock would certainly be a nice extra, but I’m going to get a Z anyway, dock or not. Been drooling for weeks now, can’t wait:-)

  • phissith

    I love what this phone will bring but technology is moving so fast soon this phone will have to compete with S4 and iPhone 5s, choices,choices…..

  • MAS

    A dock would be nice, I’ve had two Xperia phones now (X10 & T) and I’ve had/have docks for them. It’s a neat and tidy charger and fantastic for hard wiring the phone to the t.v., for those of us who dont have WiFi tv’s in our bedrooms.

  • Sony

    no solar panels!?

  • Nishant

    What price did u pay for this awesome SONY creation ????
    Plz tell me.

  • hadolin

    Wireless charging?? You guys are just sceptic. This is the best looking phone ever, and each feature can stand on its own with the greatest in smartphone technology. The Fact that lack of wireless charging is the greatest flaw you could find itself proves how good the phone is.

  • Topher

    I’ve been eagerly waiting to purchase this amazing looking phone since CES. I expect no less from Sony. Whether it comes to the U.S. with the extra goodies or not, I’m sold. :)