Sony Xperia ZU Ultra leak

Anxious for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Who could blame you?! Even though it tips the scales at 6.44-inches, it’s the first large-profile phone that has escaped scrutiny for being too large. Maybe because it dodged that arrow by offering a bluetooth device with the phone, or perhaps because it’s just so beautifully crafted.

Whatever the case, fans of Sony’s must-have monster in the UK have a date they can look forward to. For those who went through Expansys to pre-order their device, the online retailer is noting they will ship on September 6. If you chose to go through Clove, you probably shouldn’t chat with your friends who ordered via Expansys. Clove will ship at least seven days later, around September 13.

As for what they will cost, it’s close between the two, but Clove comes out ahead. Expansys will charge £639.99, while Clove will ask £599.99. So, if you simply must have the device first, spend that extra £40 and go with Expansys. If you need to see just how sublime this device is, check out the video below.


  • weed

    Obviously no-one care. After the announcement it became a niche product that not many see fit, it’s crippled.

    If this was the Note3 it would be full of comments here, and rightfully so. No matter how much I dislike Samsung build and design I have to admit they are on top because they make complete products, it’s impossible to understand why Sony don’t want to make a competitive product.

    • SoulTraitor

      The very same thing was said about the Galaxy Note when it was first announced. Obviously, there’s a market for it. I fail to understand how this isn’t a complete product or crippled as you put it. This device has moved straight to the top of my want list. I was holding out for a note 3 but everything that Sony has shown so far has been nothing short of impressive.