Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots surface, showing specs, home screen and launcher

June 20, 2013
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    Thanks to a reportedly leaked batch of screenshots, we now seem to have a big picture of what hardware the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, also known as Togari, will pack. A second set of leaked images apparently reveals the launcher of the handset.

    The source for both sets of pictures is senior XDA-developers forum member Trekest and the screenshots are said to be shared by a “friend,” so let’s take this with a pinch of salt.

    According to the following images, the Xperia Z Ultra specs list should include a Qualcomm MSM8974 (Snapdragon 800) CPU clocked at 2.15GHz and an Adreno 330 GPU. The pictures also show the presence of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean as the platform (build number 14.1.B.1.125).

    Benchmarks for the device aren’t available, as apparently “the OS on it is clever, it recognizes known benchmark apps and forces you to uninstall them, otherwise it locks up until you do.”

    The most interesting component by far is the display. While the screenshots indicate a 6.21-inch panel with 1824 x 1080 resolution (Full HD) and 320 PPI density, all other reports on the device pointed towards an even larger, 6.44-inch unit. The size difference can only be accounted on the navigation bar, which eats a small portion of the viewing area.

    When it comes to storage, the prototype has 16GB of internal storage and it includes 2GB of RAM. Considering the huge size of the handset and that only 8.88GB of the storage can be usable, this should be a clear indication of a microSD slot presence. Other details mention the integration of no less than 22 sensors.

    Previous reports have also given sparse details about an 8-megapixel Exmor RS main camera and a 2.2-megapixel shooter on the front. The size of the handset should be of 179.2 x 92 x 6.5mm. The device would be nearly as thin as Huawei’s latest Ascend P6.

    The second set of leaked images shows the launcher of the handset. Assuming they’re the real deal, these images seem to indicate that we’re indeed looking at a large display – as you can see, the dock includes six icons:

    However, an image of the Xperia Z Ultra is not available from the same source. Apparently, his friend wouldn’t even show him the handset, which is “gigantic,” meaning that “you can forget about one-handed operation with this thing.”

    The handset should be unveiled during Munich and Paris events set for June 25 and July 4, respectively.

    +Chris Smith contributed to this report.


    • MasterMuffin

      They’re going Samsung, Os takes half of the storage!

      • Ivan Budiutama

        what do you expect? the 22 sensors must have their own related software.

        • MasterMuffin

          Didn’t expect anything, just sayin’

          • Ivan Budiutama

            lol yeah, Just wondering though, how much the battery life do you think? The screen size and the CPU clock really worry me a lot.

            • Gilles LeBlanc

              Its gonna be ok, ive got some data I cant share. Needless to say im swaping my Note 2 for it :-)

            • Sugih Cah

              And what would they do if they found out? Terminate you? :p

              I’m assuming you plan to swap from note 2 cos it has a stylus too? Nice…

            • Gilles LeBlanc

              Hahaha prob not but I wanna keep the com lines open ;-) . Pretty exciting year for phablets. What are you getting?

            • Sugih Cah

              I’m getting which ever has snapdragon s800 and a stylus.

              I really do hope Sony phablets come with a stylus. But then again, Sony products are over priced in Indonesia. So I might end up with note 3 instead.

            • Ivan Budiutama

              they might be not that different in term of price, as fellow Indonesian, let me give you rough sketch:
              S4: Rp. 7.5 Million
              XZ: same price
              Here you can see, XZ has “lower” specification in term of chipset, but let’s not forget the water and dust resistance. And don’t forget the “heart touching” story of Sony XV lost 4 days on salt sea water, found and working perfectly, kinda showing the build quality Sony capable of ( ). It is much fair to see the price from its twin: XZL, priced at 6.8 Million, much of a great deal with 0.8 Million higher than S3 but with larger screen and more powerful processor.

              FYI, XZU is rumored to not come with any out of box Stylus, instead, they use something called Neonode Multisensing, see the Video:

              In short, you can basically use anything as a stylus, starting from your hair, tooth pick, to a paint brush. See the video for a much better heads-up.

            • OMGgary

              That Neonode stuff is very interesting, thanks for the info Ivan.

            • Ivan Budiutama

              not set in the stone yet, but Xperiablog’s so called “insider” confirm this, take it with a pinch of salt

            • Sugih Cah

              Actually, most imported electronics here are over priced, but somehow Sony is worst of them.

              My reference is the international price for s4 vs local price, local is higher by about usd100. But the difference between international and local price for XZ, is even worse at around usd200. I’m getting my prices from Singapore’s non contact phone vs Indonesian rrp btw.

            • Gilles LeBlanc

              I’m Canadian, we might have cheaper smarphones but you guy have the paradise weather.

            • Sugih Cah

              I’m in Jakarta, so the paradise weather you mentioned, doesn’t exist anymore.

            • Gilles LeBlanc

              Ahaha yea whatever try snow banks as tall as houses and -30 temp. Nothin bust ur nads like eastern canadian weather.

            • Ivan Budiutama

              agree with Sugih, here in Jakarta doesn’t exists, you may want to try Bandung instead. :D nice food, nice weather, hot girls here and there, trees here and there. Btw, back to topic, the case is, smartphones are considered luxurious items therefore the custom tax is much higher at 17% to 25% if I may recall, that is the reason for the high price

    • OMGgary

      Does image number 1 have a multi-window tab at the left or is it some type of a floating menu button?

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Wowa nice find, yea looks very much like multiwindow on Note 2.

    • oarvik

      I can confirm this. I am a beta tester, and when I launch an AnTuTu test my device freezes up and restarts. I ran it without the CPU and Memory test, though, and it worked (although it was disappointing that I couldn’t test that critical part). I am able to use it one-handed (Two handed-feels kind of awkward with thumb use because my fingers do not overlap on the back, they just touch). Needless to say, this is ULTRAFAST and I cannot get it to slow! The international unlocked prototype I have works over AT&T’s LTE network. The launcher pictured is Xperia Home, though I have switched to Nova (it works better for my usage). MicroSD expandable (up to 64GB) and uses a MicroSIM, which was quite hard to put in on my prototype. This has design cues from the regular Xperia Z, in that the front and back are glass. The bottom bezel is particularly large, and I want it to be smaller even though it is too late for the design to change now. The back just has the Sony logo in white in the middle, and “XPERIA” in gray toward the bottom. It also has a weird-shaped “N” to signal NFC, nearer to the camera. My version has an 8MP camera up top and in the center, complete with an LED flash. Power button is in the middle of the right hand side, and the volume rocker is immediately under it. 3.5 mm headphone jack all the way at the top of the right side, and the MicroSD/MicroSIM covered openings are right under that. This device does attract a lot of fingerprints, though I use it with its rubber case which covers everything except the camera and the screen up. The GPU runs Need for Speed: Most Wanted at CRAZILY HIGH frame rates, and I’m sure the Snapdragon 800 will impress everyone. The battery life SHOULD be nice, but my battery is messed up in the sense that the battery percentage is always wrong (Sometimes it lasts for hours at 2%, sometimes it dies at 80%). This should just be a prototype bug however. Lockscreen widgets are present, and Daydream is present as well. I don’t know anything about these 22 sensors, and I haven’t seen any built-in apps making use of them.

    • barondebxl

      Screen looks washed out still.

      • Quark Gluon

        You are unbelievable!

    • Leonardo

      However, an image of the Xperia Z Ultra is not available from the same source
      so good “Think Different” :D

    • Leonardo

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